2018 Endurance News

January 2018

On the cover: West Region rider and AERC Veterinary Committee Chair Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM, and Jet Setting Sandrita at the 2018 Sesenta Anos Pioneer ride in the Pacific Southwest Region. Jay placed fifth, fourth and second on the ride’s endurance distances on her 9-year-old Arabian mare. Photo © Lynne Glazer, www.lynnesite.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Achieving longer distances, by Paul Latiolais

Vice President’s Letter: Ride managers make it all possible, by Susan Kasemeyer

Ride Managers’ Forum: Ride manager safety recommendations, by Michael Campbell

Education Update: Here’s the scoop on AERC awards, by the AERC office staff

100 Mile Equine Recognition Program award recipients

Education Update II: Measuring the miles (accurately), by Jan Stevens

Endurance Reflections: Veterinary Heroes, by AERC members

Trails Post: AERC trail grant leads to ride site improvements, by Alex Uspenski

Junior News: A ‘grand’ pair, by Jeremiah Young and Maribel Paulson

AERC International News I: November’s Broxton Bridge Team Challenge, by Lynn Kenelly

AERC International News II: Git-R-Done FEI 1*2*3*, by Carolyn Hock

Green Bean Endurance News: GBE 2017 season results, by Deb Moe


When Your Hose Isn’t Fit to Continue (Veterinary Forum), by Jeanette Mero, DVM

Making It Work with a Non-Horsey Spouse, by Jennifer Poling

February 2018

On the cover: Longtime member Kathleen Macy and her granddaughter, Khloey Prescott, 8, share a love of endurance riding. Kathleen is riding BC Dudley, her Tennessee Walker cross gelding, and Khloey is on Dakabu Brinas Legacy, an Arabian mare, at the 2017 Greenland Hightail 50-miler in Monument, Colorado. This year’s Greenland Hightail ride, managed by Chalice Coward, is on October 6. Photo © Patricia Jarvis, www.jarvis-images.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: You might be an endurance rider if . . ., by Paul Latiolais<br />

Vice President’s Letter: Living the endurance life, by Susan Kasemeyer

Education Update: Try tiny changes to help you be fit to continue, by Lori McIntosh

Ride Managers’ Forum: Embracing the introductory ride, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

Veterinary Forum: Winter colics, by Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM

Trails Post: AERC hurricane updates, by Monica Chapman, and a sidebar on AERC members’ trail volunteer time in 2017

Junior/Young Rider News: 2017 YR team challenge results

AERC International News: Why I choose to ride FEI, by Ann Marie Barnett

2017 AERC Decade Teams

Poems (a special feature in our annual “members’ issue”):

In the Blink of an Eye, by Lauren de Vore

Ode to a Pit Crew, by Bonnie Mielke

Moonlit Ride, by Cyndi Craig

In My Sister’s Shadow, by Bonnie Mielke

To a Horse, by Lauren de Vore

(Untitled) by Darice Whyte

Enduring Thoughts, by Jackie Brunken

Give the Dam Mare Credit, by Richard Barsaleau, DVM>


From Breeding to Competing, a special feature with stories from AERC members

Speaking Trail, part 1 of 3, by Chelle Grald

Riding the Mongol Derby, by Rachel Land

Milestones, by Jessica Secrest

Much More than Just a Horse, by Laurie Ledbetter-Katai

The Making of an Endurance Horse, by Patricia Jackson

March 2018

On the cover: Southeast Region rider Annie Whelan, 17, completed 900 endurance and 25 LD miles on 11 different horses, and earned the 2017 Kathy Brunjes Young Rider Award. Annie and Susan Kain’s MNX Shaidinn Tyib placed first and best condition at the 2017 Biltmore Challenge 50 on May 5. Annie has been competing since 2009 and has amassed 4,160 endurance and 570 LD miles, “Tyler” has 405 endurance and 540 LD miles. Photo © Becky Pearman, beckypearman.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Welcome opportunities and always stay focused by Paul Latiolais<br>

