2022 Endurance News

January 2023

On the cover: Pamela Karner, VMD, and RR Insatiable Zell tied for first and earned best condition at the JDs Carolina 75 held on November 26. Pam, an AERC member since 2004, has 4620 endurance and 760 LD miles; “Izzy,” her 9-year-old Arabian mare, has 705 endurance and 200 LD miles. Photo © Becky Pearman.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Here’s to a good 2023! by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Your AERC benefits, by Monica Chapman

Trails Post: One person can make a difference, by Dodie Sable

AERC International News: Working together for more rides, by Tom Rajala


What’s New in Equine Wound Care (January Vet Forum) – It’s time to switch up how you care for equine wounds—learn the latest from Dr. Jeanette Mero

Riding in Sync With Your Horse (Education Update) – A neutral pelvis is the foundation of riding in balance with your horse, by Naomi Preston; illustrations by Nancy Camp

February 2023

On the cover: Ansley “Pancake” McCabe heads to her first 75-mile finish under soggy skies with SAR Wileycoyotesmokes at the 2022 Mary and Anna Memorial Pioneer in Oregon. Wiley, owned by Ron Sproat, has 530 endurance miles and 290 LD miles. Ansley, now 16, has 225/250. Photo © Jala Neufeld, dktajay.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Hello, new AERC board members, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Convention is coming! by Monica Chapman

Hot Topics: You’re invited to attend discussion sessions at the AERC convention, by John Parke

From the Archives: Endurance ride or race? by Loreley Stewart

Poem: The Endurance Rider, by Katheryn Rogers

Ride Managers’ Forum: More ideas for making rides fun, by Laura Horst

Trails Post: Sustainable trails, right at the start, by John Favro of American Trails

Junior/Young Rider News: Southwest Grands, with Effee Conner and Landon Cartrette, Maribel Paulson and Jeremiah Young, and Vivian O. Blevins and Jayden Blevins

AERC International News: Roadmap for AERC-I in 2023

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Bean ’22 awards, by Griffin Keller


AERC Century Club – Meet new Century Club members Dorothy Foster and Dancers American Beauty, with a bonus poem by Dorothy

Treatment: It Happens (February Veterinary Forum) – Be prepared for the event that your equine needs treatment at a ride; this article explains what to do in case it happens, by Jeanette Mero, DVM

Riding in Sync With Your Horse, Part 2 (Education Update) – Beyond the neutral pelvis, here are ways to check your saddle and think “light wrists” and “meet and meld,” by Naomi Preston

Are You Really Prepared for Traveling? Nancy Mitts ran into trouble on the road and found that the best help was a fellow endurance rider (namely, Gunnar Frank)

Ask the AERC Members: Favorite rides of 2022, skills to improve in 2023, and hints for this year’s NCs by AERC riders

The Four Seasons of Endurance Riding – A reprint of Angie McGhee’s classic reflection on the seasons of the endurance year

March 2023

On the cover: The 2022 Bill Thornburgh Family Award winners — from left, Cassidy Miller, Jesse Feinsod and Kelly Stoneburner — completed 1,405 family miles in 2022. The Mountain Region family is pictured here at the 2022 Spanish Peaks Pioneer ride in Colorado. Photo © Merri Melde, theequestrianvagabond.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: A look back and ahead by Nick Kohut, DVM

AERC Hall of Fame Recipients

Treasurer’s Report, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

AERC Ride Calendar

The Green Bean Scoop – 2022 Wrap-Up, by Griffin Keller

2022 3,000 Mile Horses

2022 Breed Awards

2022 National and Regional Awards

Rider and Equine Lifetime Mileage

2022 Year-End Statistics

April 2023

On the cover: Nolan Whitesell and Em’s Ambush, his 2013 half-Arabian gelding, at the 2023 Hokey Pokey Ride, where they placed sixth in the 50. Nolan has 1855 endurance and 375 LD miles; Ambush is in his sixth season of competition and has 860 endurance and 160 LD miles. Photo ©Maria Phillips, mariaphillips.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Convention overview, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Riding in the big tent, by Kelly Williams Stehman

National Championship News: Armadillo ride history, by Linda Parrish

Ride Managers’ Forum: Latest news for RMs, by Jan Stevens

Trails Post: Gateway to a vision, by Marsha Hayes, with a sidebar on how to apply for an AERC trail grant

AERC International News: AERC at the ’22 Worlds, by Tom Rajala

Junior & Young Rider News: Junior fun in Florida, by Maribel Paulson

The Green Bean Scoop: Tackling a first 100, by Alisa Misevich, with an introduction by Griffin Keller

AERC Grands: The grandfather/ granddaughter team of Tom Mort and Amelia Nevarez of the SW Region


