American Endurance Ride Conference

held via telephone conference call
April 4, 2005


President Stagg Newman called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm.  Also on the line for the call: Vice President Mike Maul, Treasurer Patti Pizzo, Vonita Bowers, Mike Jaffe, Roberta Harms, Connie Caudill, Stan Eichelberger, Gail Williams, Bob Morris, Jan Stevens, Terry Woolley Howe, John Parke, Susan Kasemeyer, Duane Barnett, Randy Eiland, Roger Taylor, Nick Warhol, Jerry Fruth, Laura Hayes, Robert Ribley, Mike Tomlinson, and Executive Director Kathleen A. Henkel.  Absent:  Secretary Jan Jeffers, Howard Kent, Barney Fleming, and Dinah Rojek.

 It was properly moved and seconded to excuse Dinah Rojek (out of the country); Jan Jeffers (working), and Barney Fleming (medical reasons) from this call.  Motion passed.

 Approval of the minutes of the March 7, 2005 conference call and acceptance of committee reports deferred to the May meeting.

 Special Sanction Committee Chair Vonita Bowers advised ride management for the Smokey Killen ride were unable to find suitable dates to hold

a 5-day pioneer ride but have decided to go back to a 3-day ride, a 50, 55 and 50 miler on April 4, 5, and 6, 2005.  Nick Warhol, West Region Sanctioning Director, has approved this ride.  It is moved from Committee to approve this ride.  Motion passed. 

 In the absence of Barney Fleming, Bob Morris presented Barney’s motion:  To correct 2003 meeting motion pertaining to Research Grants: 

It is moved that the Board of Directors approve an initial permanent funding of $45,000 be made available for funding AERC Research Grant 
Proposals.  No specific grants will be awarded until the Board has voted on the individual proposal. 
 After some discussion, President Newman asked to have the next motion from the Research Grants Committee that will come before the 
Board read in an effort to tie the two motions together for discussion purposes.  Motion from Bob Morris pertaining to Research
Grants:  “It is moved that the Board of Directors approve, for ensuing years, the amount of $50,000 or 25% of profit for the previous
year, whichever is less, be appropriated. Such amounts are cumulative from year to year. If not expended, aggregate uncommitted funds
not to exceed $75,000.  This funding shall be a permanent line item in future AERC budgets. No specific grants will be awarded until the
 Board has voted on the individual proposal.” 
 After discussion, Randy Eiland moved to table the first motion and Vonita Bowers seconded.  Motion passed.  Bob Morris agreed to table 
the second motion as well.  President Newman advised the makers of the above motions to work closely with Patti Pizzo on the proper
 wording of the above motions.
 Roger Taylor, Insurance Committee Chair, advised Bob Walsh of the Creelman Agency is still requesting additional funds be paid to 
cover the 2004 Markel Ride Insurance Policy.  Negotiations continue with Bob Walsh and a report will be made to the Board during
the next conference call.

 Motion from the Research Grants Committee pertaining to a change in a current research grant:  Dr. Hess has requested a change to the protocol to be used in her research for the AERC. The major factor is taking the research out of the lab and performing it under simulated field conditions. This change will make the testing more aligned with our actual competition conditions.  Since this is a change from the originally approved document, I ask your review, for approval during our phone conference on April 4th. There  is no change in contract value.       

Motion passed.  Patti Pizzo abstained.

 Mike Jaffe, Trails Grants Chair, presented a motion from
committee as follows:  Motion from the Trails Grants Committee:  Project Sponsor: Patti Pizzo (AERC) &
Gilbert Mika (Natural Resource Interpretive Specialist – NJ Dept. of
Environmental Protection)

 Project Title: Wharton State Forest Equestrian Trails Project in Southern New Jersey

 Overview: Wharton State Forest is a 120,000 acre expanse situated in Southern New Jersey containing nearly 600 miles of multi-use trails open to hikers, motor cross riders, bicyclists and horseback riders. Many of these trails are not adequately mapped and marked keeping them from being fully utilized and enjoyed by the public.

