American Endurance Ride Conference


held via telephone conference call

May 2, 2005


President Stagg Newman called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.  Also on the line for the call:  Vice President Mike Maul, Secretary Jan Jeffers, Treasurer Patti Pizzo,  Mike Jaffe, Roberta Harms, Connie Caudill, Howard Kent, Stan Eichelberger, Bob Morris, Terry Woolley Howe, John Parke, Susan Kasemeyer, Duane Barnett, Randy Eiland, Roger Taylor, Nick Warhol, Barney Fleming, Jerry Fruth, Laura Hayes, Robert Ribley, Dinah Rojek, Mike Tomlinson, and Executive Director Kathleen A. Henkel.  Absent:  Jan Stevens.


It was moved by Mike Tomlinson and seconded by Bob Morris excuse Gail Williams (schedule conflict) and Jan Stevens (jury duty) from this call.  Motion passed.


It was moved by Roger Taylor and seconded by Bob Morris to approve the minutes of the March 7, 2005 conference call.  Motion passed.


It was moved by Roger Taylor and properly seconded to approve the minutes of the March 17, 2005 convention meeting minutes.  Motion passed.


It was moved by Mike Maul and seconded by Connie Caudill to approve the minutes of the March 19, 2005 General Session Meeting minutes.  Motion passed.


Roger Taylor, Chair, Insurance Committee, presented a motion from committee as follows:  The insurance committee moves that AERC pay the Creelman Agency $5,560 to resolve all disputes associated with the 2004 insurance year.  Motion passed with Mike Tomlinson voting no and Duane Barnett abstaining.


Patti Pizzo, Treasurer, advised the profits for 2004 are lower than 2003, however finances remain strong.  The Board will receive the current profit and loss statement and the balance sheet statements with the upcoming mailing from the office.  The Finance Committee is planning on a July request for committees to submit their 2006 budget requests.  Sue Taylor and Jerry Fruth will be working on the 2006 budget and the early request for budget dollars will allow the Board time to review the budget before the midyear meeting.  Betty Baker is planning a review of the Wachovia investment statements. 


The office membership report was presented by Kathleen and discussed.  The report appears below*****.


Technical Committee Chair Mike Maul presented the following motion from committee: 


Motion: The Tech Committee reccomends that approved AERC members be allowed restricted access to the AERC database subject to the conditions following:

1.  Data access will be only to information that is not private.  Examples of information that would not be available are DOB, membership directory unlisted phone/address, work phone numbers, office notations,
date of first membership, and family relationship.  All other membership information is already available to members from the online member's directory.

2.  Members would have to apply for access to the database and their access logged online.  Access would be thru a password protected system.

3.  Members would have to provide a statement of what the analysis would cover and the potential benefit to the AERC membership.

4.  The results of their analysis would have to be reported to the BoD, any appropriate committee, and published in EN if appropriate.

5.  Appropriate committees would be notified of the proposed study so that they could ask if the study could include some questions related to the committee interests.

6.  Users would have to agree not to use the access for any commercial or private use.  They could not publish in another publication w/o AERC approval.  They would not share access with any other individuals.

7.  Limited to Dec. 1995 to present so database is reliable and accurate.

8.  Require a disclaimer on results that this does not represent an official view by AERC.


After lengthy discussion, Mike Maul will rewrite the motion and present to the Board at a future meeting.


Questionnaire – Mike Maul advised the questionnaire has provided volumes of information that may be useful to AERC’s various committees.  Committee members should contact Mike or Nick and advise which questions to analyze and how the questions should be compared against each other to provide useful data to individual committees.


Status of Long Term Planning – President Newman advised 3 key ingredients will be involved with the Midyear Meeting – 1. Financial Plan   2. Objectives of each of the committees, and  3. Document that completes the process started at the board meeting in Reno.  Email discussions with the board coupled with the Past Presidents Committee members will work together to come up with the document involving Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats work laid out by Tom Ackart at the Reno meeting.  President Newman requested feedback be sent to himself and Mike Tomlinson, new Chair of the Past Presidents Committee regarding whether the board wants to continue the table groups assigned at the convention.


President Newman advised a portion of the midyear meeting will be devoted to Long Range Planning and the major portion of the meeting will be devoted to financial planning.  Forward any agenda items to President Newman for addition to the midyear meeting.


President Newman advised the Past Presidents Committee has a new chair – Mike Tomlinson, and Kathy Brunjes has been selected to head the AERC International Committee.  It was moved by John Parke and seconded by Roger Taylor to accept the two new chairs.  Motion passed.


President Newman advised he desires to share his ex-officio roll on each committee with Vice President Mike Maul and asks that one of them be on each email list and present on conference telephone calls during the year.


President Newman requested a report from each committee listing your priorities and key issues for the year.


Roger Taylor gave a brief report regarding a week-long BLM planning meeting he recently attended.  Roger will furnish a copy of the BLM Workplan for Fiscal Years 2003 – 2007 to the office and it will be available for perusal or copying if necessary for interested parties.

Roger Taylor moved and Mike Maul seconded to adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at 7:21 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Jan Jeffers, Secretary


Committee Reports


AERC International Report

Prepared by Chair Kathy Brunjes



Conference Call meeting of April 25, 2005.

Attendance:    Kathy Brunjes, Chair                         Mary Lutz, USEF Endurance Dir.                                        Mark Dial, Vice-Chair                                  Tom Johnson, Nat’l Chef d’Equipe

                        Stagg Newman, AERC President                 .

