To promote, encourage and regulate the safe use of equines in organized distance events, demonstrating their inherent endurance abilities in a natural setting through the development, use and preservation of trails.  Further, AERC shall maintain permanent records of sanctioned competition results and awards, to ensure that all events are conducted in a safe, fair and consistent manner, and to actively promote and conduct educational efforts and scientific research to foster a high standard of safety and enjoyment for all participants.  Of foremost priority is the understanding that all competitive goals of the rider must remain secondary to the welfare and inherent abilities of the equines under their care, and AERC’s mission shall be to attract and reward members who ensure their equines’ immediate and long-term physical and emotional health and well-being as their highest priority. AERC shall commit to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all its members, staff, volunteers, and vendors without discrimination in any of its activities or operations.

To be the preeminent authority and leader in developing and promoting the sport and pastime of endurance riding in the United States, Canada, and throughout the world.

“To Finish Is To Win”

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