Cross Florida Greenway Santos Equestrian Trailhead at SE 25th Ave.
Group Pavilion
Ocala, Florida (SE) – $3,000

Haymeadow Creek Crossing (Michigan)
Grand Island Trail
Hiawatha National Forest, Manistique, Michigan (MW) – $5,000



Big Hill Lake, Labette County, Kansas
Large Group Pavilion
Labette County, Kansas (CT) – $500

Caja del Rio, New Mexico
New Gates (7)
Santa Fe, NM (SW) – $3,000

Clark State Forest, Indiana
Trail Restoration
Borden, IN (MW) – $5,066

Brophy Canyon Loop
Williams, CA (W) – $3,750


Capitol Forest
Olympia, WA (NW) – $846


Northern Kettle Moraine Horse Trail Assoc., Wisconsin
Horseriders Campground Picnic Shelter
Fond du Lac, WI (MW) – $7,952.80


Wayne National Forest, Ohio
Improve Trail Sustainability
Pedro, OH (NE) – $5,000


Lake Meredith National Recreation Area (NPS)
Windmill Conversion
Fritch, TX (CT) – $5,000

Wind Wolves Preserve, California
Permanent Trail Markers
Bakersfield, CA (PS) – $3,000


Cache Creek
Williams, CA (W) – $3,000

Pioneer Trail
Trail Relocation
Grass Valley, CA (W) – $1,500


Scioto Trail
Trailhead Parking Area
Chillicothe, OH (NE) – $2,500

Fort Stanton Water Expansion
Fort Stanton, NM (SW) – $641.56


Nockamixon State Park
Otisville, PA (NE) – $3,071.24

Farmdale Reservoir
Water Supply
Washington, IL (MW) – $4,100


Goethe Trail
Water Well on Trail
Newberry, FL (SE) – $3,250


Shanghai Trails-Pierce Ranch
Trail Markers/Gates
Pierce, TX (CT) – $866.20

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area (NPS)
Water to Trailhead and Solar Well Pump
Fritch, TX (CT) – $9,000


Lakeview Trailhead
Trailhead Access Gate
Carson City, NV (W) – $5,000


Weiser River Trail
Improve Road Access/Parking Area
Weiser, ID (NW) – $2,000

Caja Del Rio
Santa Fe, NM (SW) – $3,967.69


Caja Del Rio Water
Water Distribution System
Santa Fe, NM (SW) – $5,000


Clark State Forest
Deams’s Lake Horse Barn (Lumber)
Henryville, IN (MW) – $5,000

Fort Stanton V
RV Dump
Fort Stanton, NM (SW) – $1,506.93


Jacks River Fields
Trailhead Corrals
Blue Ridge, GA (SE) – $2,852

Southern Kettle Moraine
Permanent Trail Maps/Markers
Eagle, WI (MW) – $3,000


Gold Country Trail
New Trailhead
Georgetown, CA (W) – $6,000

Fort Stanton IV
Trailhead Electricity
Fort Stanton, NM (SW) – $5,000


Lake Oologah
Foyil, OK (CT) – $750.58


Vinzant Trails I and II
Trail Signs/Parking Area
Tallahassee, FL (SE) – $4,051.48

Lake Sonoma
Geyserville, CA (W) – $1,030.45


War Eagle
Special Mower
Nolasulga, AL (SE) – $3,285.14


Wolf Creek Trailhead
Trailhead/Access Road
Newport, TN (SE) – $15,000

Fort Stanton
Water Project
Fort Stanton, NM (SW) – $3,000

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