2020 Endurance News

January 2020

On the cover: Top weight division riders and the best condition winner at the 2019 AERC National Championship 100-mile ride, held November 2 in Ridgecrest, California. The 100-mile winners’ essays begin on page 24; 50-mile winners’ essays begin on page 22. The ride was managed by Robert and Melissa Ribley with Brian and Valorie Reeves. Read all about the Championships in this issue, from the first page to the last. Photos © Merri Melde.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: National Championship a big success, by Monica Chapman
Vice President’s Letter: Change is inevitable in the long run, by Nick Kohut, DVM
Veterinary Forum: Championship ride vetting experience, by Mike Peralez, DVM
Ride Managers’ Forum: Making your ride an AERC championship, by Jan Stevens
Junior/Young Rider News: Junior riders reflect on NC experiences
Junior/Young Rider News: Top young rider places third in 100, by Caroline de Bourbon
The Green Bean Scoop: Green Beans take on the championships, by Griffin Keller
Trails Post: Haymeadow Creek: grant money at work, by Karen Bahrman
Tech Report: MyEventTracker debuts at championships, by Ed Czajka, with Shawn Polke


2019 AERC National Championships, by Melissa Ribley, DVM
‘My Championship Ride’ by the 2019 championship weight division winners
Preparing for High-Level Competition (Education Update), by Judith Ogus and Becky Hart
AERC National Championships 2019: From Florida to SoCal (and back): Caren Risley and KNB Al Hadiye
Century Club: Otis Halef and Annie
AERC National Championships 2019: Mules on the Twenty Mule Team Trail, by JoDe Collins
AERC National Championships 2019: Following the Mustangs, by Shannon Weil

February 2020

On the cover: Claude Brewer of North Carolina completed 405 endurance miles on Rushcreek Edward in 2019, including a 14th place finish at the South Mountains Fall 50 on October 12. Claude, AERC Number 2648, had 15,120 endurance miles at the close of the 2019 season, placing second in the Southeast Region heavyweight division. Rushcreek Edward, Claude’s 9-year-old gelding, has 655 miles. Photo © Maria Phillips, mariaphillips.com.smugmug.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: A look at 2019 AERC numbers</a>, by Monica Chapman
Vice President’s Letter: See you in Florida for convention</a>, by Nick Kohut, DVM
Supporting Organization News: The new AERC Legacy Foundation, by John Parke
Education Update: Unsolicited advice from a busybody, by Chris Power
Ride Managers’ Forum I: Hunting for Bigfoot: 100 mile mentoring
Ride Managers’ Forum II: Social media and your ride, by Crysta Turnage
Veterinary Forum: Lessons from the other side of the vet line, by Melinda Newton, DVM
Decade Teams: Congratulations to the 2019 AERC Decade Teams
AERC International News: 2019 N. A. Team Challenge, by Carolyn Hock
2019 Fatality Report, from the Welfare of the Horse Committee
2018-19 Ride One More


Remembering Endurance Legends, by Marilyn Smart
Trilby and the Great Mileage Race, by Lori Oleson
Ramegwa Drubin, the 100 Mile Pony, by Stagg and Cheryl Newman
Jayel Super: Old Dominion Domination, by Stagg Newman
A Salute to Valerie Kanavy, by Mary Howell
John Henry, Legend, by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM
Century Club: Terry Doyle and Killeah

March 2020

On the cover: West Region riders Ruth Waltenspiel (left) and Katherine (Kit) Tobin amid the spectacular scenery of last summer’s Chalk Rock Ride in Bridgeville, California. Ruth rode Rushcreek Stu, her 14-year-old Arabian gelding, and Kit was aboard Amaal, her 15-year-old Arabian gelding. Ruth has 30,629 endurance miles and 3,743 LD miles; Kit has 50 endurance and 1,195 LD. Photo © Dominique Cognee, dominiquecognee.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Start your 2020 AERC ride season with goal setting, by Monica Chapman

AERC Hall of Fame Recipients

Treasurer’s Report, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

2019 Breed Awards

2019 National and Regional Awards

2019 AERC National Championships

Rider and Equine Lifetime Mileage

2019 Equine Longevity Award Recipients

2019 Year-End Statistics

April 2020

On the cover: Southwest Region rider (and new regional director) Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss and her 27-year-old Arabian gelding, Hadji Halef Omar, at the Dashing Through the Trails ride held in December. Stephanie and Hadji are the newest AERC Double Decade Team members; Stephanie has 16,125 endurance and 570 LD miles; Hadji has 11,690 endurance miles. Photo © Susan Kordish, AZcowgirlphotography.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Convention flourishes in Florida, by Monica Chapman

Vice President’s Letter: Rules, both serious and ridiculous, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Education Update: Podcast: ‘Every mile a memory'</a> by Christina Hyke

Junior/Young Rider News: Rider safety is rule number one, by Karen Chaton

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Beans gear up for 2020 riding, by Griffin Keller

