2021 Endurance News

January 2021

On the cover: In 2020, Steve Downs of Phelan, California, rode 300 LD miles in three different regions with Kenlyn Hot Shot, his 9-year-old Arabian gelding. They finished all five days of the Autumn Sun ride in Idaho in September. The ride is managed by Jessica Huber. Photo © Merri Melde, www.TheEquestrianVagabond.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Stay healthy, the horse owner way, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Happy New Year 2021! by Michael Campbell
Junior/Young Rider News: Meet the only endurance FFA program, by Laura Goodrich

Trails Post: Trail access: protect it or lose it, by Denise O’Meara, ELCR

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Bean update, by Griffin Keller, plus foot pain info, by Lisa Pallini, DPM

Member News: Juggling vet school and endurance, by Carly Campbell

AERC-I Committee News: Endurance means the world to us, by endurance riders from around the world


100 Mile Tips rom Young Riders (Education Update)

A Weighty Question, Part 2 (Veterinary Forum)
Century Club: Otis Halef and Annie
AERC National Championships 2019: Mules on the Twenty Mule Team Trail, by JoDe Collins
AERC National Championships 2019: Following the Mustangs, by Shannon Weil

February 2021

On the cover: Central Region rider Emily Stamboulieh, aboard Azul, and her daughter Soraya, now 8, on MMM Spring Knight, competed at last February’s River Run ride, held near San Antonio, Texas. Soraya completed four LDs and two endurance rides in 2020, her first year of competition; Emily has 900 endurance and 630 LD miles. Photo © John C. Nowell, remuda.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

Rule Change Notification (9.3, L7.3)

President’s Letter: Going virtual for AERC’s convention, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: How did last year compare? by Michael Campbell

Trails Post: Keep trails enthusiasm strong in ’21, by Monica Chapman

National Championship News: Fort Howes: Add to your bucket list, by Jan Stevens

Junior/Young Rider News: Junkier and Young Rider ’21 updates, by Karen Chaton

Poem: Sha’Haab, by Rhonda Pearce

The Green Bean Scoop: Checking in with the Green Beans, by Griffin Keller

Veterinary Forum: Research is vital for endurance, by Margaret Brosnahan, DVM, PhD

Poem: The art of hanging a ribbon, by Nancy Sluys

Welfare of the Horse Committee Report


Congratulations to AERC’s 2020 Decade Teams
Recapturing two training ride runaways (Education Update), by Andrew Gerhard
Plan your donations to the new AERC Legacy Foundation, by John Parke

March 2021

On the cover: Riders at the 2020 Big Horn ride near Shell, Wyoming. This one-day Mountain Region ride has 50- and 100-mile distances and was first offered in 1970, two years before AERC was founded. It’s a ride featured on the “bucket list” of many endurance riders. Photo © Merri Melde, www.TheEquestrianVagabond.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: A look back, and ahead — with hope</a> by Nick Kohut, DVM

AERC Hall of Fame Recipients

Treasurer’s Report, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

AERC Ride Calendar

The Green Bean Scoop — 2020 Wrap-Up

2020 3,000 Mile Horses

2020 Breed Awards

2019 National and Regional Awards

Rider and Equine Lifetime Mileage

2020 Year-End Statistics

April 2021

On the cover: Elizabeth Roach of North Carolina and her 2015 Arabian gelding WMA Silver Sand (Mando) at the Sugarloaf Spring Fling held (pre-spring) in late February. The ride is managed by Kristi Johnston. Elizabeth, an AERC member since 2004, began competing Mando in 2020. Photo © Becky Pearman, beckypearman.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Expanding AERC’s reach with R&T</a>, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Meaning, success and service</a>, by Michael Campbell

Bylaws Revision Update: Coming soon: bylaws ballot, by Lisa Schneider

Education Update: The art of catch riding, by Megan E. Grant

Junior/Young Rider News: Learning at the Big Foot mentor ride, by Faith Wanicka

Veterinary Forum: A high-speed review of hydration, by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM

AERC International News: Young Riders International Exchange, by Connie Caudill

Trails Post: Deirdre Monroe wins trail award, by Monica Chapman

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Bean thanks and congratulations, by Griffin Keller, Program Director


