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The 2024 AERC convention in beautiful New Mexico is a wrap. Time here has flown by and it was absolutely the best thing to be with so many great people.

A special thank you to our Board of Directors and volunteers who do their work with immense patience, thoughtfulness, and a super sense of fun.

Thank you to the presenters who offered their brilliant insights and gave us learning opportunities to keep horses and riders safe and sound.

Big thanks to our sponsors who made this big event possible: the Arabian Horse Association, the Endurance Boutique, ReactorPanel Saddle Co, Riding Warehouse, Lubrisyn HA, and Turner Tack.

And to our most inspiring members who know that the true prize is the time we share with our equine partners and our human friends on the trail.

Having said that, congrats to the winners of our most special awards…

Pard’ners Award – Becky Hart and RO Grand Sultan+// (Rio)

Hall Of Fame Equine – Terry Banister’s Figero VF

Hall of Fame Person – Christoph Schork

There have been no new cases of VSV reported in California and no new USDA-APHIS situation reports published since 1/22/2024. The last premise in Sacramento County was released on 1/18/2024.


Sacramento – Last premises released 1/18. All horses from this county require a health certificate.

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