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AERC National Championships @ Old Dominion
Northeast Region Manager: Diane Connolly 06/09/2022 45 starting, 35 finishing 55 miles Winner: Whisperstreams Atropine ridden by Bryna Stevenson in 06:43 BC: Whisperstreams Atropine
ridden by Bryna Stevenson in 06:43, 709 points
1 F 06:43 Bryna Stevenson on Whisperstreams Atropine 165/165 BC
2 L 06:43 Michelle A Morges on Whisperstreams Warren 165/137.5
3 J 06:43 Jordan Jonach on Whisperstreams Allie 121/
4 L 06:55 Kelsie Lewis on Thurman Apple Crescent 137.5/121
5 L 06:55 Carol Federighi on Lily Creek Believers Journey 121/110
6 M 07:09 Melissa Lenter on French Fyre 165/99
7 L 07:23 Grace E. Loomis on Gianna RL 110/88
8 F 07:32 Gina Hagis on American Ammo 137.5/77
9 F 07:32 Theresa Carroll on Calypsos Fawn 121/71.5
10 M 07:53 Kathy Broaddus on Fougueux 137.5/66
11 H 07:53 Sarah Fleming on RTM Triple Threat 165/60.5
12 F 08:21 Camryn Downey on Milo 110/55
13 J 08:21 Sylvia Llop on Catalina 77/
14 F 08:21 Mary Howell on Canadian Chrome 99/55
15 F 08:37 Lisa Delp on Catch Me Ridin Dirty 88/55
16 L 08:37 Helen Lynn on Pipers Prime Time 99/55
17 L 08:44 Steven Hay on BR Satevis 88/55
18 F 08:44 Alayna Hay on Muzhikk 77/55
19 M 08:48 Cheryl Van Deusen on Tru Beau Sardi 121/55
20 F 08:48 Melina Efthimiadis on Fine Hesst 71.5/55
21 M 08:48 Joe Stump on Out Ragehess 110/55
22 H 09:07 Pauline Fleming on CC Boy Echo 137.5/55
23 F 09:07 Teresa A. Fett on CR Mistiraaz10 66/55
24 L 09:11 Verena Stock on King Ali Jet 77/55
25 F 09:21 Shannon Thomason on Falkor 60.5/55
26 M 09:21 Tracy Benedict on Evanessence 99/55
27 L 09:26 Nancy Kain on Awesome Mischief 71.5/55
28 L 09:26 Peggy Thompson on Keep On Rollin B 66/55
29 L 09:31 Susan Wilson on LA Casper 60.5/55
30 F 09:31 Lauren Lukert on Maggie Mae 55/55
31 L 10:22 Jaime McArdle on Ireland's Khaleesi 55/55
32 F 10:32 Kristina Lauti on Beautiful Knightmare 55/55
33 F 10:42 Roxanne Ciccone on VA Frascatti 55/55
34 M 10:44 Mike Bostic on SVA Verafy 88/55
35 L 10:49 Sarah Arthur on Alejandro 55/55
M Michael Carraway on Saban AA
L Katelyn Fleming on RTM Fancy
RO Don Holt on Mahina (WMA Fantastic)
L Bryce Hackley on Sericko
M Jeffery D. Hartman on Bombay Ghazi Khan
RO Valerie Kanavy on Tarbes Gold
RO Aubrey D. Muthard on Gold N Charm
RO Kelsey Russell on Cruzin For Gold
RO Alex Shampoe on Summerr Gold
L Grayson Marie Thew on Enoree RL
The data in this website originates from the AERC National Office. Updates can and do occur. The official record source is the AERC National Office.

Information dated from Dec. 1, 1995 forward is complete. Endurance records from 1984-1995 can be considered relatively accurate. At present, Limited Distance records begin with Dec. 1, 1995. There is no ride data on-line prior to Dec.1, 1984.


* – for items with an asterisk, the individuals should contact the AERC according to the instructions and timeframes in the Endurance News.
R == RiderID missing
H == HorseID missing
W == WeightDivision missing or unknown


Please do not send questions concerning the results or reporting of errors to either Mike Maul or Russ Humphrey. We only translate the info from that sent to us by the AERC.

You need to contact the AERC if you feel there is an error in the ride results.

These results are unofficial. The official ride results appear in the Endurance News.


Points / Dues note: The points above will not reflect your actual points in the office records unless you have paid your AERC dues by Feb. 1. These represent only what they would have been if all dues have been paid. If you have any questions as to whether your dues are current – contact the AERC office at 530-823-2260 or e-mail office@aerc.org.


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