American Endurance Ride Conference


held via telephone conference call

October 3, 2005


President Stagg Newman called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  Also on the conference call: Vice President Mike Maul, Treasurer Patti Pizzo, Connie Caudill, Jan Stevens, Howard Kent, Stan Eichelberger, Bob Morris, Terry Woolley Howe, John Parke, Susan Kasemeyer, Duane Barnett, Roger Taylor, Barney Fleming, Jerry Fruth, Laura Hayes, Robert Ribley, Dinah Rojek, and Executive Director Kathleen A. Henkel. Absent – Vonita Bowers, Nick Warhol, and Randy Eiland.


Moved by Roger Taylor, seconded by Connie Caudill to excuse Randy Eiland and Nick Warhol from this evening’s call.  Motion carries.



Old Business: 

Research Committee Report – presented by Bob Morris – The Research Committee has four research projects in progress. Two of the projects are almost completed, having final reports written now, “Can successful endurance performance be predicted by physiology?” and ”Do risks of potassium supplementation depend on speed?”   These four projects are the first research the AERC has attempted, establishing that the AERC is interested in research strictly for the type of riding we do.  The AERC is new to research.  We are finding out that research is very expensive, funding is minimal and one of the problems is a lot of research is theoretical and of minimal immediate benefit to our membership.  The field of participants who want to lend their horses to research in the field naturally is very minimal because our people are quite competitive.  It is essential that we need to understand these points.  As far as our research is concerned, we are in a learning phase.  This is the first time we have tried it. 


The first research that was done for the AERC was under a grant of money from a private party that Barney Fleming headed up called the Pride Project.  B. Morris has contacted Trish Dowling up at the University of Saskatchewan to do the analysis to complete the project. No action needed from the BOD. This is a private endowment; $6,500 went to Barney Fleming to gather statistics, $1,000 for analysis and $500 for publication.  The analysis was originally to be done by Susan Garlinghouse, however, she is not able at this time to do the analysis and Trish Dowling will now do the analysis. 


S. Newman suggested that when the above project is completed, it could be used as one model for future donations to the AERC to fund a particular project and have the donor’s name associated with the project. 


Bob Morris stated that AERC should look into other functions in AERC, which need grant funding, not just for research but for other purposes. We have a lot of questions in research with few substantive answers.  There are a lot of possible research fields out there with researchers requesting money but there are very few involved with the field of endurance competition.


The future of research at this particular point in time should be held a bit in abeyance while determining where our funding is going to come from and what funding we will have in the future. 


J. Parke stated he did not want to see AERC shut the whole thing down out of fears over temporary budget problems because if it shuts down now and stays shut down for a few years, new board members may come onboard and the function will never start up again.  J. Parke stated when he made a motion to set aside reserves one of the reason for doing this was that the reserves would yield interest and that interest could be used to fund programs like this.  J. Parke stated he would like to see the AERC fund some research in our budget every year, including this year.


J. Parke asked could the committee come up with topics to be studied and send out a request for proposals for research. If we had collaboration between the Vet Committee and the Research Committee some research could be obtained that way. 


B. Morris stated this was a good concept; however, initially we would not know what the cost would be.


S. Newman would like B. Morris to work with the head of some of the other committees on how we would get that directed research done.  Obvious committees would be the Vet committee, the Horse Welfare Committee, Education Committee and Trails Committee. We may want more directed research.


How do we fund our ongoing research and other grant type work out of the equity in the corporation?  Focus on that in the November meeting.


B. Morris: What should be available monies from excess funds for drug testing?  B. Morris thinks that the excess funds should be channeled into research. 


Legal Committee – J. Parke – Due to many complaints from the Board regarding not following procedures, J. Parke made a proposal to develop a procedures manual and has asked R. Taylor and B. Morris as a subcommittee of the Legal Committee to spend the better part of a year to come up with a draft policy manual. This would be all in one place: simple, accessible, practical.  If a procedure were to be replaced, or if the BOD decided to ignore it, the BoD would have to deliberately revoke it, deliberately rescind it, take it out of the procedure manual, and replace it. B. Morris did a procedure manual in 1995 and R. Taylor has been in the AERC for a long time. J. Stevens offered help if needed. Once a draft is generated, take it to the larger policy group and fine-tune it.  It would then be reviewed and approved by the BOD.


