2019 Endurance News

January 2019

On the cover: Sherry Aune and Lily Creek Rhythm at the 2018 Spook Run Distance Horse National Championship. Sherry, a MW Region rider, has 3285 endurance miles and 1880 LD miles. The 2018 season was good for this team, as they are ranked regionally and nationally in several categories, from BC to War Mare to National 100 mile award. Photo © Kristen Warning Photography, kristenwarningphotography.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: 2018 Thanks and New Year goals for 2019, by Monica Chapman
Rules Committee: More about the updated limited distance finish time rules, by Stephanie Teeter
Green Bean News: The horse you rode in on, by Erin Glassman, plus an Green Bean update for January, by Deb Moe
Veterinary Forum: How saddle design affects rider stability, by Christine Barakat and Mick McCluskey, BVSc, MACVSc
New Rider News: Choose your ride clothing with care, by Heather Reynolds
Junior and Young Rider News: Junior rider Leonardo Fuentes, by Emma Kersey-Doherty
Trails Post: AERC reps attend Share the Trails, by Alex Uspenski
Ride Managers’ News: Make your ride manager happy! by Louise Burton


2019 AERC National Championships Preview, by Robert and Melissa Ribley
Saying Thank You to the Most Deserving Bunch of People Ever: The Crew, by AERC Members

February 2019

On the cover: Andrew Marlen of Reno, Nevada, and his 8-year-old Arabian mare PV Pamina (AHR 656557) placed third and earned best condition at the NASTR 30-mile ride last June. The pair completed 150 endurance and 265 LD miles in 2018, with seven BCs. The 2019 NASTR 25/50/75 will be held June 8 near Lake Lahontan, Nevada, and is managed by Robert Klix. Photo © Bill Gore, Gore/Baylor Photography.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: What’s ahead for 2019, by Monica Chapman

Education Update: Schedule some skill improvements this winter, by Heather Reynolds

National Championship News: Twenty Mule Team history, by Melissa Ribley, DVM

Decade Teams: Congratulations to the 2018 Decade Teams, with a look at the Decade Team of Jennifer Waitte and M Dash Czoe

Junior/Young Rider News: Epona: my first 50

Trails Post: Hooray for Helen Koehler, by Susan Kasemeyer

Member Profile: Endurance on parade, by Gayle Pena

Poems by Ellen Rovers

Just for Fun: Aarene and Dom’s list of endurance rites of passage, by Aarene Storms and Dominique Freeman

Welfare of the Horse Committee: Options for unwanted horses, by Nick Kohut, DVM


PSSM: The Story of Ruff and Chant, by Kacy King and Drin Becker

MM Mustangs prove versatility and endurance prowess of the breed, by Terry L. Tobey

Old Dominion Triple Crown: The Mule Factor, by Lauren Saunby

AERC, USEF and Drug Testing (Veterinary Forum), by Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM

March 2019

On the cover: Phyllis and Otis Bartholomew of Prescott, Arizona, ride the Outlaw and the Virgin Pioneer in September 2018. The longtime AERC couple (they are #1168 and 1167) won the 2018 Bob and Julie Suhr Husband and Wife Team Award as well as first in their Pioneer Award weight divisions, and tied for third in the National Mileage Award (plus more!). Phyllis has 20,415 endurance miles; Otis has 11,450. Photo © Steve Bradley, www.stevebradleyphotography.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Looking back on 2018 and looking forward to 2019, by Monica Chapman

AERC Hall of Fame Recipients

Treasurer’s Report, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

2018 Breed Awards

2018 National and Regional Awards

2018 AERC National Championships

Rider and Equine Lifetime Mileage

2018 Equine Longevity Award Recipients

2018 Year-End Statistics

April 2019

On the cover: Longtime AERC member Karen Bumgarner (AERC #903) and her Appaloosa Owyhee Justice (Rio), who turns 9 this month, placed 17th at last season’s Owyhee River Challenge 55 in the Northwest Region. Karen has 27,330 endurance miles and Rio has 310 miles. (This year the ride is called the “Owyhee No River Challenge,” and is set for May 11.) Photo © David Honan, www.davehonan.com

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: How you can get involved, by Monica Chapman
Membership News: Telling our stories, by Stagg Newman

Ride Managers’ Forum: How to attract new riders, by Paulette Brehob (from 1996)

