As an American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) member, competitor, and/or equine owner, I acknowledge my obligation to uphold and adhere to the highest standards of horsemanship, sportsmanship, and citizenship whenever I am representing my country as an individual competitor, equine owner, or team member whether during actual competition or not.


AERC was established to promote and encourage:


a) The sport of Endurance Riding


b) The care of endurance horses and prevention of cruelty to animals


c) Equine owner and rider education through convention seminars,

published articles and other means as approved by the Board


As an AERC member, competitor, and/or equine owner I am committed to the dignity, humane care, health, safety and welfare of equines in all activities and care. These are my highest priorities. We are stewards of our equines and must be firm in the standards and practices that guide us.


As a horseman I will place my equine’s welfare above all other considerations. As a citizen of the United States or foreign country I will respect the laws of my own country as well as those of any country in which I or my equine may compete.


AERC members that become aware of equine cruelty or neglect at an AERC sanctioned event should be willing to report it to the proper authorities or to judges, ride managers, stewards or directly to AERC.


We must strive to insure we treat all our equines humanely, with dignity and respect.

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