Finance Committee - 2006 Operational Revised Budget 09/29/2005 - P. Pizzo – (See attached).  The Finance Committee recommends that the BOD accept the budget as a working budget and move forward.  The Finance Committee will make further recommendations on expenditures in the next few months. S. Taylor is working on projections for the rest of the year. Ordinary income on the budget is negative $9,140.  The following changes have been made to this budget – 3M Committee reduced to $6,324; Trails Grants Committee reduced to $22,500; Education Committee increasing their budget by $1,700 to pay for educational speakers (funds generated by the 2005 committee under run). Interest Income 5150-1 estimated to be $13,500. With the above adjustments the budget is now a positive $10,655. 


R. Taylor reported for R. Eiland that a $10,000 sponsorship has been firmed up to replace the canceled Sundowner sponsorship. Details to be announced. Contract still needs to be finished and signed.


S. Newman stated that we do not have in the “below the line” investment budget. Not part of our operating budget but in the overall budget.


R. Taylor – below the line budget are the Trails Grants and Research Grants.


S. Newman suggested the Finance Committee come up with some working definitions.  They will be passed around to board for comment.  In addition to getting specific about how we think about 2006 budget, we need the discipline of defining this into the written word.


J. Parke asked that the Finance Committee come back with a recommendation of how the interest income is to be handled. The finance committee is considering this. 


S. Newman asked the BOD for a straw vote for concurrence of the using this for using this as our working budget. Carried unanimously.


S. Newman – we will include a more formal budget for the next BOD meeting. 


R. Taylor stated that S. Taylor listened to the discussion regarding the working budget and the issues are being worked on.


New Business:


Sanctioning Committee: In Vonita’s absence, Gail Williams moved for special sanctioning approval for the Owyhee Range Lands I, II and III Pioneer Ride over Memorial Day weekend (May 27-28-29, 2006) that is currently a two-day ride and is requesting a three-day Pioneer ride sanction.   Motion from committee to approve.  Motion carries.


Improved Communications with the Membership: Mike Maul.

  1.  A goal would be that the agenda will be online at the AERC website 1 week before the meeting and updated as the meeting approaches.
  2. CD recording of the conference call - edited if necessary for executive sessions - available to the membership at postage/handling/reproduction costs.  Comments agreed with this in general.  M. Maul has found and tested software to do this easily and has volunteered to provide this service. Conversion of convention and midyear audio tapes into CDs will be investigated as to time and cost by M. Maul. The BOD agreed to move forward with the above. J. Parke will work on a procedure for verifying that executive sessions were removed. 
  3. Listing of topics discussed once a month from the BOD e-mail list was discussed and it was decided that of topics only.  Several including S. Newman would like one or two sentences describing the topics. 
  4. A quick, short, and completely unofficial summary of the BOD meeting within several days after the call was discussed.  S. Newman will do the summary for this month.  Will talk to N. Warhol to see if he is interested in doing the summary for future meetings. M. Maul would like to issue something to our members on communications soon - especially with the CD from our last call being available next week.
  5. Allowing a member to attend a conference call with a charge per minute and chat room sessions were discussed.  It was decided not to attempt these at this time.


New Sources of Funds: Report by S. Newman in R. Eiland’s absence.

  1. Status Report on Sponsorships – A major sponsor is close to being signed.  R. Eiland is in discussion with U.S. Rider regarding the new member discount program.  R. Eiland is in discussions with several other potential sponsors.
  2. Planned Giving Program – J. Parke discussed the implementation of this program.  He will give a brief seminar on it at convention.  S. Newman will put the Planned Giving Program proposal on the Members Forum.  The BOD will discuss this further at the November meeting. 
  3. Non-voting affiliated members for trails support or other purposes – Should we consider some sort of non-affiliated membership that could help support our work in trails and other aspects?  Two levels: Level I - no EN and support AERC’s work on trails, e-mail newsletter; Level II - receive EN and support AERC’s work on trails.  S. Newman will ask R. Eiland working with N. Warhol to forward that by e-mail and continue it for the November meeting.


Motions by B. Morris:


1.         A motion is made pertaining to the AERC Financial Reporting


Financial reporting to the AERC Board of Directors will be on a monthly basis no later than 10 working days after the monthly close of business. Such reporting will be transmitted electronically via a Microsoft Excel spread sheet. This export is a direct function of our software “QuickBooks”


The monthly report to the Directors is to contain the following:


  1. The current month comparison of the month budget and the month actual based on the AERC Code of Accounts. All code items will be displayed.
  2. The year to date (YTD) comparison of the YTD budget and the YTD actual. All code items will be displayed
  3. A comparison of the prior YTD actual and the current YTD actual. All code items will be displayed.


