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Horse Name: [horse_name]
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Foal Date: [foal_date]
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Your horse TCF Perfect Knight is registered in AERC’s Equine Mileage Program. The
above ID is assigned for lifetime use. To receive mileage credit, this ID must be
provided at all AERC sanctioned events, even if the rider is someone other than you.

To insure accurate record keeping, please check ride results often. Your horse’s name
will always appear as stated above. Should you note otherwise, or if there is an asterisk
next to the horse’s name, please contact us immediately to make corrections.

Please remember that AERC Rules & Regulations require that all equines be at
least 60 months old at the time of all endurance rides (50 or more miles-with the
exception of 100 mile rides where 72 months is required) and 48 months old for
limited distance rides. Age is determined from the actual foal date. When no papers
are available the ride control judge’s opinion and discretion must prevail. See rules 3 and
L3 in the current AERC Rules & Regulations.

Best wishes for an enjoyable ride season.

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