American Endurance Ride Conference


held at John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Sparks, NV

March 17, 2005


President C. Mike Tomlinson called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.  Also present:   Vice President Susan Kasemeyer, Secretary Jan Jeffers, Treasurer Terry Woolley Howe, Roger Taylor, Barney Fleming, Randy Eiland, Stan Eichelberger, Dane Frazier, Jim Baldwin, Roberta Harms, Bob Morris, Nick Warhol, John Parke, Robert Ribley, Gail Williams, Jan Stevens, Duane Barnett, Connie Caudill, Mike Jaffe, Patti Pizzo, Mike Maul, Vonita Bowers, Howard Kent, Stagg Newman, and Executive Director Kathleen A. Henkel.  Also present, board members elect Jerry Fruth, Laura Hayes and Dinah Rojek.  Absent: Maggy Price.


It was properly moved and seconded to accept the committee reports from the Finance, Convention, Ride Managers, Technical and 

National Championship committees as written.  Motion passed.


Discussion of the sanctioning of the Smokey Killen ride was postponed until the Sunday meeting, 3/20/05.
Motion from the Sanctioning Committee to approve the pioneer sanctioning of the White River Fall Labor Day ride, 9/3-5/05, a 25/55  
25/50  25/50, Midwest Region, with Wayne Gastfield listed as ride manager.  Roberta Harms, Midwest Sanction Director approves
the ride.  Motion passed.
A Power Point presentation regarding online services and a statistics update was given by Mike Maul, Chair, Technical Committee.

Stan Eichelberger, Chair, Drug Testing Committee, advised 30 rides were tested during the 2004 ride season, utilizing 18 different 

veterinarians.  The National Championship ride was not tested as it was held in California and the State of California runs its own testing program for rides.  It is proposed that 50 rides will be tested during the 2005 ride year. 


Jan Jeffers, Chair, Awards Committee, presented the following proposal from committee:

To establish a Hall Of Fame Volunteer Service Award that would represent long-term service, honoring a member's longtime 

achievements by recognizing outstanding volunteer contributions to the AERC.

Nominations to be made by ballots submitted by members to the Hall of Fame Committee.

This award to be kept secret until the annual Awards Banquet.

Award  not intended to be a yearly award but only awarded for special circumstances.

Award given would be a lifetime membership to the AERC.


After discussion, a motion to remand to committee was moved by Duane Barnett and properly seconded.  Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m. to begin work on the Strategic Planning process.

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Jeffers, Secretary

Committee Reports:


Finance Committee

Prepared by Chair Terry Woolley Howe


The report is appended to the minutes of the March 17, 2005 meeting and is available in the National Office for perusal.


Convention Committee Report


Prepared by Robert Ribley, Chair


For the purpose of encouraging all AERC members to support and be active in the organization through attending the National Convention, the committee is discussing a proposal to AERC.  The proposal would address adopting a policy to not sanction regional rides for the same weekend as our National AERC Convention. The National Convention is a once a year opportunity for members to directly communicate with their directors, directly communicate with committees, and learn more about what the AERC has to offer.   


Offering regional rides the same time as the National Convention is a direct conflict for riders that are considering attending the convention but do not want to miss participating in a local ride.  



Ride Managers Committee Report


Prepared by Connie Caudill, Chair


The ride managers committee has been very active in discussions.

-We have been promoting the vet video to all ride managers and vets.

-We have been preparing the new ride managers clinic to be held at the convention

-We have discussed having non-rider/ride manager discount membership fees, similar to the veterinarian membership fee, but haven't 

been able to agree or come to a consensus on this issue.

-We feel the Equisure insurance program is working great and most ride managers are having an easy time with it.

-We felt that sanctioning directors should make ride managers aware if there is a conflict with the AERC convention or National Championship but if the ride manager still wants to use that same date, that is their option.

-We had discussions on sanctioning directors respecting dates of rides that are in the same region or adjoining region. Really important to communicate with the ride managers if there is a conflict.

 -We had a great discussion about 100 mile rides earlier in the year and would like to see some outcome to having more 100 mile rides available.



Technical Committee Report


Prepared by Mike Maul, Chair


* Upgraded all the office PCs for the staff to new Dell systems with
 Windows XP Pro, flat LCD displays, larger hard drives, and faster, more
 reliable hardware and software
 * Upgraded the office server with improved hardware and software.
 Installed enterprise anti-virus program on server
 * Transfered more of the AERC home page responsibility to the office staff
 * Updated the online sanctioning to include clinics/fun rides and
 increased oversight of pioneer/special sanctioning new rides
 * Achieved over 50% share of all ride sanctioning requests from ride
 managers using the online submission program
 * Added a photo gallery to the AERC website
 * Transferred ownership of the Doublejoy portal (calendar, rider/horse
 history, ride results, annual statistics) to AERC
 * Supported 1500 requests by members for help with online services
 * Added online forms
    - Member feedback to ride managers
    - Online registration for equine mileage program
    - Online form for new member/renewal of membership
 * Added the top 100 mile rider/horse lists and interviews
 * Added the new LD regional mileage award to TomCat and online
 * Transferred the AERC members only forum from the Teeter s/w to Yahoo