 AERC Ties: Both the USA East Cranberry (3-day) and the Mustang Memorial (2-day) Endurance Rides are held every year in the Wharton State Forest.

 Proposal: This proposal is to assist the Land Manager, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, who has very limited funds, develop the equestrian trail signage by installing four (4) equestrian trail head signs/kiosks that will contain maps and information about the equestrian trails. Additionally, sixty (60) miles of equestrian trails will be marked with reflective color coded markers. The Hiking and Biking organizations have already done this same thing for their trail heads and trails in the Wharton State Forest.

 Amount Requested: $6,400 from the 2005 General Fund, trails appropriation

 Additional Considerations: By supporting this effort, the AERC would be the first group to sponsor a project to make the Wharton State Forest more equestrian friendly. The above trail head signs/kiosks will include a statement recognizing the AERC’s contribution/sponsorship of the facilities. To show their gratitude for our support, the land manager is considering ways to provide a water supply at the Atsion area for horses.  Motion passed with Patti Pizzo abstaining.

 Long-Range planning update - President Newman advised after input from the members of the board, email exercises will continue with

the assistance of Tom Ackart.  President Newman encourages email discussion regarding long-range planning on the board list.  

Meeting adjourned at 7:17 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Kathleen A. Henkel, In the absence of Secretary Jan Jeffers

Committee Reports

 AERC International Committee

April 4, 2005

Conference Call meeting of March 31, 2005.

Attendance:    Russell Broussard, Chair                              Mary Lutz, USEF Endurance Dir.                            Mark Dial, Vice-Chair                                  Tom Johnson, Nat’l Chef d’Equipe

                        Stagg Newman, AERC President                 Susan Kasemeyer, AERC Educ.

                        Kathy Brunjes, Recording Secretary

                        Betty Baker, Treasurer, East Zone

                        Sue Phillips - Central

                        Linda Strelnik, Holly Ulyate – Mountain

                        Tinker Hart, Teresa Cross – Pacific South 

            Michele Roush, Carol Giles – Pacific North

Absent:           Julie Bullock – East

                        Grace Ramsay - Central

                        Art Priesz, USEF High Performance Chair

                        Skye Priesz, AERC-I Editor

Items Discussed:  For informational purposes only – no action by BoD required.

1.   Russell announced that he was stepping down as Chair of the Committee, and Stagg Newman has appointed Kathy Brunjes.

  1. Committee discussed possible candidates for recording secretary position, and Kathy will contact several individuals suggested by the committee.
  2. $10. AERC-I membership fees were discussed, and committee members outlined what the fees go to:  Kathy will place this item of discussion on the agenda for the next committee conference call (April 25).
  3. Committee discussed ways in which to reach out to the AERC membership; a formal outline and plan of action will be the focus of the next committee conference call.  To start, more educational articles will be submitted to Endurance News, members of the committee will monitor and respond to the various AERC members’ discussion lists, outdated information that are links on the current AERC webpage/homepage will be cleaned up (Holly Ulyate is working with Mike Maul on this), better links to the USEF sites are currently being added.  AERC-I will also investigate being a conduit for ideas from around the world for consideration by AERC that can benefit the welfare of the horse or our sport; AERC-I will work with USEF to insure that FEI officials understand their role vis-à-vis AERC riders at dual-sanctioned rides.
  4. Bids for the 2007 PanAms:  the committee discussed pursuing a bid from the Central Zone.
  5. Clarification that FEI passport WILL be required for the NAEC at Fair Hill.
  6. Selection procedures for 2006 World Equestrian Games; procedures to go to the USEF Executive Committee for approval in mid-April.  Nomination forms will be available immediately following approval of procedures.  Discussion of who comprises the Selection Committee followed:  Chef, Team Vet, Chair of Selection Committee, and two Active Athletes will comprise the Selection Committee; no Zone Representatives.  Smaller committee due to new procedures (point-system). 

