Pard'ners Award

Rider and horse perform together as a mutually bonded team. Rider and horse engender a spirit of friendship, enthusiasm and championship that makes those around them glad to have attended the ride. However competitive they may be, good sportsmanship remains their first priority. Horse and rider take care of each other. Together horse and rider personify the prevailing and abiding goal of AERC: “To finish is to win.” This award was established in honor of the late Mae Schlegel. The recipient receives a keepsake plaque and the names of the “pard’ners” are engraved onto a perpetual trophy.

Year Equine Name Owner’s Name
2023 R.O. Grand Sultan+// (Rio) Becky Grand Hart
2022 Bogar Tucker Cindy Bradley
2021 GF Brazil’s Envy Ann Kratochvil
2020 Wazir’s Karahty Dolly DeCair
2019 Scudd Run Laurie Birch
2018 Forever Dawn GA (Donnie) Nick Warhol
2017 Hadji Halef Omar Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss
2016 Wild West (Willy) Don Bowen
2015 Fire Mt. Destiny Gina Hall
2014 Rafuro HCC Ron Barrett
2013 Sussie Prize Sue Phillips
2012 Rroco-My-Sol Mike Maul
2011 MRR Pyro Karen Fredrickson
2010 General Jeb Stuart Karen Isaacs
2009 Tari Robert Ribley
2008 Nimphas Barbi Bailey Rose Eiland
2007 Aron Moon+// Mike Tracy
2006 Remington John Parke
2005 Hawks Neopolitan Mary Coleman
2004 Vali-Hifazeyna Debra Ivey
2003 Dream Weaver Adele Youmans
2002 Ahlschwede Merab Phyllis Bartholomew
2001 Jim Bob Joyce Sousa
2000 Overlook Nuryev Anne Ayala
1999 KJ Destination Shirley Delsart
1998 Sierra Fadrazal+/ Jackie Bumgardner
1997 Kootenai Zizzero Suzanne Hayes
1996 Royal Run Amir Susan Kasemeyer
1995 Steel Drum Jamie Averill
1994 Sonny Hart Florence Hart
1993 Fawraff Diana Chapek
1992 Danfastic Roger Yohe
1991 Pard Mae Schlegel
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