AERC Hall of Fame Recipients

Treasurer’s Report, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

International News 2017

AERC Ride Calendar

2017 Breed Awards

2017 National and Regional Awards

2017 AERC National Championships

Rider and Equine Lifetime Mileage

2017 Equine Longevity Award Recipients

2017 Year-End Statistics

April 2018

On the cover: Gunnar Frank takes “following the ribbons” to the extreme at the 2017 Last Hoorah ride in Texas in our nod to April Fool’s Day. Gunnar, who had 7,465 endurance miles at press time, rode his 2002 Anglo-Arabian gelding, MI Clever Ansata, to a 12th place finish in the 50, just ahead of his wife Alanna, on Maverick. They were Bob and Julie Suhr Husband and Wife Award winners in 2017, 2015 and 2014. Photo © John C. Nowell, remuda.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Sprint forward and step up, by Paul Latiolais
Vice President’s Message: My swan song, by Susan Kasemeyer
Breed Award News: News from the Jockey Club and ASHA
Education Update: The book(s) on endurance riding, by Aarene Storms
Welfare of the Horse Committee: Update from the committee, by Nick Kohut, DVM
Trails Post: What AERC’s Trail Advocates are doing for you, by Alex Uspenski
National Championship News: 10 Reasons to do the 2018 AERC National Champs, by Cheryl Newman
AERC International News: USEF embraces change, by Glenye Cain Oakford


Ride Spotlight: Vermont 100, by Pam Karner, VMD
The 100 Miles: The Origin of It All (Vet Forum), by Jeanette Mero, DVM
How to Choose Your Next Endurance Horse, by Heather Reynolds
Seven Sticky Trail Marking Scenarios, by Chelle Grald
Experience Matters – Lessons from the 2018 Broxton Bridge: USA SE FEI Fundraiser 100, by Stagg Newman and Lynn Kenelly
Anything Is Possible, by Jessica Zarudski

May 2018

On the cover: Robert Ribley completed his 100th 100 mile ride this March. He and Ever Ready, a 12-year-old Arabian gelding, finished the Fun In The Sun (FITS) 100 in 10th place, with a time of 16:52. Robert has 36,519 endurance miles; Ever Ready, co-owned by Robert and his wife Melissa, has 1,680. Read more about Robert’s 100 x 100 quest on page 17. Photo © Becky Pearman, www.beckypearman.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Open that dialog (and keep it open), by Paul Latiolais

Vice President’s Letter: Award nominations open, by Monica Chapman

Education Update: A template for bringing your horse along, by Heather Reynolds

Ride Managers’ Forum: 25 things riders want to know about your ride, by Kerry Greear

Veterinary Forum: AERC ride fatalities and the importance of necropsies, by Troy “Ike” Nelson, DVM

Talking Hundreds: Ranger’s first 100, by Brenna Sullivan

Trails Post: Hiking the Hill for trails, by Monica Chapman

AERC International News: Ensuring horse welfare at FEI events, by Mary Howell

AERC-I News II: AERC-I launches webinar series, by Holly Corcoran

Junior/Young Rider News: 2018 Young Rider Team Challenge


Robert Ribley: one hundred hundreds, by Melissa Ribley

AERC Convention 2018, with photos by Merri Melde-Endurance.net and Nina Morillo

The Trail Marking Tool Box (Part 3 of 4) by Chelle Grald

June 2018

On the cover: Northwest Region rider Connie Holloway and her 15-year-old Arabian gelding DWA Saruq (“Luke”) placed third at the April 28 Eagle Canyon 50. The ride, just outside Eagle, Idaho, is managed by Layne Lewis. Connie has 4,745 endurance and 245 LD miles; Luke has 2,090 and 180. This is their seventh season as an endurance team. Photo © Merri Melde, www.theequestrianvagabond.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Rethinking the yearly plan, by Paul Latiolais

Vice President’s Letter: Separating fact from fiction, by Monica Chapman

Education Update: Is your horse ready to ride? by Heather Reynolds

Ride Managers’ Forum: Our ride managers are not disposable, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

Trails Post: Trail Masters ready and prepared for needed work, by Alex Uspenski, with sidebars on AERC’s $20,000 grant and an update on volunteer trail hours

Junior/Young Rider News: Teaching the future generation of riders, by Sami Browneller

AERC International News: AERC riders take on the WEG test event in NC, by Mary Faris


