AERC Sponsors

AERC’s sponsors are much appreciated! Their contributions, both monetary and in-kind, greatly assist our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization as we work towards promoting the sport of endurance riding, encouraging and enforcing the safe use of horses, developing and preserving trails, and promoting education and research projects that foster a high level of safety and enjoyment for both horses and riders.


Four levels — Platinum, Diamond, Gold and Silver — are available for sponsors, with benefits ranging from award sponsorship to advertising discounts.  Click here to learn more. If you are interested in becoming an AERC sponsor, contact the AERC office. We would love to have you as a member of our endurance family!

Platinum Level

Platinum Sponsor

Arabian Horse Association



AHA is a major equine association serving 26,000 members across North America. It registers and maintains a database of more than 1 million Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses and administers more than $4 million in annual prize money. AHA produces championship events and provides activities and programs promoting breeding & ownership.

Platinum Sponsor

Echo Valley Ranch, Inc.



Echo Valley Ranch, Inc., the Official Hay & Feed Store of AERC, carries a huge array of name-brand feed and products for both livestock and pets, as well as a wide variety of riding gear including Kerrits, Noble Equine, Heritage gloves and our ‘exclusive’ EVR merchandise. We also carry a full selection of leg protection products. Check out our website for online ordering and specials!


Platinum Sponsor

ReactorPanel Saddle Co

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ReactorPanel saddles reflect the best of the traditional saddle maker’s art partnered with innovative design and testing, & are the “National Best Condition Sponsor“. Because of the unique flexible panel system of the RP saddle, along with being adjustable for even difficult to fit horses, customers find that they have a better connection with their horse and that the horse can move more freely. We are dedicated to providing you with a saddle that is the best possible fit for you & your horse.

Platinum Sponsor

Riding Warehouse



Riding Warehouse, the Official Riding Gear of AERC,  was formed in 1996 and provides endurance and trail riders worldwide with a large selection of saddles, tack, riding apparel, and more.

Enjoy budget-friendly free shipping offers every day, Facebook discounts and outstanding monthly specials. The latest products for horse and rider comfort combined with customer care, create a great shopping experience.

Platinum Sponsor

The Endurance Boutique



The Endurance Boutique is proposing to the endurance riders the best European technical products, especially developed for the discipline. Brands include: ANTARES: custom saddles, stirrups, sportswear (France), STUDONE: breeches, stirrups, saddle pads (France) SPORT HG: technical apparel (Spain), NUUMED: saddle pads (UK), SERGIO GRASSO: endurance shoes (Italy), HORSE PILOT: riding apparel (France) BURIONI: saddle pads (Italy), PICASSO: girths (France)

Platinum Sponsor

Specialized Saddles



Specialized Saddles, the Rookie of the Year Award sponsor, was created to solve the problem of getting good saddle fit on any horse and comfort for the rider. As a horse develops, their body changes, and this saddle can change to accommodate. To meet the needs of endurance riders who want to achieve perfect saddle fit we developed a system that allows you to easily adjust all three dimensions of fit, the width, angle, and arch, without any tools!

Platinum Sponsor

Renegade Hoof Boots

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Renegade Hoof Boots is the “Official Hoof Boot of AERC,” and offers unique, patented, endurance-proven hoof boot design technology optimized for the barefoot performance horse. Our boots have been used by endurance riders since 2006, and have accumulated thousands of miles along the endurance trail. They have been utilized in every distance, from LDs to 100s, and multi-day pioneer rides. We proudly design, manufacture, and assemble our products in the USA.

Platinum Sponsor

The Distance Depot



Distance Depot is the “Official Beta Biothane Tack” of AERC. We manufacture top quality, hand crafted, custom-made Beta BioThane® Horse Tack and the Shear Comfort Merino Wool Sheepskin Seat Savers & Accessories. We stock & carry all of the endurance supplies you need from the brands you know & trust. We pride ourselves on customer service and fast service & shipping. We also offer an outstanding  Loyalty Rewards program!

Silver Level

Silver Sponsor

Al Khamsa


Al Khamsa, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the Bedouin Horse. The Al Khamsa Endurance Horse Award will be awarded to the High Mileage Al Khamsa Endurance Horse annually. Currently 524 Al Khamsa horses of competition age possess AERC numbers. Our website explores information on this War Horse, its thousands of years of development in the harsh Arabian deserts and the current preservation programs.

Silver Sponsor

The Arabian Saddle Co

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Our first undertakings were to produce a saddle tree for each discipline taking into account the configuration of the Arabians back. We concentrated on our Endurance saddle, knowing that if we could make a horse and rider comfortable after miles and hours of riding, you have a sound platform for a range of saddles. With the assistance of Arabian horse owners worldwide, they advised and tested prototype models until we were certain we had produced a range of saddles.

Silver Sponsor

Belesemo Arabian Ranch



Belesemo Arabian Ranch, sponsor of the AERC Pioneer Award, was founded in 1972 and is now raising its fourth generation of Belesemo horses. Their successes have exceeded the wildest dreams of owners Dirk and Kim Johnson. The greatest enjoyment they experience is to hear of others’ enjoyment with their horses, whether out on the trail or in the ring. The Arabian foundation sire Belesemo Trad became the basis for the Crabbet / Maynesboro / Kellogg breeding program.

Silver Sponsor

Centropix PEMF Affiliates



2 in 1 PEMF, for human and horse

Centropix Kloud

Silver Sponsor

LubriSyn HA

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LubriSynHA is a trusted name in joint health. Our all-natural, liquid, hyaluronic acid joint supplement is taken once a day and works fast to relieve pain as well as to protect joints from normal wear and tear. LubriSynHA is available with and without MSM and is developed and used by top professionals.

Silver Sponsor

Performa Ride


Performa Ride designs horse riding apparel, with a sporting twist, including riding tights, technical shirts and breeches. Performa Ride leads with its comfortable and functional horse riding designs, suited to all conditions and disciplines. Performa Ride has revolutionized the way we think about riding apparel, bringing athletic fabrics to horse riding, with first rate sticky grip. Performa Ride is redefining horse riding apparel to be more rider conscious.

Silver Sponsor

Taylored Tack



Taylored Tack is the place for quality, hand-crafted custom designed with you & your horse in mind.  Our tack is made in the USA w/ Stainless Steel hardware. Owner Amanda: “Over the years I have tweaked my own BioThane® tack to fit my various Arabian horses. The problem was when- ever I bought something, it had excess, even though the tag said it would fit an Arab. That’s why I started Taylored Tack.”

Silver Sponsor

Global Endurance Training Center



Global Endurance Training Center, the War Mare Sponsor, offers a complete program for endurance riding and endurance racing. Our clinics, workshops and seminars cover training and conditioning of horses and riders, horse conformation analysis, saddle and tack selection, riding lessons and nutrition. The newest research is shared with you. Online clinics and private consultations are also offered. We specialize in selecting, training and breeding exceptional horses that excel in endurance events. Many of our horses have seen incredible success in endurance racing.

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