Trails Post: Making mud less messy for your ride, by Erin Glassman

National Office News

AERC International: AERC-I looks ahead to changes, by Meg Sleeper, VMD


2020 AERC National Championships: A legendary ride in a legendary Big Sky Country setting

AERC and Equine Welfare: Then and Now (Veterinary Forum), by Jeanette Mero, DVM

The Tevis Hydration Study: Preliminary Results, by Jerry R. Gillespie, DVM, PhD

May 2020

On the cover: Pacific Southwest rider and regional director Lisa Schneider and FV Amazing Farwa at the 2020 Death Valley Encounter Pioneer ride. This spot is photographer Steve Bradley’s “favorite shooting location at DV.” Lisa has 12,665 endurance miles and 2,455 LD miles; “Sky” has 1,110 endurance and 520 LD miles, with 100-mile completions at Tevis and the National Championships in 2019. © Steve Bradley, stevebradleyphotography.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: From calm to the storm hitting us all</a>, by Monica Chapman

Vice President’s Letter: Keeping AERC (and horses) healthy</a>, by Nick Kohut, DVM

National Office News

Education Update I: Ride-ready: start slow and steady, by Marci Cunningham

Education Update II: Getting an older horse ready to ride, by Samantha Miller

Veterinary Forum: Lameness in endurance horses, by Jeanette Mero, DVM

Junior and Young Rider News: My first 50 (and top ten and BC), by Felicity A.

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Beans: a good start, then not, by Griffin Keller

Trails Post: Representing AERC at Hike the Hill 2020 by Monica Chapman, with a sidebar on logging trail hours by Dawn Hilliard

Trails Post: 2019 Ann Parr Trails Preservation Award recipient Doug Shearer, DVM


2020 AERC Convention/Jacksonville, Florida

AERC Competitions Committee 40-45 Mile Ride Survey Report

A Look Back at the 1998 World Championships (AERC International)

June 2020

On the cover: Susan Raye Smyth on Nevada’s Rein Maker (a Mustang mare owned by Michelle Short), Mickey Short on Honky Tonk (a gelding mule) and Angela Kay Davidson aboard Dusty (a Quarter Horse mare) at the Iron Horse ride last September in Ohio’s Pedro National Forest (NE Region). The ride is managed by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith. Photo © Peter DeMott, www.photosbypdemott.com. Peter shoots rides in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Navigating the road to AERC recovery</a>, by Monica Chapman

National Office News

Vice President’s Letter: Reflecting on the movies that moved you</a>, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Education Update: Galloping: When it’s time to zoom, by Donna Snyder-Smith

Trails Post: Backbone Trail: SoCal success, by Alison Farin


Tevis Dehydration Study – Part 2: Dehydration and other factors affecting performance of horses at the 2019 Tevis, by Jerry R. Gillespie, DVM, PhD

Regaining post-coved equine fitness (Veterinary Forum), by Margaret M. Brosnahan, DVM, PhD

2019 AERC Pard’ners Award – an award that soars: Laurie Birch and Scudd Run

AERC’s 2019 5,000 mile equines

From the Archives: 1977 – Correspondence between Julie Suhr and Phil Gardner, as reported by 1997 AERC President Dane Frazier, DVM

July 2020

On the cover: AERC Members shared snapshots of themselves and their equines for the July cover from across the U.S. and Canada. Welcome back to riding and thank you to all who sent in their photos.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Welcome to summer and AERC rides, by Monica Chapman

Vice President’s Letter: When the tough call is the right call, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Education Update I: Guidelines for attending summer rides, by Andrew Gerhard

Education Update II: How to get started again with a fresh perspective, by Karen Binns-DiCamillo and J.T. Jones

Ride Managers’ Forum: Managing a ride in the Covid-19 era, by Tami Rougeau

Veterinary Forum: Ride vetting as endurance rides restart, by Margaret M. Brosnahan, DVM, PhD

The Green Bean Scoop: Making a list is the key to organization, by Sarah Carlson, plus an update from Griffin Keller


Equine Conformation of Top Endurance Athletes, by Courtney Hart (from 1990)

Moms, Dads, Kids & Endurance Riding, by Elyse Burke

Breeding for Endurance: Breed the Best to the Best and Expect the Best, by Monique Vincent

August 2020

On the cover: Trichia Crouch and BA Seagulls Kamarah (Raj) placed third on the June 13 50-mile distance at this year’s City of Rocks ride in Almo, Idaho. Trichia, from West Point, Utah, has 455 endurance and 140 limited distance miles. The City of Rocks ride was begun by Stephanie Teeter in 2012 and is now managed by Regina Rose. Photo © Merri Melde, www.TheEquestrianVagabond.com.