                        Amanda Taylor, Recording Secretary

Sue Phillips - Central

                        Betty Baker, Treasurer, Julie Bullock - East

                        Linda Strelnik, Holly Ulyate – Mountain

            Michele Roush – Pacific North

                        Tinker Hart, Teresa Cross – Pacific South 


Absent:           Grace Ramsay - Central

                        Carol Giles – Pacific North

                        Art Priesz, USEF High Performance Chair

                        Skye Priesz, AERC-I Editor

                        Susan Kasemeyer, AERC Liaison and Educ.Chair

Items Discussed:  For informational purposes only – no action by BoD required.

1.   Amanda Taylor introduced and welcomed to the Committee.

  1. $10 AERC-I membership fee:  committee discussed what fees go to (postage, printing, promotional materials and merchandise) and what more we can do for the International members.  An electronic newsletter for AERC-I members will be reinstituted; Kathy has enlisted Mike Maul’s assistance for email addresses.  An informational/welcome packet will be put together to be mailed to new members in the future, and renewing members will receive an International sticker along with a list of scheduled FEI rides and Committee members’ contact information (although this is already listed each month in EN, this would be something someone could post on their bulletin boards or refrigerators).  Additional items of interest will also be included in the packet (for example, Lori Stewart’s article on “How to be an International Rider” was suggested, the procedure handbook, etc.). 


Kathy will ask Kathleen if it is possible to add a distinctive “I” next to names in the AERC directory for quick finding of International members, and an introductory letter to all AERC members will be developed prior to the next membership renewal period, explaining who we are (to help members decide if they would like to become an International member).

  1. Julie Bullock gave a brief report on the PanAms in Argentina.  We shipped six horses, and completed five.  We had eight riders with seven completing.  We won the Team Silver Medal.  Julie stated, “we had professional riders who did what they usually do and it worked.”
  2. 2007 PanAms:  rumor circulating that Brazil won the bid for the 2007 PanAms – this rumor is not true per Mary Lutz. Brazil will host the 2007 PanAm Games, but the Endurance Championship has not been granted to anyone as yet.  Zone Reps are lobbying their ride managers to seek a U.S. venue.  Mary Lutz will also contact ride managers in Canada.
  3. 2006 WEG selection criteria and nomination forms are now available, and have been posted to the USEF website (linked to the AERC webpage) and mailed to riders who have competed in the last 10 years of PanAms and Worlds. 
  4. Upcoming articles from International (EN):  PanAms recap by Valerie Kanavy in June, as well as an information piece on Michele Roush (authored by Cyndee Pryor) on her personal formula for competition; July article on Fair Hill and the ride venue.
  5. During the Open Discussion of the meeting, Holly Ulyate reported on her work in updating the International links on the AERC webpage.  The links are being cleaned up, especially the USEF links.  Holly is trying to locate the old International articles that used to be posted, and asked any members who might still have those articles in print to submit them to her for reposting. 


Carol Giles had submitted a request from an AERC member to ask about the use of GastroGuard, and after discussion, committee does not endorse its use.  However, the committee will ask veterinarians on the AERC Vet Commission to join our next conference call to gather more information on the subject in order to have informed answers on this subject in the future.


The Committee would like to have available at all upcoming FEI/dual-sanctioned rides members that can assist ride managers with rider questions:  it was suggested that the committee post to the AERC webpage a list of committee members that riders and ride managers could look for at upcoming events.  It is probably too late to do this for the Biltmore.  The committee members’ role would be to be a conduit between FEI officials and riders/ride managers to help facilitate communication and help prevent issues.


Veterinary Committee Report

Prepared by Chair Melissa Ribley



Goals and projects for the Veterinary Committee in 2005/2006


I.                   Short term

A.     Establish a current committee by combination of election (as directed by the by-laws) and appointment.

B.     Arrange for the CE presentation for the 2006 convention.

C.     Obtain availability of CE credits for the CE seminar at the 2006/2007 convention.


II.                Long term

A.     Evaluate and modify if necessary the process of forming the veterinary committee by election.  Modifications of this process will require a change in the by-laws.

B.     Work in conjunction with the Drug Testing Committee to evaluate and modify current AERC drug rules and policies.

C.     Advise the Research Grants Committee on grant proposals related to veterinary issues.

D.    Recruit and educate new/more veterinarians to the sport of endurance riding.

1.      Provide/sponsor clinics to veterinarians interested in learning more about the process of working endurance rides.

2.      Provide speakers/presentations at major veterinary conferences.  The veterinary committee is currently working with a veterinarian who is with the Centeral and Western Veterinary Conferences to obtain major sponsors to assist with formulating a standardized presentation on the topic of working endurance rides.

3.      Ensure the existing AERC video on the topic of the Ride Control Veterinarian is provided at all veterinary schools and major veterinary conferences.

E.     Obtain veterinary legal counsel

1.      Define what constitutes medical records with respect to record keeping at endurance rides such as rider cards and recorded treatments performed at the ride site.

2.      Licensing requirements for veterinarians working at endurance rides out of the state for which they are licensed.

                 F.  Consult with the Insurance Committee on possibilities of incorporating veterinary liability insurance with the provided ride insurance.


***** Office Membership Report



2005 Members YTD  (4/29/05):5978 (3028 single members & 1346 families totaling 2950 members)


2004 Members on 4/29/04 5728 (2817 single members & 1323 families totaling 2911 members)



2005 Ride entries entered in Tomcat YTD – 3873 starters with 3334 finishing, (227 lame pulls, 66 Metabolic and 42 over time)


            Entries broken down by region:


            Central                        773 Starters/622 finishers 

            Midwest                      37 Starters/34 finishers  

            Mountain        132 Starters/121 finishers  

            Northeast       83 Starters/77 finishers

            Pacific SW      1062 Starters/941 finishers

            Southeast        1219 Starters/1033 finishers

            Southwest       395 Starters/374 finishers

            West               172 Starters/132 finishers