Veterinary Forum: The challenge of the pull, by Wesley Elford, DVM

Junior/Young Rider News: My very first endurance ride, by Amanda Sawyer

Green Bean News: A hundred times wrong, by Ashley Russ

Trails Post: Hike the Hill: talking trails in the capital

Welfare of the Horse Committee Update: 2018 Equine fatality report, by Nick Kohut, DVM


2019 AERC National Championships: A ‘Destination’ Competition, by Robert and Melissa Ribley, DVM

Equine Genetics: A quick course for endurance riders (Education Update), by Karen Wade, MD

100 Mile Equine Recognition Program

May 2019

On the cover: Kate Baldino of Georgia placed sixth at the February 28 Fun In The Sun 75-mile ride in Williston, Florida. The young rider, aboard Melody Blittersdorf’s 8-year-old Arabian gelding Traction, has 1,885 endurance miles and 250 LD miles (on 21 different horses!). Traction (Track) has 525 endurance and 85 LD miles. Photo © Becky Pearman, beckypearman.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Convention: great news from Reno, by Monica Chapman

Vice President’s Letter: Meet your VP and plan your nominations, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Education Update: Genetic diseases in horses, by Karen Wade, MD

The Green Bean Scoop: Challenge. Support. Celebrate., by Griffin Keller

Ride Managers’ Forum: An intro to AERC ride management, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

Veterinary Forum: The most important part of a ride, by Lynne Johnson, DVM, and Kenneth L. Marcella, DVM

National Championship News: An interview with Holly Corcoran, by Melissa Ribley, DVM

Junior/Young Rider News: My very first endurance ride, by Amanda Sawyer

Trails Post: Equestrians are vital to U.S. trails, by Alex Uspenski

Membership Committee News: The AERC friendship campaign, by Nina Bomar

AERC International News I: Exchange program for young riders, by Connie Caudill

AERC International News II: AERC-I plans for the future, by Meg Sleeper, VMD

Junior/Young Rider News: New ideas for AERC’s young riders


Century Club: Ron Belknap and Sussman (Sam) and Russell Broussard and Arkansas Fire (Fencer)

AERC Convention 2019: Recognizing Excellence, with photos by Bill Gore

2018 AERC Hall of Fame: Jim Baldwin, DVM, by Leslie Brown and Friends

2018 Pard’ners Award: Nick Warhol and Donnie, by Nick Warhol

June 2019

On the cover: Heloise Lynn of Colorado traveled with her 8-year-old Arabian gelding RLA Moniets Moon to the Old Glory ride in Texas, where they placed fourth in the April 28 25-mile ride and earned a best condition. Heloise, an AERC member since 1999, has 355 endurance and 3,005 limited distance miles. The Old Glory ride is held in Valley Mills, Texas, and is managed by Thomas Robichaux. Photo © John C. Nowell, www.remuda.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: AERC’s strategic plan sets goals, by Monica Chapman

Vice President’s Letter: Vaccines are crucial to equine health, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Ride Managers’ Forum: Management intro, part 2, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

Education Update: The power of endurance clinics, by Peggy Pasillas, with a sidebar by Angie Mikkelson

Veterinary Forum: A case for treatment at a ride, by Melinda Newton, DVM

National Championship News: Safe travel for you and your horse</a>, by Robert and Melissa Ribley

The Green Bean Scoop: Faith and generosity in endurance, by Griffin Keller

Trails Post: June is Great Outdoors Month, by Alex Uspenski, DVM


2018 AERC Hall of Fame: Count Shiloh, owned by Mary Howell — “the horse who was meant to be shared”

AERC 5,000-mile Equines, with essays and. photos

10,000 AERC Miles: Scudd Run, owned by Laurie Birch, and White Cloud 10, owned by Dave Rabe

July 2019

On the cover: Carlene Benson and Ramsey BD+ at the Klickitat Trek, held May 25 and 26 in Glenwood, Washington. Carlene, an AERC member since 1999, has 3,700 endurance miles and 2,120 limited distance rides. Just behind Carlene are Kristen Grace and HCC Sentry (left) and Becky Osborne and Boomer (right). The ride is managed by Marilyn Milestone. Photo © Cassidy Rae, https://cassidyraephotography.smugmug.com/

