Sanction A Ride

This form will take you through the steps to sanction an AERC ride. Thanks very much for being a ride manager — this sport depends on you!

With this form, you are certifying that the distances of the ride have been properly measured and align with AERC Rules 1, L1, and 16.

This form must be completed at least 90 days before the ride date. Upon submittal, your application will go to your regional sanctioning director for approval, and then to the AERC office for entry into the AERC ride calendar. You will receive an email with your entry ride calendar listing. Please check it over carefully when you receive it.

Ride sanctioning, per day, is $25 for one distance, and $10 for each additional distance. Payment by credit card or debit card will be required.

Special sanctioning is required for a Pioneer ride (3 days of 155 miles or more) for its first three years, or for any ride with extra entry requirements (i.e., rider mileage qualification requirements). These rides will go first to AERC’s Sanctioning Committee, and then to the regional sanctioning director, for approval.

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