2024 Endurance News

January 2024

On the cover: Young Rider Avery Betz-Conway rode Bey Al Shemaal, an 8-year-old Arabian gelding, to a third place finish at the Broxton Bridge 50 on November 11. Avery completed 600 endurance and 50 LD miles in 2023 on four different horses. See the Kathy Brunjes Young Rider Award standings on page 32. Photo © Becky Pearman.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Say hello to 2024, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: AERC code of conduct, by Kelly Williams Stehman

AERC Century Club: Tom Cohen & Zip and Diane Butler & RGR Firefly Sparkle

Trails Post: A new way to see trail, by Alex Uspenski

From the Veterinary Committee: Detection time added for biphosphonates Osphos, Tildren

Veterinary Forum: Longevity: a look at the digestive system, by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

Junior/Young Rider News: Meet a SW young rider and junior, by Karen Leiman

The Green Bean Scoop: Roundup: GB 2023, by Griffin Keller

YR National Championship News: 2023 YR Championships – and a look at 2024, by Annie Whelan and Carol Giles


The Hundred Hundreds Club: Suzanne Hayes – Meet Suzanne Hayes, who has ridden with AERC since 1972 and has 101 100-mile completions, by Lisa Schneider

February 2024

On the cover: Northwest Region rider Lenda Goodpaster and her Decade Team partner, Hunters Dance, at the Mary and Anna Memorial ride, site of this year’s National Championships (NW Region). “Scoot” is Lenda’s second Decade horse. Photo © Jala Neufeld, https://dktajay.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: A tribute to our board members, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: All about endurance awards, by Kelly Williams Stehman

Education Update: Help is just a click or call away, by Tami Rougeau

Hundred Hundreds: Jan Worthington is featured, by Lisa Schneider

Junior/Young Rider News: Preparing juniors for 100 milers, by Samantha Ellis

National Championship News: Preview: 2024 NC in La Pine, Oregon

Trails Post: $ available for grants, by Monica Chapman, with a roundup of 2023 volunteer trail hours

AERC International News: France ’24 is in sight, by Tom Rajala


Get to know the latest recipients of AERC’s Decade Team, with essays and photos

Maximizing Longevity: Equine Arthritis (Veterinary Forum) – This is the final installment of Dr. Susan Garlinghouse’s series examining how to keep endurance horses out on the trail

March 2024

On the cover: SE Region rider Jeremy Reynolds and Treasured Moments on the way to their second Tevis Cup first place, in 2023. Treasure finished first in three endurance rides last year, earning two BCs. Jeremy has a total of 18,470 endurance miles and 670 LD miles. Photo © Lynne Glazer, https://www.photo.lynnesite.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Assessing our progress, by Nick Kohut, DVM

AERC Hall of Fame Recipients

Treasurer’s Report, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

AERC Ride Calendar

2023 3,000 Mile Horses

2023 National and Regional Awards

2023 Breed Awards

Rider and Equine Lifetime Mileage

2023 Year-End Statistics

April 2024

On the cover: Kecia Smette and KSA Adrenergic Zell placed 13th at the Southwest Region Tonto Twist 50 in January. Kecia has 4710 endurance and 1140 LD miles, and “Raja,” her Arabian mare who turns 8 this month, has 100 endurance and 480 LD miles. Photo © Linda Sherrill, www.lindasherrill.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Convention wrap-up, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Ride Managers’ Forum: A very productive RM meeting, by Jan Stevens

The Hundred Hundreds Club: One hundred 100s: Robert Ribley, by Lisa Schneider

Veterinary Forum: A vet’s eye view of the BC exam, by Dan Chapman, DVM

Junior and Young Rider News: JR/YR event at 2024 convention, by Maribel Paulson

National Championship News: National Championship at Outback Station, by Carol Giles

The Green Bean Scoop: Meet the head Green Beans, by Griffin Keller

Trails Post: Yellowjacket traps for safety, by Robert Hadley Sydnor


AERC Convention – February 2024: Happy Trails in Albuquerque; A wrap-up of convention happenings, from the Veterinary CE to the National Awards Banquet

Equine Longevity and Rider Mileage Awards – Recipients of these two programs’ pins for 2022 and 2023 ride seasons are listed in this issue

2023 AERC Decade Teams: More Decade Team photos and essays are included in this issue

In Every Issue:

Ride Calendar  •  Ride Results   •  All Award Standings

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes • National Office News • Rider and Equine Mileage Awards • Classified Advertising • Stallion Directory • Horses for Sale Directory

100 Mile Equine Recognition Program (quarterly) • Drug Testing Program Results

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