American Endurance Ride Conference


held via telephone conference call

May 3, 2004


President C. Mike Tomlinson called the meeting to order at 6:07 pm.  Also on the line for the call:  Vice President Susan Kasemeyer, Secretary Jan Jeffers (joined after the beginning of the call), Treasurer Terry Woolley Howe, Vonita Bowers, Mike Jaffe, Roberta Harms, Connie Caudill, Howard Kent, Stan Eichelberger, Patti Pizzo, Gail Williams, Bob Morris, John Parke (joined following roll call), Duane Barnett, Randy Eiland, Roger Taylor, Nick Warhol, Jim Baldwin, Barney Fleming, Dane Frazier, Mike Maul, Stagg Newman, Maggy Price, Robert Ribley, and Executive Director Kathleen Henkel.  Absent:  Jan Stevens

It was moved by Terry Woolley Howe and seconded by Robert Ribley to accept as written the minutes of the convention meeting held February 29, 2004 and the April 5, 2004 conference call.  Motion passed.

It was moved by Susan Kasemeyer and seconded by Connie Caudill to accept the committee reports submitted for this call.  Committee reports received:  convention, education, insurance, international, media, ride managers, technical and veterinary.  Bob Morris advised the International Committee report states “The AERC International Committee has approved the motion to budget to grant ride managers of one day 100 mile FEI rides up to $800 to cover front end sanctioning fees.  The exact amount will be at the discretion of the committee.  This grant program shall be continued yearly thereafter beginning in 2004. The stipulation is that if their ride is profitable the grant money is donated back to AERC International. The grant will be made to the ride manager at the time the FEI ride sanction application is submitted to the National Federation.  The vote was unanimous.”  Any grant awarded should come before the board for approval. The International Committee will be advised their budget needs to come before the BOD for approval.


Bob Morris referred to the Education Committee report and mention of contacting new riders and asked whether the office was maintaining the names and addresses of day members as directed in the AERC Bylaws.  Kathleen advised that was not the case.   President Tomlinson advised this should be corrected in the database and the information should be collected from ride management.


Robert Ribley advised he would like an addition made to the Convention Committee report, item #5 - he received a letter from Bob Suhr advising he will be happy to handle the swearing-in of officers at the next convention.  President Tomlinson asked Robert to convey the Board’s appreciation. 


Barney Fleming asked whether or not the BOD would review the new drug testing results set forth by the current Veterinary Committee.  President Tomlinson requested the Veterinary Committee distribute the details of the drug testing procedure before the next meeting and this issue will be an action item on the next agenda.


President Tomlinson reminded the Board that if a member of the Board wants an action acted upon at a meeting, it must be in writing.  Send motions as you want them stated to the Board for consideration at the next meeting to Kathleen advising the motion should be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.   


Motion to accept committee reports passed. 


Motion from Randy Eiland, sanctioning director, SW Region, seconded by Barney Fleming:  Request board approval for a mileage change from 50 to 55 miles for the Caja del Rio ride slated for May 30, 2004 to correct inaccurate mileage calculation.  Motion passed.


Motion from Roberta Harms, sanctioning director, MW Region, seconded by Barney Fleming:  Request board approval for addition of a ride after the sanction deadline, slated for June 18-20, 2004, AHDRA II Endure for the Cure, benefiting the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, seconded by Barney Fleming.  Motion passed.


Terry Woolley Howe presented the following motion from the Limited Distance Committee:  It is moved that effective starting with the 2005 ride season there be ten (10) regional mileage limited distance awards to be awarded in each region.  These would be awarded to the top seven senior limited distance riders and the top three junior limited distance riders.  The award would be the same award as the regional high point awards in the endurance division.


After discussion, the above motion was amended to add “The minimum mileage to qualify for this award is 100 miles. “  Motion passed as amended.


Jan Jeffers, Chair of the Awards Committee, was directed by the BOD to do a comprehensive study regarding all the awards currently available in all awards programs.


Discussion items from previous meetings:

            Blanket liability releases, Legal Committee, no action taken

            Education – committee report submitted

            Insurance – committee report submitted

            Junior Committee – no report


Terry Woolley Howe’s second motion regarding limited distance best condition awards was tabled until the midyear meeting. 


Connie Caudill, Ride Managers Committee, advised the video is near completion and she will be in attendance at the Biltmore Ride and will have the video with her for viewing by other board members in attendance at the ride.  The committee is working on final edits.


President Tomlinson announced the midyear board meeting would be held in Kansas City, Missouri.  On Friday, August 20th there will be an optional meeting from 7 to 10 pm, with the full board meeting beginning with breakfast at 7 am on the 21st and the meeting from 8 til 5 pm.  Hotel information to follow.