Table of Contents

Two new Century Club members

President’s Letter: Director nominations are now open, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Be still and calm, and you will endure, by Michael Campbell

National Office News

Education Update: Add more core strength to your horse, by Maureen Fehrs, DVM

Veterinary Forum: What every AERC horse should know, by Jeanette Mero, DVM

Ride Managers’ Forum: Quick work gets a ride rescheduled, by Connie Caudill

Trails Post: More horse trails on the horizon, by Lisa Docter

Horse Health: The science of equine vaccines, by Tom Lenz, DVM, MS, DACT, printed courtesy of AAEP

AERC International: AERC-I Committee, Zone Rep updates


Endurance Riding Is Strenuous Exercise — Rider Heart Rate Study, by Jerry Zebrack, MD

2019 AERC Hall of Fame Equine: Mire Mt Malabar, owned by Lee Pearce, by Merri Melde

2019 AERC Hall of Fame Members: Stagg and Cheryl Newman — Enduring Partnerships with our Equine Companions

September 2020

On the cover: At the June 7 Buffalo Run ride in Oklahoma, Century Club members Earle Baxter and I Am Amazing rode alongside Alisija Zabavska-Rogers and Hidden Assetts in the early morning of the 50-mile ride. Alisija and Ace finished first, and Earle and Champ placed fourth. This spectacular photo was captured by John C. Nowell of Texas, © John Nowell, remuda.smugmug.com. https://www.azcowgirlphotography.com/

Table of Contents

AERC News: Bylaws Update

President’s Letter: Riding reality has changed in 2020</a>, by Nick Kohut, DVM

National Office News

Vice President’s Letter: Avoiding fear of the new: neophobia, by Michael Campbell

Junior/Young Rider News: Fun for juniors at Bandit Springs, by Joslynn Terry and Ansley McCabe

Trails Post: Private trails can be an AERC option, by Chelle Grald


Myths + Magnesium (Veterinary Forum), by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

Gaited Horses Can Do Endurance (and Do It Well), by Keith Kibler

Gaited Horse Training Tips (sidebar), by Bobbie Jo Lieberman

October 2020

On the cover: Mandy Blankenship of Kentucky and Sedona Orris Moon at the August 1 Black Sheep Boogie ride, where they finished the 25-mile ride in 4:06. Mandy, an AERC member since 2015, has 355 endurance and 355 LD miles. Sedona is a 2012 Al Khamsa Arabian gelding. Photo by AERC member Noelle Snyder, https://explorationsphotography.pixieset.com. www.davehonan.com.

Table of Contents

News on AERC’s 2020 Awards, by Connie Caudill

President’s Letter: 2020 midyear meeting goes virtual</a>, by Nick Kohut, DVM

National Office News

Vice President’s Letter: Respect, for both horses and humans, by Michael Campbell

Veterinary Forum: How wildfire smoke can affect horses, by Amy Young

Education Update: Pulls: can a silver lining be found? By Naomi Preston and AERC members

Trails Post: Passed: Great American Outdoor Act, by Dawn Hilliard

Junior/Young Rider News: Young Rider Champs set for 2021, by Kelly Kimbler and Annie Whelan

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Beans in the 2020 home stretch, by Griffin Keller, Program Director


Heart Rate and Science-Based Conditioning of Endurance Horses: A Review for Endurance Riders, by Jerry R. Gillespie, DVM, PhD

November 2020

On the cover: PS Region rider Gayle Peña and her 15-year-old half-Arabian gelding GP BOLD FX+/ completed two 50s at the 2020 Antelope Island ride in Utah, making Gayle and “BO” a Decade Team. Gayle has 4240 endurance and 1670 LD miles; BO has 1810/630. Photo © Merri Melde, www.TheEquestrianVagabond.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Carefully consider your DAL votes</a>, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Thanksgiving in 2020: be thankful</a>, by Michael Campbell

Education Update: Don’t guess. Test your hay. Here’s how. By Laura Worden

National Office News

Ride Managers’ Forum/On the Lighter Side: How to put on your last ride, by Ruth Waltenspiel (from 1977)

Junior/Young Rider News: A ‘grand’ endurance riding team, by Jeremiah, Earle and Maribel

Trails Post: Richards-Raven Trail to open in TX, by Sylvia Sazama

Veterinary Forum: Treatment: uncommon but essential, by Bob Marshall, DVM

The Green Bean Scoop: November update, by Griffin Keller, Program Director


Super Seniors Share their Secrets, by AERC riders, age 75 and up

December 2020

On the cover: Daughter Meghan Delp (with Full of Fi Your) and Mom Lisa Delp (with Catch Me Ridin Dirty) tied for 16th place at the October 24 Fort Valley 50 in Virginia. Lisa has amassed 9310 endurance and 805 LD miles; Meghan has 1090 endurance and 65 LD miles. Photo © Becky Pearman, beckypearman.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Start the new year right: say thank you, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Happy holidays, horse people!</a>, by Michael Campbell

National Office News

The Green Bean Scoop, by Griffin Keller, Program Director

Education Update: Don’t guess. Test your hay. Here’s how. By Laura Worden

Ride Managers’ Forum: Survey of ride managers completed, by Jan Stevens

Junior/Young Rider News: Ride camp safety for junior riders, by Laura Mayes

National Championship News: National Championships on track for ’21, by Jan and Bill Stevens

AERC International News: A new way to think about International, by Bill Stevens<


A Weighty Question (Veterinary Forum), part 1 of 2, by Melinda Faubel Newton, DVM

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