Said reports will be made available, to the AERC membership, by posting on the AERC web page, no later than 30 calendar days post close of monthly business.


2.         A motion is made pertaining to the AERC Budget Process


The budget process of the AERC is to be conducted in a manner that results in presentation of the projected year’s budget with a cumulative amount for each and every item in the AERC Code of Accounts. Such amounts will be spread monthly based on historical determination of a rolling three prior years actual. All code items will be displayed and where a prior history is not available, a best estimate will be employed.


The projected budget will be made available, electronically, to the AERC Board of Directors a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the AERC Midyear Board of Directors Meeting.


Said projected budget, as revised by the AERC Board of Directors, will be made available to the membership of the AERC, by posting on the AERC web site, no later than thirty days post midyear meeting.


These budgets shall be prepared within our QuickBooks system and presented electronically via a Microsoft Excel spread sheet.


B. Morris requests that above motions be remanded to the Finance Committee for study and pass on any changes the committee has to the BOD, so it can be voted on at the November meeting so this could go into place for the new fiscal year. 


Motion by R. Taylor, seconded by S. Kasemayer to approve the minutes from the August 1, 2005 conference call.  Motion carries.


Technical Committee Report - B. Morris and R. Humphrey are making progress on the mapping program that shows where rides are located for membership use.  GPS locations have been received for 35 rides to date. The data is being put into each individual ride on our database.  By the start of the new season, a preliminary version would have a map online.  Regional Directors are encouraged to send ride location information to B. Morris or R. Humphrey for input.


M. Tomlinson moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by M. Maul.  Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m. PDST


Respectfully submitted,



Jan Jeffers, Secretary














10/25/2005, 1:56 PM

Accrual Basis

American Endurance Ride Conference

2006 Working Budget

December 2005 through November 2006















Dec '05 - Nov 06


Ordinary Income/Expense













5000 · Membership Dues







5010 · International Dues







5020 · Horse Registration







5040 · Ride Fees







5050 · Drug Testing Program







5060 · Convention Income







5070 · Convention Income-Sales







5080 · Endurance News







5090 · Yearbook Advertising Income







5095 · Directory Advertising Income







5100 · Sponsorship Program







5110 · Product Sales







5120 · Trails Contribution Income







5140 · Credit Card Royalties







5150 · Interest Income







5160 · Nomination Fee






Total Income





Gross Profit













6000 · Endurance News Expense







6010 · Yearbook Expense







6020 · Postage & Delivery







6030 · Printing and Reproduction







6040 · Adv'tising, Promotion, PR







6050 · Travel & Meals








6050-1 · Staff








6050-2 · BOD Meals








6050-3 · BOD Per Diem







Total 6050 · Travel & Meals







6060 · Office Supplies







6070 · Computer Supplies







6075 · Web Site Maintenance







6080 · Dues and Subscriptions







6090 · Convention Expense







6100 · Awards







6110 · Cost of Products Sold







6120 · Drug Testing Program Expense







6123 · AERC NC Ride Expense







6130 · Payroll Expense







6140 · Repairs & Maintenance







6150 · Equipment Rental







6170 · Insurance








6170-1 · Directors & Officers Insurance








6170-2 · Liability Insurance








6170-3 · Worker's Comp Insurance








6170-4 · Ride Insurance







Total 6170 · Insurance







6180 · Professional Fees







6190 · Rent & Storage Expense







6200 · Telephone Expense







6201 · Board Conference Call







6210 · Utilities Expense







6240 · Taxes & Licenses







6250 · Bad Debt Expense







6260 · Bank & Service Charges







6270 · Credit Card Fees







6300 · Committee Expense








6300-01 · Education/Safety








6300-02 · Executive








6300-03 · Finance








6300-04 · Junior








6300-05 · International








6300-07 · Protest & Grievence








6300-08 · Ride Managers








6300-09 · Technical








6300-10 · Trails








6300-11 · Trails-501H








6300-12 · Veterinarian








6300-13 · Elections








6300-14 · National Championship








6300-15 · Past Presidents Committee








6300-17 · Limited Distance








6300-20 · Trails Grants








6300-24 · Membership & Media (3M)








6300-25 · Insurance







Total Committee Expense







Total Expense





Net Ordinary Income





Other Income/Expense






Other Expense







6220 · Depreciation Expense






Total Other Expense





Net Other Income




Net Income