Useful links and information for new control judges

Welcome to the American Endurance Ride Conference.  Your role as an AERC veterinarian is an important one in the protection of equine welfare and safety.  As a Control Judge or Treatment Veterinarian at an AERC ride there are many resources available to you both in print and online.  You may also reach out to a member of the AERC Veterinary Committee with any questions or suggestions you may have.  Listed below are some links providing information that should prove useful to you prior to fulfilling your duty as Head Control Judge, Control Judge or Treating Veterinarian.

AERC Control Judge Handbook:  https://aerc.org/compete/control-judges-handbook/

AERC Vet Check Videos:  https://aerc.org/compete/cj-video-usef-best-practices/

AERC Certified Control Judge Exam:   https://aerc.org/certified-control-judge-examination/

AERC Treatment Veterinarian Exam:  https://aerc.org/treatment-veterinarian-exam/

Proper use of Pull Codes: https://aerc.org/proper-use-of-pull-codes/

AERC Veterinary Committee Contact Form:  https://aerc.org/veterinary-committee-contact/

The two following links are important if you will be acting as Head Control Judge:

AERC Rules and Regulations:  https://aerc.org/compete/aerc-rules-regulations/

Responsibilities of the Head Control Judge: https://aerc.org/responsibilities/

Once you have become familiar with the information provided above you will find judging and treating at endurance rides to be a very rewarding experience.

From the AERC Veterinary Committee, we wish you well in your endeavor as an endurance ride Control Judge or Treating Veterinarian and please know that we are here to help should questions arise prior to or during an endurance event.

Posted April 2024

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