Saturday March 19, 2005

John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Sparks, Nevada


President C. Mike Tomlinson called the general session meeting of the membership to order at 10:37 a.m.  Also present:  Susan Kasemeyer, Terry Woolley Howe, Vonita Bowers, Mike Jaffe, Roberta Harms, Connie Caudill, Jan Stevens, Howard Kent, Stan Eichelberger, Patti Pizzo, Gail Williams, Bob Morris, John H. Parke, Dinah Rojek, Laura Hayes, Jerry Fruth, Duane Barnett, Roger W. Taylor, Nick Warhol, Barney Fleming, Randy Eiland, Roger Taylor, Mike Maul, Stagg Newman, and Robert Ribley.  Absent:  Jan Jeffers


President Tomlinson welcomed the members present and expressed his pleasure regarding AERC’s growth in membership and financially during his two terms as President.  President Tomlinson then opened the floor for nominations from the Board of Directors for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Stagg Newman ran unopposed for the office of President, as did Jan Jeffers for the office of Secretary and Patti Pizzo for the office of Treasurer.  They were elected by acclamation.


Mike Maul and Mike Jaffe were nominated for the office of Vice President, with Mike Maul securing more votes.


The slate of officers for the 2005 ride year is as follows:  Stagg Newman, President, Mike Maul, Vice President, Jan Jeffers, Secretary, and Patti Pizzo, Treasurer.


President-elect Newman briefly addressed those present and turned the meeting back to President Tomlinson.  President Tomlinson opened the floor to a question/answer session between the Board of Directors and members.


Meeting adjourned at 12:07 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Kathleen A. Henkel, Secretary Pro Tem

In the absence of Secretary Jan Jeffers