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AERC National Championships @ Old Dominion
Northeast Region Manager: Diane Connolly 06/11/2022 33 starting, 20 finishing 100 miles Winner: Poete ridden by Holly R. Corcoran in 13:58 BC: Poete
ridden by Holly R. Corcoran in 13:58, 663 points
1 L 13:58 Holly R. Corcoran on Poete 450/450 BC
2 L 14:19 Tom Hagis on Indian Reinman 375/375
3 L 15:11 Peggy Murphy-Hackley on HE Khem Chee 330/330
4 L 15:11 Diane L. Meinders on Lumiere WW 300/300
5 F 15:59 Rachel Land on Matla 450/270
6 F 16:36 Jennifer L. Poling on Prado CF 375/240
7 L 16:36 Todd Hezeau on TH Wynds of Fortune 270/210
8 F 17:08 Alayna Hay on Ivan Groznyi 330/195
9 F 17:08 Felisa Read on Lenny 300/180
10 F 17:08 Kelsey Claypool on Casate Diamond 270/165
11 L 18:50 Dessia Miller on Amber Kiera 240/150
12 L 18:50 Melody Blittersdorf on Forward Motion CH 210/150
13 M 19:01 Maria Muzzio on Landroval 450/150
14 F 19:08 Brooks Prater on Silver Lined 240/150
15 L 19:27 Jaime Wedel on Lucerno 195/150
16 L 19:34 Teri Carroll on Ryechess 180/150
17 H 19:37 Tracy Hofstrand on Sylvern 450/150
18 M 19:58 Cheryl Van Deusen on JG General 375/150
19 F 19:58 Anne Liddell on KMA Enduring Wezsh 210/150
C Heather Wilkerson on Artistri
L Jennie Mae Armstrong on Red Rocket Reba
L Amie Ealy on Bigtime Bey
L Farzad Faryadi on Eros BF
L Sudi Lenhart on A Long Way to El Paso7
L Jeffery D. Hartman on Bask In My Pizazz
L Wendy M. Mancini on Sterling
L Natalie Muzzio on Ayeeesha
L Caroline North on Glorfindel
RO-L Christine Elizabeth Roberts on Lorienn
RO-L Bryna Stevenson on TEF Lunar Eclipse+/
L Jane Rodrigue on Al Shama Shaazon
L Marcia Weilbach on Zanthus Fury
L Timothy Worden on Danis Final Magic
The data in this website originates from the AERC National Office. Updates can and do occur. The official record source is the AERC National Office.

Information dated from Dec. 1, 1995 forward is complete. Endurance records from 1984-1995 can be considered relatively accurate. At present, Limited Distance records begin with Dec. 1, 1995. There is no ride data on-line prior to Dec.1, 1984.


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W == WeightDivision missing or unknown


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Points / Dues note: The points above will not reflect your actual points in the office records unless you have paid your AERC dues by Feb. 1. These represent only what they would have been if all dues have been paid. If you have any questions as to whether your dues are current – contact the AERC office at 530-823-2260 or e-mail office@aerc.org.


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