Unconventional Convention 2021 Roundup

What’s So Special About a 100? by AERC members

May 2021

On the cover: Jessica Zamboni of the Southwest Region rode her 8-year-old Norwegian Fjord gelding, Henry Fjord, at this year’s Old Pueblo Pioneer Ride held in Sonoita, Arizona. The Old Pueblo Ride has been managed by Marilyn McCoy for many years. Photo © Susan Kordish, website: AZcowgirlphotography.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Etiquette on trail is not optional, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: We’re in a stochastic world, by Michael Campbell

National Championship News: Riding with history in Montana, by Jan Stevens

Education Update: 12 rules for pulse box safety, by Laurie Underwood

Veterinary Forum: EHV-1 and endurance ride risks, by Melinda Newton, DVM, with a sidebar on AERC Veterinary Committee EHV-1 Recommendations by Jeanette Mero, DVM

Trails Post: Manure guidelines for riders, by Lora Goerlich

AERC International Committee News: Are you read for a Team Challenge? By Tom Rajala

The Green Bean Scoop: Get ready for a Green Bean growing season, by Griffin Keller, Program Director


2020 AERC Hall of Fame Equine: Thunders Lightning Bar, owned by Pat Chappell

Cooling Horses During Competition, a research paper by Jerry R. Gillespie, DVM, PhD

June 2021

On the cover: Three generations at this year’s Owyhee Tough Sucker: left to right, granddaughter Olivia Valtierra on Tai Juan, mom Jessica Valtierra on No Speed Limite, and grandmom Veronica Simpson on VS Argo. The April 24 ride was held in Oreana, Idaho. Photo © Merri Melde, www.TheEquestrianVagabond.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Travel wisely and know the requirements, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Who in AERC do you admire most? by Michael Campbell

Education Update: Preparing for the unexpected, by Tami Rougeau

Trails Post: Riders recount their favorite trails, by Dawn Hilliard

AERC International Committee News: New changes for AERC International, by Lynn Kenelly, with a sidebar on the AERC-I Team Challenge

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Bean perks for new riders, by Griffin Keller, Program Director


AERC’s Century Club welcomes Shirley Raglin & SSS Razzmatazz

Feces, dehydration and gut motility at rides, by Eone Willemse, Dr. Lori Warren and Dr. Meg Sleeper

Your horse’s urine: red means stop (Veterinary Forum), by Kenneth Marcella, DVM

2020 AERC Pard’ners Award: Dolly DeCair and Wazir’s Karahty

July 2021

On the cover: Ann Starrs Hall and B.R. Moby Jane De Soi at the April 2021 50-mile American River Classic, held in Northern California (West Region). Ann has 14,610 endurance miles; the horse, a 14-year-old mare owned by Jerry Zebrack, has 950 endurance miles (and one LD). Photo © Bill Gore, williamgore.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Endangered species: large animal vets, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Current Business Before the Board: Helmets for endurance riders ages 16 and 17

Vice President’s Letter: How to avoid the dreaded race brain, by Michael Campbell

Education Update: You can help keep our trail systems safe, by Jennifer Niehaus

Junior/Young Rider News: Endurance: ‘You gotta pull through’ by Raquel “Rocky” Berger

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Bean Endurance July update, by Griffin Keller, Program Director

Trails Post: Trails grants available for your projects, by Dawn Hilliard


AERC’s Century Club welcomes Carolyn Roberts and Manhattanincident

2020 Hall of Fame: Connie Caudill, by Cindy LaRoy Young

Training for Tevis (and other 100s), by Jamie Kerr, DVM – originally published in 2002 (Veterinary Forum)

August 2021

2021 AERC National Championship 100 mile top division and BC finishers came from four different regions: Marvin Brangman (SE), Hannah Johnson (MT), Gwen Hall (MT), Suzanne Hayes (NW) and Guy Worthington (MW). For full coverage of this year’s championships and more of Becky Pearman’s photos, see pages 15-22 of the August issue.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: National Champs bring out the best, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Essential theories of endurance, by Michael Campbell

Education Update: Tips for young riders and juniors, by Annie Whelan

Veterinary Forum: Electrolytes: the good, bad and ugly, by Susan Garlinghouse, DVM, MSc

Trails Post: NWSA grants help fund AERC trails

Volunteer Service Award: Regina Rose recognized for service, by Elayne Barclay and other AERC members

Ride Managers’ Forum: Helping new members stick with AERC

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Beans chalk up the miles in 2021, by Griffin Keller, Program Director


AERC’s Century Club welcomes Bob Walsh and Sheikh

Big Skies and Big Dreams meet in Montana for the 2021 AERC National Championships, story and photos by Becky Pearman

AERC Young Rider Championships Participants — thank you by the riders and photos of all participants

September 2021

On the cover: One of the most-watched Tevis stories this year was that of Kyla Law, 11, and her 11.2-hand Hackney pony Piece of Perfection (Flash), who finished the iconic one-day 100-mile ride in 36th place. Kyla was sponsored by her mom, Natalie. The Law family resides in the Mountain Region. Photo © Lynne Glazer, lynneglazer.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Approved, allowable treatments, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Some people who make AERC click, by Michael Campbell

Education Update: Pass the salt, please, by Lora L. Worden, MSc.

