2022 Endurance News

January 2022

On the cover: Steven Hay, on Dr. Lani Newcomb’s 2014 Arabian gelding Muzhikk, and his wife Alayna, on Sallie Sullivan’s 2006 Arabian gelding Ivan Groznyi, tied for fifth at the Fort Valley 50 held on October 23, 2021. Steven has 5,340 endurance miles and 330 LD miles; Alayna has 1,660/210. Photo © Becky Pearman.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Let’s be careful out there, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: Investments and equity in horses, by Michael Campbell

AERC National Championship News: Just who is the Old Dominion? by Emily Carrico

Education Update I: NW issues challenge to other regions, by Karen Leiman

Junior/Young Rider News: Finding the best partner (it’s Mom), by Charly Dugan

Ride Managers’ Forum: Paperwork is vital for managers, by Jan Stevens

Trails Post: Trails Committee round-up, by Monica Chapman

The Green Bean Scoop: 2021 GBE awards: a first look, by Griffin Keller, Program Director

The Lighter Side: The art and agony of crewing, by Vincent J. Attardi


Managing a Multi-Day Horse (Education Update II), by Lisa Schneider and Jelena Woehr

AERC’s Drug Testing Program, 2021 Update (Veterinary Forum), by Jeanette (Jay) Mero, DVM

February 2022

On the cover: Longtime Central Region rider Sylvia Fant with PWF Iron Horse Lilaa, her 2004 Arabian mare, at the 2021 Armadillo Ride. They earned their Decade Team Award at this ride! Sylvia has 8,895 endurance and 105 LD miles since 1985; Lilaa has 1,870 endurance miles. Photo © John C. Nowell, remuda.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Rest, recover and consider cross-training, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: What I’ve learned from endurance riding, by Michael Campbell

Education Update I: How to meet more people in endurance, by Megan E. Grant

Ride Managers’ Forum: Managers: communicate clearly, by Jan Stevens

Trails Post: Trail Projects: You can make it happen! by Nancy Sluys

Poems/tributes by Dr. Bob Rogers, Lauren de Core, Colleen Green


Congratulations to AERC’s 2021 Decade Teams

Respiration Rates and Endurance Riding (Veterinary Forum), by Jerry Gillespie, DVM, PhD

Tales from the Old Days of Endurance Riding, by longtime AERC members

March 2022

On the cover: Photographer Becky Pearman perfectly captured the start of last summer’s Ride Between the Rivers 50 in West Virginia. Becky said she especially likes photos “which show a great ride camp, lots of riders having fun, and a long range view of what endurance is all about! And RBR is a really fun and old-fashioned ride with live music, a bonfire, swimming in the river, handmade awards, etc.” The ride is managed by Jennifer Poling.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Looking back at 2021, and ahead to 2022 by Nick Kohut, DVM

AERC Hall of Fame Recipients

Treasurer’s Report, by Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

AERC Ride Calendar

2021 3,000 Mile Horses

2021 Breed Awards

2021 National and Regional Awards

Rider and Equine Lifetime Mileage

2021 Year-End Statistics

April 2022

On the cover: Megan Grant rides Leslie Smith’s 2014 Arabian mare VA Alexzis at last August’s Iron Mountain Jubilee 50. Megan is a catch ride specialist — she rode 14 different horses in 2021 for 880 miles, with no pulls. Even without a horse of her own, Megan has accumulated 2,545 endurance miles since 2016. Photo © Becky Pearman.

Table of Contents

President’s Letter: Hello to 2022: the trail is open</a>, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Education UpdateI: Ration balancers explained, by Lara Worden

National Championship News: Come tackle the OD 100 mile trail, by Sonja Knecht-Hoshi

AERC Young Rider Championship: May 21, 2022, by Annie Whelan

Trails Post: Nice trails don’t just happen, by Jo Harder, with a sidebar on 2021 AERC trail volunteer hours

Junior/Young Rider News: Endurance learning experiences, by Vanessa Erickson

The Green Bean Scoop: Green Beans look to grow in 2022, by Griffin Keller, Program Director


How Gut Microorganisms Can Enhance Athletic Performance (Veterinary Forum), by Jerry Gillespie, DVM, PhD

May 2022

On the cover: Jessica Veal, DVM (NW), finished 14th at the Top O The World Pioneer 50 on July 30, 2021, with Echstazy (Rio), her 9-year-old Arabian gelding. Held in Spencer, Idaho, this year’s TOTW ride will be held July 29-31, and is managed by Jessica Cobbley. Photo © David Honan, www.DaveHonan.com.

Table of Contents

National Championship News: The enduring challenge of the Old Dominion trails, by Stagg Newman
President’s Letter: A vet check, start to finish, by Nick Kohut, DVM
The Green Bean Scoop: New members: join, rad, buy, plan, have fun, by Griffin Keller, Program Director
Vice President’s Letter: Nominations are now open, by Monica Chapman
National Office News
Education Update: Proper crew maintenance, by Karri Wilson Bruskotter, DVM
Welfare of the Horse Committee News: HRM vs. stethoscope, by Meg M. Sleeper, VMD, DACVIM (Cardiology) and Laurie Underwood
Trails Post: National Trails Day, by Dawn Hilliard
Junior/Young Rider News: Junior rider promotes endurance, by Addy Brod
AERC International News: Let’s ride in Oklahoma! By Elise Rogers


AERC’s 2021 5,000-mile Equines
AERC 2022 Convention: Celebrating AERC’s 50th Anniversary

June 2022

On the cover: 17-year-old Madison Johnston of Virginia rode Julie Bullock’s 13-year-old Spanish Mustang mare Choctaw Nation at February’s Sugarloaf Spring Fling in South Carolina. Madison has 565 endurance miles and 30 LD miles; Nation has 500/105. Photo © Becky Pearman, beckypearman.smugmug.com.

Table of Contents

Trails Post: Focus on trails, by Monica Chapman

President’s Letter: We’re not in this sport for the money, by Nick Kohut, DVM

Vice President’s Letter: AERC: how to get started, by Monica Chapman

Junior/Young Rider News: Junior/Young Rider Committee goals, by Maribel Paulson

Education Update: Exciting ride clinic held in Kentucky, by Michelle Stickley

The Green Bean Scoop: Endurance a natural for horse lover, by Ethnie Wright, with a Green Bean update by Griffin Keller


2021 AERC Hall of Fame Equine: Aron Moon+//, by Mike Tracy

2021 AERC Volunteer Service Award: Nick Warhol, by Lori Oleson (and Nick)

The Vital Importance of Rest and Recovery (Veterinary Forum), by Margaret Brosnahan, DVM, PhD

AERC-I Regional Team Challenge (AERC International News), by Tom Rajala

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