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: A midyear update for AERC, by Monica Chapman
Vice President’s Letter: AERC depends on awesome volunteers, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Education Update: Standard and surprising genetic tests, by Karen Wade, MD

AERC International News: AERC-I looks ahead (with your help), by Meg Sleeper, VMD

Ride Managers’ Forum: Plan for the six months before a ride, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

National Championship News: Meet the 2019 National Champs vets, by Melissa Ribley, DVM

The Green Bean Scoop: July update, by Griffin Keller, and Lilly’s Pine Tree tale, by Lilly Becker

Trails Post: Report from the trails symposium, by Lisa Docter


A Case for Treatment: Quicksand (Veterinary Forum), by Melinda Newton, DVM

10,000 AERC Miles: Pro Bono D, by Karen Chaton

Back from Rehab (Leo), by Tracy Cann

August 2019

On the cover: Jeffrey Baig of New Jersey completed the Old Dominion Endurance Rides 50 on June 7 in 15th place. He rode GJR Obsidian, owned by his wife Evelyn. The Baigs are well-known on the East Coast as volunteers as well as riders. Jeffrey has 1250 endurance and 240 limited distance miles; “Dart,” a 10-year old Arabian gelding (AHR #647717), has 635 endurance/125 LD miles. Photo © Becky Pearman, beckypearman.smugmug.com./

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Sending your ideas to the BOD, by Monica Chapman

National Office News

Vice President’s Letter: Thinking ahead to the 2020 championships, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Education Update: Southeast Region’s 100 mile mentor program

Ride Managers’ Forum: What to do right before your ride, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

Junior/Young Rider News: Family first for this Tevis rider, by Reyna Mero

Junior/Young Rider News: Young Riders evaluated for Young Rider World Endurance Championships, by Natalie Muzzio

Trails Post: Never give up, by Deirdre Monroe

National Championship News: NC 2019 will be a truly special event, by Melissa Ribley, DVM

The Green Bean Scoop: Enduring the long road, by Griffin Keller


Caring for yourself on 100s (and other distances) (Education Update), by JayaMae Gregory, RM, BSN

What’s your watchword? by AERC members

2019 Young Rider Exchange, by Connie Caudill

Summer sores (Veterinary Forum), by Kenneth L. Marcella, DVM

September 2019

On the cover: Hailey Zehring, 13, rode Andrea Maitland’s 9-year-old Mustang gelding Wyatt Earp at the Flagstaff Monsoon Fever 55 this June in Arizona. Hailey, the granddaughter of Lancette and Steve Koerner of Arizona, is in her third year of AERC competition. The Flagstaff Monsoon Fever ride, first run this year, is managed by Bonnie Miller. Photo © Susan Kordish, https://www.azcowgirlphotography.com/

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: AERC’s midyear meeting, by Monica Chapman
Vice President’s Letter: The annual AERC awards process, by Nick Kohut, DVM
Rules Committee News: The dilemma of allowing variable holds, by Michael Campbell, Rules Committee Chair
AERC Board Notes: SafeSport: what you need to know, by Jan Stevens
Junior/Young Rider News: Goals are driving this junior rider, by Ciera Schwartz
Ride Managers’ Forum: SE Minnesota celebrates 50 years, by Ken Meyer
Education Update: Intermediate educational seminar in TX, by Amber Quaranta-Leech and Dianne Campbell
National Championship News: The 2019 NC (fantastic) ride venue, by Melissa Ribley, DVM
The Green Bean Scoop: Conquering the ‘Beast of the East,’ by Geneva McNamara
Trails Post: Take time to record your trail work, by Monica Chapman
AERC International News: Young Rider advanced skills clinic, by Holly Corcoran and Mary Howell


The Importance of Rest & Relaxation (Veterinary Forum), by Melinda Faubel Newton, DVM