AERC Century Club: Jeanne Pepper and Tahoe AERC Convention 2023: The Glow Lives On, with photos by Becky Pearman Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (Veterinary Forum) – Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM, takes a deep dive into the latest research into EGUS, both squamous and glandular

May 2023

On the cover: Mollie Quiroz and Chndakasexpress, owned by Samantha Ellis, at the 2022 Wild West Pioneer Ride. Mollie has 3,835 endurance and 100 LD miles (on 35 horses!). Chndakasexpress has 1,085 endurance and 25 LD miles. Photo © Diana Hiiesalu of Gore/Baylor Photography.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: The joy of intro rides, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: It’s time for nominations, by Kelly Williams Stehman

Competition Committee News: What’s your jam? by Naomi Preston with charts by Mike Maul

Veterinary Forum: The joy of vetting – pass it on, by Troy “Ike” Nelson, DVM

Ride Managers’ Forum: Using apps to help you mark trails, by Nick Warhol

National Championship News: Riding the Armadillo aka ’23 NCs, by Manda Morris

YR National Championship News: YR champs this June at Wild West, by Annie Whelan

Trails Post: AERC at Hike the Hill in DC, by Monica Chapman

AERC International News: Expanding Northeast options, by Holly Corcoran

The Green Bean Scoop: The GB season is underway! by Griffin Keller


Research: Leaky Gut; Does “leaky gut” occur in horses during endurance rides? AERC members are invited to participate in a research project with the University of Georgia Veterinary School, by Drs. Cannan Whitfield, Jarred Williams, Michelle Coleman, Natalia Rodriguez, Cheryl Van Deusen and Amy Brandon

2022 AERC Hall of Fame: Otis Schmitt, DVM – AERC members share their memories of serious and funny encounters with AERC’s newest Hall of Fame member

June 2023

On the cover: We originally misidentified the cover rider and horse asSarah Arthur and GJR Obsidian, owned by Evelyn Baig. It is actually Nathalie Weemaels and Belladone de Piboul, at the April 2023 Ride in the Pines 50. Photo © Becky Pearman, beckypearman.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Traditions and AERC, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Treasurer’s Report: Balancing the AERC budget, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

Vice President’s Letter: How to help your RMs, by Kelly Williams Stehman

National Championship News: About the Armadillo, compiled by Debbie Betts

Ride Managers’ Forum: Alternate managers at rides, by Jan Stevens

The Green Bean Scoop: Contain safely at AERC rides, by Griffin Keller

Veterinary Forum: Head vets on the team, by Melissa Ribley, DVM

Junior/Young Rider News: It is not supposed to be easy, by Alanna Frank

Trails Post: A success story for Idaho trails, by Jessica Cobbley


Perfect 10: Nina Bomar profiles AERC’s newest Perfect 10 horse, Cheys Cocamoe Joe, and his owner, Dave Rabe

Michele Roush Rowe, DVM: A ‘Century’ of BC Awards – A Q&A with 100-time BC winner Dr. Rowe by Dominique Freeman, D.Phil.

5,000-mile Horse: Optimas Prime, owned by Heidi M. Helly

July 2023

On the cover: Terry Banister has now shepherded her “little red sports car,” Figero VF (Ferrari) to 10,000 endurance miles and 13 seasons with zero pulls. They completed three days of 50s at the Mt. Carmel ride in Utah in May. Photo © John Dodson, https://johndodson.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: ‘Misplaced’ rider issues, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Ride Managers’ Forum: Speed up ride lines, by Jan Stevens

Junior/Young Rider News: Motivation? This junior has plenty, by Kendall Groth, with a sidebar by Julie Neely on Crater Hill Endurance Group

Trails Post: Equestrian trail user land ethics, by Gene W. Woods, AmericanTrails.org

AERC International News: Young rider overseas programs, by Tom Rajala

The Green Bean Scoop: The Green Bean season heats up, by Griffin Keller


Our story of true pard’nership: Cindy Bradley & Bogar Tucker – Cindy describes her journey with Bo that culminated in receiving the 2022 Pard’ners Award

Hadji Halef Omar: 2022 AERC Hall of Fame – Stephanie Palmer-DuRoss shares the story of her Hall of Fame equine, with a sidebar by Taylor Pashong-Walck

Optimizing Equine Longevity (Veterinary Forum) – In the first of a multi-part series, Susan Garlinghouse, DVM, gives her readers a vet’s-eye view into the heart of the older horse

A Look at the Championship Trails (National Champs News) – This article, by Sylvia Fant, will prepare riders for the trails and trail conditions at this October’s National Championship 50 and 100 mile rides

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