 Welfare of the Horse Committee


Laura Hayes, Chair

 The American Endurance Ride Conference's Welfare of the Horse Committee was formed in response to member concern over the lack of data pertaining to the death of horses during and after AERC events.

 In 2003, the first year of its existence, the committee reported on 11 fatalities, which occurred at, or following endurance events throughout the country.  Accidents, pre existing conditions, and acts of nature were recorded and investigated along with any fatality that could possibly be seen as 'exercise induced'. 

 Another important role of the five member (seven in 2005) committee is to field informal concerns from members regarding other competitors who may be seen as 'pushing the envelope' or who those may be in need of some education regarding the welfare of their steed.  This is done in a kind and gentle way through a letter, a packet of information, and/or a phone call.  These informal mentorings have been well received and the committee members have seen significant changes for the better in those they have spoken to, and remain open to dialogue should those riders need help in the future.

 In the 2004 season, we handled several of these informal complaints and reported on 6 deaths from almost 22, 000 starts in endurance competition. It is too early to see a trend, but the committee is hopeful that the decline in horse fatalities will continue, and may be related to a flood of safety information from the education committee and increased awareness of the welfare of the horse.

 The committee is looking forward to becoming more effective in it's new role in regard to the reporting of equine deaths in 2005.  In addition to the regular report for every death, an anonymous case history will be published on those deaths that will be of educational interest to the membership.

 Sanctioning Committee

Vonita Bowers, Chair


The following business was conducted at the Convention during the sanction committee meeting:

The Ft Stanton date change to July10,11,12,14,15,16 was approved for presentation to the BOD for their approval.
The Jaguar Pioneer ride date change from Nov.25,26and 27 to Sept.23,24 and 25th was approved.
The Committee discussed a resolution to the situation involving the Wildcat ride (MW) July29,30 and 31st.  The sanctioning director initially refused sanctioning, and after negotiation, the ride has been sanctioned with conditions set forth by the sanctioning committee.  A copy of these conditions is attached.
The date conflict with the Killen ride (W) will be resolved prior to the next bod meeting for presentation at that time.
Past Problems with the Big Horn ride (MT ) were discussed.  The sanctioning director will address these problems in correspondence to the ride manager.  A scheduling conflict in the MT region was discussed and the director will attempt to resolve this.
Becky Glazer was asked to attend the committee in order for the directors to further discuss her concerns with sanctioning.  The committee agreed to concentrate on improving scheduling by developing a map that gives the location of all AERC rides for use by sanctioning directors and by RMs.  The committee will remain active in order to coordinate border rides.

 Hello Elinore.  The following are conditions decided upon by the Sanctioning Committee of AERC for the Wildcat ride to be held July 29,30 and 31st.  The committee consists of a sanctioning director from each region of AERC.  It is the objective of the committee to ensure quality and consistency of sanctioned rides throughout the country.  It is always our intention to do what is best for our members. To that end we have agreed that the Wildcat rides should take place, and that the following criteria be met:

1.  75% of the course should be on the established horse trails. 

2.  The horse ambulance should be servicing vet stops until all riders have left the last vet stop.  Communication between the ambulance and the vet stops ( ex: cell phones or radios) should be used if at all possible.

3.  The ride meeting should cover specifics of the trail, vet parameters, and allow for riders to ask questions.  A separate meeting for new riders should be conducted. Often times this is accomplished by asking new riders to remain after the ride meeting and having additional instruction from the ride manager with and vets. The meetings should be conducted in a positive and open manner.

     Please keep in mind that sanctioning has been granted based on the Wildcat ride meeting these conditions, and that according to AERC rule 11.9 "Sanctioning Directors may remove sanctioning before or during the competition if the ride does not meet AERC standards."  Certainly, we hope your event goes well, and feel secure that these conditions will be met.

     Riders attending the ride may be asked to complete a short questionnaire.  This will ensure that an overall impression of the event can be gathered, and is in the best interest of all concerned.

     Again, best of luck with the Wildcat this year.


Vonita Bowers
Sanctioning Committee chair