Roger Taylor: Hall of Fame 2017

AERC 5,000-mile Equines

100 Mile Pre-Ride – 100 Miles: The Origin of it All, part 2, by Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM (Veterinary Forum)

Grow an ‘Ultimate Connection’ with your endurance equine, by Jerry R. Gillespie, DVM, PhD

July 2018

On the cover: Stephanie Langefeld and Wieago3, owned by Sudi Lenhart, at the 2018 Take No Prisoners 50 mile ride in South Carolina. Stephanie and Sudi (riding Hombro) tied for sixth place. Stephanie, in her third year of competition, has 825 endurance and 155 LD miles; Wieago3 has 2,700 endurance miles and 50 LD miles. Photo © Kelly Haymes, www.littlebigshotphotography.com

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Positive messages from USEF, by Paul Latiolais

Vice President’s Letter: National Championship goals for the mid-pack rider, by Monica Chapman

Education Update: An AERC clinic format that works, by Karen Wade

Ride Managers’ Forum: Building trust with land owners/managers, by Terry Canavello

Junior/Young Rider News: Learning life lessons via endurance riding, by Kelly Stoneburner, DVM

Trails Post: All that went into keeping the Tevis trail open, by Hal Hall

New Member News: What dreams are made of, by Janine Engel

Veteran Member News: Inspiration from an 82-year-old rider, by Wendy Lumbert

AERC International News: Train smarter, not harder, by Gwen Hall, DVM

Welfare of the Horse Committee News: Welfare, treatment and public perception, by Duane Barnett, DVM


Endurance Rider Heart Rate Study: Interim Report, by Jerry Zebrack, MD

AERC History: Traditions and Myths, by Tom Bache

100 Mile Ride Day – 100 Miles: The Origin of it All, part 3, by Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM (Veterinary Forum)

August 2018

On the cover: Jenni Smith, left, riding French Fry, and Tony Benedetti on TCF Arowdy Knight rode past sunbathers and surfers on the Pacific Southwest Region Montana de Oro ride. Tony has amassed 11,815 endurance and 300 LD miles; Jenni has 5,290/175. Tony and Rowdy earned fourth and BC; Jenni and Supasize placed fifth. Photo © Lisa Peck, https://LisaPeckPhotography.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Summer roundup, by Paul Latiolais

Vice President’s Letter: The real scoop on the mysterious BOD</a>, by Monica Chapman

Education Update: Catch riding do’s and don’ts, by Mary Howell

Education Update II: Top 10 things I’ve learned from catch riding, by Ashley Wingert

Ride Managers’ Forum: Help a ride manager!, by Connie Caudill

Trails Post: Great grants help AERC, by Alex Uspenski

New Member News: Presenting your horse to the vet, by Heather Reynolds

Veteran Member News: Sixty-seven completions in a row for Jane and Jaxxon, by Becky Pearman

AERC International News: Are you going to the WEG? by Jala Neufeld

Welfare of the Horse Committee News: Welfare, treatment and public perception, by Duane Barnett, DVM


What is the Price of Integrity? (Veterinary Forum) by Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM

Seven Ways to Help your Horse Deal with Heat and Humidity, by Stagg Newman

Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss and Hadji Halef Omar, Pard’ners 2017, by Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss

2018 AERC National Championship Update, by Cheryl Newman

September 2018

On the cover: Melinda Guice sponsored her 13-year-old son Kyle on his first AERC ride, the July 14 Bandit Springs 50, held in Oregon’s Ochoco National Forest. Melinda rode Duke of Azares to a fifth-place finish, with Kyle, on RJO Redhotchilipepper, completing in sixth, both in 8:16. Melinda has 1,995 endurance miles and 465 LD miles. Photo © Bo and Kelsey Shane of Out of Steam Photography (find them on Facebook)

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Midyear meeting report, by Paul Latiolais

Vice President’s Letter: Awesomely scenic AERC ride venues, by Monica Chapman

Education Update: Overcoming the equine race brain, by AERC members

Rules Committee Update: LD riders get a little more time (beginning in 2019), by Steph Teeter

Trails Post: Horses (and their riders) as trail users, by Chelle Grald, with a sidebar on AERC volunteer trail hours

AERC International News: 2018 World Equestrian Games, by Tracy Hofstrand


Choosing the Right Electrolyte (Veterinary Forum) by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

