Control Judges Handbook

AERC Drug Testing Policy

Reimbursement Form for AERC Drug Testing

Drug Rule Appendices (This includes the current list of prohibited substances, categories of prohibited substances, allowed substances, threshold levels, known detection times, and prohibited treatments.)

Pre-Ride Checklist for AERC  Control Judges

Control Judge Order Form This form is sent to each ride manager, who should forward it to you. Or you are welcome to use this form and return it to the AERC office by mail or email (

Best Condition Form

Best Condition Form – Instructions

AERC Post-Ride Veterinary Treatment Report

Veterinary Treatment Form (PDF)

Veterinary Treatment Form (online form)

Equine Fatality Report  (online form)

Equine Fatality Report (PDF version)

Guidelines for Performing a Field Necropsy and Gross Post-Mortem Examination

AERC Veterinary Committee Statement Regarding Blind Horses

Pursuant to a request by the AERC President and the Chair of the Rules Committee, the Veterinary Committee offers the following recommendations in regards to blind horses competing in AERC events: The Veterinary Committee acknowledges that some completely blind horses have competed successfully in other equestrian disciplines. However, given the rugged nature of endurance events and oftentimes unpredictable nature of the equine species, it is the judgment of the Veterinary Committee that allowing blind horses to participate in endurance events constitutes an unacceptably high risk to the health and safety of all participants, both equine and human, including the blind horse and its rider. Therefore, it is the recommendation of the Veterinary Committee that horses lacking functional vision in both eyes should not be allowed to participate in any AERC sanctioned event in either a competitive or non-competitive capacity. Horses that are blind in only one eye, or still retain significant partial vision in both eyes, may potentially be allowed to participate in AERC events if the horse’s limited vision in and of itself does not constitute an unreasonable risk to the health and safety of all participants. Final decisions concerning partially sighted horses shall be made on a case-by-case basis by the Head Control Judge at each event. Previous decisions made at other AERC events should not be considered binding upon the judgment of any subsequent Head Control Judges. (December 2012)


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