Meet AERC’s Newest Century Club Members

October 2019

On the cover: Heidi Talbott, DVM, and Noslos Ineedaname—owned by Paul Hughes—on the incredibly scenic Peak to Capitol Peak Challenge Elevator ride near Olympia, Washington, managed by Nicole Miller. Heidi and “Hero” completed the 75 in 14:50. Heidi has 430 endurance and 240 LD miles; Hero, a 13-year-old Anglo-Arabian gelding, has 780 endurance and 190 LD. Photo © David Honan, www.davehonan.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Get informed before you decide, by Monica Chapman
National Office News: October news from the AERC office, by Kathleen Henkel, Executive Director
Vice President’s Letter: Do all you can to prevent accidents, by Nick Kohut, DVM, with a sidebar on helmet fitting guidelines
Business Before the Board: Motion to create 40-45 mile category, by Troy Eckard
Trails Post: Steps to getting USFS permits, by Dawn Hilliard
100 Mile Achievement Awards: 100 Mile Equine Recognition (third quarter 2019)
Ride Managers’ Forum: A 100 mile ride is born – a NE story, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith
Junior/Young Rider News: Meet the junior: Hailey Zehring of Arizona
National Championship News: Trail tips for the National Champs, by Melissa Ribley, DVM
The Green Bean Scoop: Jessica: A Green Bean’s first 50, by Jessica Isbrecht, with a Green Bean report by Griffin Keller
AERC International News: International riding: When in Wales . . . by Mary Howell


Night Vision in Endurance Horses (Veterinary Forum), by Melinda Newton, DVM

Sanoma, Tevis, Family and Endurance, by Sanoma Blakeley

November 2019

On the cover: Sue Jaffe of Poetry, Texas, and her bay 17-year-old Morgan mare Morgan Brooks at the first day of the Outlaw and the Virgin Pioneer, held in Red Canyon, Utah. Sue has 10,725 endurance miles and 1840 LD miles. All of Morgan Brooks’ 1440 LD miles are with Sue. The two three-day Outlaw and the Virgin Pioneer rides are managed by Ann Nicholson. Photo © Steve Bradley, www.stevesphoto.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: What AERC offers to its members, by Monica Chapman
National Office News: November news from the AERC office, by Kathleen Henkel, Executive Director
Vice President’s Letter: When you’re pulled, you are out, by Nick Kohut, DVM
Business Before the Board: Distance discussion, continued, by Vance Stine
Ride Managers’ Forum: ‘Clear danger’ and Rule 3.3, by Paulette Brehob
Education Update: Mistakes: Admit, accept and advance, by Daniel Stewart
Junior/Young Rider News: Meet Kyla and her pony Flash, by Kyla Law
Trails Post: Trail system impacts of e-bikes, by Alex Uspenski
The Green Bean Scoop: November update and electrolytes and cooling, by Griffin Keller


Election Information: Arguments for and Against the Proposed Ballot Amendment
Fort Howes Ride in Montana Selected for 2020 AERC National Championships, by Jan Stevens
Showing Your Equine: A Guide for Riders (Veterinary Forum), by Art King, DVM, with Ann Stuart, DVM

December 2019

On the cover: Jeffrey Gardener, of Rhode Island, and his 11-year-old gelding Arc de Triomphe (AHR 642280) on the 2019 Fort Valley Ride on October 25. The ride, managed by Diane Connolly, crosses Larry and Valerie Kanavy’s Gold Medal Farm in Virginia. Jeffrey has 3,060 endurance and 295 LD miles and is a top contender in the Northeast Region’s heavyweight division. Photo (her 49th cover!) © Becky Pearman, www.beckypearman.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

December News: News to know from the AERC office
President’s Letter: A new season begins – time to set goals, by Monica Chapman
Vice Presiden’ts Letter: Make time for SafeSport training, by Nick Kohut, DVM
Membership Committee News: Membership: AERC growth is the goal, by Angie Mikkelson
National Office News: December news from the AERC office, by Kathleen Henkel, Executive Director
Ride Managers’ Forum: ‘Paying it forward’ in endurance, by Cindy LaRoy Young
Junior/Young Rider News I: Lorelai and Herbee the Love Bug, by Lynne Haase
Trails Post: Oklahoma Trail Masters get to work, by Oklahoma’s Trail Master Course graduates
Junior and Young Rider News II: A welcome from the new Junior Committee chair, by Karen Chaton
The Green Bean Scoop: Wrapping up the 2019 GB season, by Griffin Keller, with an article by Logan Berrian


A New Day for AERC Drug Testing (Veterinary Forum), by Jeanette Mero, DVM

Bob Long: Fastest (Oh, and Oldest) of all AERC Mongol Derby Winners, by Nicole Blanchard, plus articles by Benjamin Materna and Kelsey Elliott

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