Unforgettable Rides, by AERC Members

October 2018

On the cover: Heather Reynolds and Cayucos, owned by Hillorie Farace Di Villaforesta, placed first at this year’s Western States Endurance Ride (Tevis Cup) 100. Heather, a Southeast Region rider, has nearly 22,000 endurance miles, plus 640 LD and 450 miles in foreign competitions; Cayucos, a 10-year-old Arabian gelding, has 800 endurance and 145 LD miles. Photo © Rene Baylor of Gore/Baylor Photography.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Appreciating 2018 & 2019 anticipation, by Paul Latiolais

Vice President’s Letter: What you can find on AERC.org, by Monica Chapman

Education Update: Containment options for AERC rides, by Aarene Storms

Trail partners can even include Boy Scout troops, by Bobbi Arters

Century Club: Meet the newest Century Club members, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

AERC International News: AERC-I offers educational webinars, by Holly Corcoran

Q&A with 2018 NE Region 100-mile Triple Crown finishers

Recognizing a Forest Service friend, by Deirdre C. Monroe



Spooky Tales from the Trail, by AERC members

Physical Rehabilitation for Equines (Veterinary Forum), by Margaret Brosnahan, DVM, PhD, CERP

Stories from the 2018 Tevis Cup, by Claire Godwin, DVM – Gabriela Blakeley (and Wasch, Barrak and Sanoma) – Heather Reynolds – Mark Montgomery

November 2018

On the cover: Northeast Region rider Holly Corcoran and her 11-year–old Arabian gelding Poete finished first and BC at the AERC 100 mile National Championships at Biltmore. Holly has 4,200 endurance miles and 560 LD miles, and she has been Poete’s only rider. In their seven years together, Poete has 1,205 endurance miles, five BCs and 15 top 10s. Photo © Becky Pearman, www.beckypearman.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Check your ride records, by Paul Latiolais

Vice President’s Letter: AERC Tidbits, by Monica Chapman

Education Update: Progressive recovery trail at National Championships, by Stagg Newman

Veterinary Forum: What occurred at WEG — the veterinary view, by Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM

Trails Post: $10K-plus in trails grants approved, by Alex Uspenski

Juniors and Young Rider News: Juniors at the Virginia City 100, by Riley, Jack, Caroline and Ryder

Past President’s Perspective: Recapturing endurance globally, by Stagg Newman

AERC International News: Finding some good to come out of WEG, by Heather Reynolds


AERC National Championships 2018, with story and photos by Becky Pearman

My Championship Ride, by 2018 championship weight division winners

AERC and the Mustang Crisis, by Tom Bache

December 2018

On the cover: West Region rider Epona, 10, is in her third season of riding, and has 400 endurance and 135 LD miles. She rode Jack Bowling’s Arabian mare Rushcreek Caribou (also 10) at the Lake Sonoma 50 in October. Epona was sponsored by her dad, Xaviere Michelot. “Bou” has had five riders and has 755 endurance and 180 LD miles, with a 100% completion rate. Photo © Bill Gore, Gore/Baylor Photography.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: A whole new year begins, by Paul Latiolais

Vice President’s Letter: Consider joining a regional club, by Monica Chapman

Limited Distance Rule Modification

Education Update: Time to slow down your horse’s career? by Aarene Storms

Century Club: Meet Maxine Bernsdorf (by Carol Wagner) and CH Shamm Bashire and Gary R. Brown and Kherisma (by Gary)

Veterinary News: Researchers study inflammatory markers in endurance horses, by Jenny Evans, MFA (reprint from Bluegrass Equine Digest and TheHorse.com)

Junior and Young Rider News: Junior rock at the 2018 Vermont 100, by Pamela Karner, VMD

Green Bean News: What’s holding you back? By Erin Glassman

AERC Informal Survey: Overview of responses

AERC Awards: AERC’s Bill Stuckey Award

AERC International News: International Youth Exchange, by Connie Caudill


One Member’s Success Story: Reclaiming the San Pedro Parks Wilderness in New Mexico, by Deirdre Monroe

AERC and the Mustang Crisis, part 2, by Tom Bache, with a sidebar by Naomi Preston

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