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Endurance riding is a sport for everyone, from the new rider to the experienced international competitor. Since 1972, when AERC was founded, the emphasis has been on strict veterinary control, as welfare of the horse is always paramount in endurance riding.

Endurance riders hold their equines in high regard and do not wish to harm their mounts. However, endurance is a competition, and in the heat of the moment, some riders may unwittingly push too hard. For this reason, veterinarians are an integral part of the sport, and their judgments constitute the “final word” on the fitness of the equines to continue at any given time during the course of a ride.

Joining AERC as a veterinary/control judge member is $40 per year (additional $20 for Canadian addresses; $40 for other countries). You may join online or by calling the AERC office (toll-free 866-271-2372). Veterinarians receive a membership number and AERC identification card, plus:

• Guidelines for Judging AERC Endurance Competitions (control judging handbook)

• AERC Rules & Regulations

• Endurance News magazine subscription

AERC veterinarians are invited to attend the AERC Annual Convention, held each winter. In conjunction with the convention, AERC offers a popular Veterinary continuing education course, with CE units approved by RACE.

To become an AERC-certified Certified Control Judge – and receive the two hours of continuing education credit that goes along with passing – take the Certified Control Judge Exam after you familiarize yourself with the AERC Rules & Regulations and Control Judge Handbook, plus AERC’s drug testing policy and Drug Rule Appendices.

To read: Responsibilities of the Head Control Judge

AERC also offers a Treatment Veterinarian Exam for control judges/veterinarians who will be acting as treatment veterinarians at rides.

For more information, phone or e-mail one of the members of the Veterinary Committee or contact the AERC office.

Interested in riding too? Just check the “full member” box and AERC will track your mileage (and your horse’s mileage) and you will be eligible for mileage and year-end awards, along with your control judging privileges.

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