Learn All About Exercise Physiology and Anatomy

Anatomy and Physiology, a 12-part series from TheHorse.com (pdf)

The Merck Veterinary Manual — available online

General Anatomy and Physiology from EquiWorld.net

Horses with anhidrosis require careful management from Kentucky Equine Research

Understanding Anhidrosis, from American Association of Equine Practitioners

Influence of training on sweating responses during submaximal exercise in horses from the Journal of Applied Physiology

The Equine Heart: How it works and what can go wrong by Todd Holbrook, DVM (from Endurance News, September 2005)

Arrythmias in Equine Athletes www.horse-canada.com

The Equine Heart from the UC Davis Center for Equine Health Horse Report (pdf)

Food for Thought: Digestive health by Nancy Loving, DVM, from TheHorse.com

A Weighty Subject: The Horse’s Digestive Tract from Kentucky Equine Research

Gastrointestinal Motility Key to Horse Digestive Health from Kentucky Equine Research

How to Read a Blood Panel in One Easy Lesson by Susan Garlinghouse DVM and Barney Fleming DVM — from www.equinedoc.com

Timing and Rate of Skeletal Maturation in Horses by Deb Bennett, PhD — Equine Studies Institute

Updated 5/20/22

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