Century Club

AERC’s Century Club recognizes rider and equine teams whose ages total 100 or more and compete at either the LD or endurance distance. First recognized by Connie Berto, who is credited with the first honorary Century Club membership. Contact the office if you know of someone to be added to this prestigious and awe-inspiring list.

Year Rider Equine Region
2024 Sharon Kirkpatrick Zip W
2024 Roberta Harms Lady Jane MW
2024 Lindsay Campbell Pocita de Cosa Dulce SE
2024 Edwin Green Shakoal SE
2023 Tom Cohen Zip NW
2023 Fiona Griffiths La’s Palidon NW
2023 Elroy Karius Jolly Holiday NW
2022 Dorothy Foster Dancer’s American Beauty W
2022 Bonnie Swiatek BRA Surprise Skylark MT
2022 Jeanne Pepper Tahoe W
2022 Cindy Bradley Bogar Tucker NW
2022 Wesley Elford, DVM Suzie Q MW
2021 Bob Walsh Sheik NE
2021 Carolyn Roberts Manhattanincident (Mac) NW
2021 Shirley Raglin SSS Razzmatazz PS
2020 Earle Baxter I Am Amazing NE
2020 Jan Worthington Golden Lightning MW
2019 Ron Belknap Sussman (Sam) W
2019 Russell Broussard Arkansas Fire CT
2019 Dolly DeCair Karahty’s Karbon Kopy NW
2019 Diane Luternauer Thunder 23 NW
2019 Gerry Luternauer Knight 24 NW
2019 Ruth Sturley RBF Super Sport NE
2018 Janet Burud Emerah W
2018 Maxine Bernsdorf CH Shamm Bashire (Bad Andy) MW
2018 Janet Kirkpatrick HA HI Fire MW
2018 Gary R. Brown Kherisma MT
2018 Tom Sherwood Blackie NE
2017 Pat Oliva Colonel Pepper W
2016 Mary Chmielewski Quicksilver NE
2016 Dorothy Sue Phillips Montana Flyer MT
2016 Emily Richardson Crimson Sage NE
2015 Leon Self, DVM Cole Younger CT
2013 Connie Berto Eco Stardust W
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