National Championships News: NC manager says thanks to all for help, by Jan Stevens

Veterinary Forum: Why BCS is important for endurance, by Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM

Ride Managers’ Forum: What a ride manager contributes, by Jessica Brewer Cobbley

Trails Post: Trail variables and long-term impacts, by Alex Uspenski

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Beans tackle Tevis, as volunteers, by Griffin Keller, Program Director


Sharing Knowledge, by longtime AERC members

October 2021

On the cover: Crockett Dumas earned his 50,000 mile patch at the Old Selam Pioneer in Idaho in early September. He is third on AERC’s overall mileage list. Crockett’s 13-7ear-old Al Khamsa Arabian mare, OT Rasa RSI, has completed 8,105 miles in six seasons of competition. Photo © Steve Bradley, stevebradleyphotography.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Reconnecting at rides is an AERC tradition, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Trail courtesy: don’t confuse your priorities, by Michael Campbell

Education Update: Finding an endurance horse, by Lisa Schneider

Trails Post: Are there trail closures in your area? by Monica Chapman

Veterinary Forum: Necropsy funding available, by Melissa Ribley, DVM

Ride and Tie: Just what is this wacky sport? by Courtney Krueger

National Championship News: Anticipation is building for 2022 NCs, by Diane Connolly

Junior/Young Rider News: My first ride: Skymont 2020, by Emma Kate Priban

The Green Bean Scoop: October update by Griffin Keller, Program Director


Equestrian Events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, by Jonathan Foreman, DVM, MS, DACVIM

Have You Won or Lost Your Ride Before the Start? by Donna Snyder-Smith (from 2001)

November 2021

On the cover: Maribel Paulson and her grandson Jeremiah Young participated in three days of LD rides at this year’s Spanish Peaks Pioneer in Colorado. Maribel, a SW Region director (9140 E/2280 LD), rode Accomplishyourdreams and Jeremiah (1020 LD), rode RGS Maliboo Rum. Photo © Merri Melde, theequestrianvagabond.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter:

Ride swag means happy memories, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Education Update: Here’s what I’ve learned in 30+ years, by Anne George

Ride Managers’ Forum: A ride manager’s reflections, by Sue Niedoroda

The Green Bean Scoop: Beans in the home stretch, by Griffin Keller, Program Director

Veterinary Forum: Should this horse continue? By Melissa Ribley, DVM

AERC International News: The team challenge to do in 2022, by Lynn Kenelly


A Closer Look at the Psychology of Horses (Vice President’s Letter), by Michael Campbell

Ride Safe During Hunting Season (Trails Post), by Dawn Hilliard

December 2021

On the cover: Stith Gower and his 17-year-old Arabian gelding HK Xpress Avenue placed second on the August 14 Pine Tree II 50. Stith has 7,050 endurance and 595 LD miles over 16 years of competition. Xpress has 2,550 endurance and 155 LD miles over the last eight years. Photo © Wanda Clowater, www.clowaterart.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter:

Hints to start the season right, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: More on the psychology of horses, by Michael Campbell

National Office News

Education Update: The key to completing 100s: 4 ‘P’s, by Stagg and Cheryl Newman

Ride Managers’ Forum: Reflections on ride management, by James Biteman

On the Lighter Side: The Sponge, by Angie McGhee

Trails Post: The 10-year challenge: how to help, from the ELCR Resource, and Tips for bike riders on trails, by Shannon Herriges and Rhonda Pearce

AERC National Championship News: Welcome to Shenandoah County, by Emily Carrico

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Beans gear up for 2022, by Griffin Keller, Program Director


Planning for Your Horse’s Health (Veterinary Forum), by Bill Bentham, DVM, with updates by Jeanette Mero, DVM

Endurance Riders Share: What My Horse Wants for the Holidays

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