Stan Eichelberger advised the questionnaire is progressing – the draft will be sent to committee members within 10 days for discussion and from that point the draft will be sent to the board between June 15th and July 1, 2004. 


Roger Taylor reviewed the receipt of AERC’s award from the Department of the Interior.  President Tomlinson expressed his gratitude for the work Roger and others accomplished that resulted in the award and thanked the Board for granting the grants so the work could proceed.


Bob Morris reported both current research grants are in place with formal agreements signed and funds will not be disbursed until the first deliverables and then a portion of funds is sent and with each deliverable a portion of funds is sent with final payment made with the final deliverable.


Next conference call meeting is slated for June 7, 2004.


Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Jan Jeffers, Secretary


Committee reports:  Convention Committee Report

April 15, 2004

Robert Ribley, Chair


1)      The committee will be asking input from the membership on topics they would like presented at future conventions.  This will be done both in Endurance News and on the AERC Website.


2)      Vendor applicants that are not selling product or services are to be forwarded from Kathleen to the committee for review.


3)      Future convention sites are being investigated.  St. Louis Missouri is being researched as a site for 2009.  (2007 and 2008 in Reno).


4)      A questionnaire for future sites/venues is to be developed for the committee to work off of when researching future convention sites.


5)      A formal letter will be sent from the committee, and possibly the board, thanking Bob Suhr for all of his years of service swearing in officers.


Education Committee - Report – April 29, 2004


The Education Committee met by conference call on Wednesday, March 31, at 9 PM EST.  Present on the call were Maggie Price, Stan Eichelberger, Ann Coffield, Louise Burton, Barbara McCrary, Mike Tomlinson and Stagg Newman.


The purpose of the call was to develop the action plan for the year for the Committee.  The Committee had been sent the Education Component of the Past Presidents Committee (PPC)  Report for  use as a framework for discussion of the actions for the year.  


Stagg prefaced the meeting with stating we now have a wealth of valuable information based on the work in 2003 and prior years.  The biggest challenge is effective information dissemination, i.e. transferring the information into the heads of the riders who need it.  Multiple means are needed as discussed below.  The EC then went through the Education Component of the PPC and agreed on a set of action items and responsibilities.  Those actions items as well as important items of discussion are noted in italics in the report below.





Objectives:  (need this in rider packet - front and center including why protection of horse is paramount)

        Instill in all AERC members our philosophy of:

        Protection of the horse

        Rider is ultimately and primarily responsible for the welfare of    the horse

        Endurance riding is first and foremost a competition testing the fitness and endurance ability of the horse and rider over a natural trail

        Provide members with the knowledge and assist them with the development of the skills needed to excel at their chosen roles and goals

        Lead in the dissemination of the knowledge from around the world in promoting the welfare of our horses



        New riders (Ann will be champion for new rider education)

        Ongoing riders (Maggie will be champion for this with help from Stagg)

        Ride veterinarians and treatment veterinarians (Stan will be liaison with Vet Committee for education -Stan to work with Vet Committee to prepare a letter to vets on how to look for and counsel new riders)

        Ride managers and others who help with rides (Louise will be the liaison with Ride Managers Committee for education - Louise to work with Ride Managers Committee on info in ride managers packet on how to work with new riders on protection of horse)

        Land managers and government legislators and officials (Trails Advocacy Committee has lead)

n        The general public (Media Committee has lead)



Electronic via AERC website and other links (Lynn Kenelly will work on on-going revision of material on AERC web site, working with the Technical Committee.  Barbara McCrary and Lynn Kenelly  will be eyes, ears, and mouth for the AERC Education Committee on the AERC Membership Discussion Group and Ridecamp.  They will bring ideas from the e-discussion groups to the Education Committee, sponsor discussions on ideas from the education committee, and point out where answers to questions raised can be found on the AERC web site when appropriate.)

 Printed materials:

       Endurance News (The Education Committee will continue to supply monthly columns;  Jan Jeffers will continue to review other articles of an educational nature for suitability before publication)  Stagg to do May column on use of Heart Monitor, Louise to do July column on what Ride Managers should cover at the ride meeting, Stan to do August Column on why BC is most coveted award including recommendation that High Vet Score be announced and recognized,  Ann to do or get Tamra Schoech of SERA  to do a column on First time Riders Meeting including when to have, who to conduct, and what to say.  Ann will see if Tamra will do for June issue)

       Letters to membership (Stagg will author letter to be sent in April to all members on  most important steps to take to complete rides successfully with a healthy horse as follow-up to last years letter on Preventing Need for Treatment)

       Printed material available from AERC office (Jan will work with AERC office to revise new riders packet)

       Bibliography of material (for new riders and experience riders)

       Press kits and releases to improve coverage by  non-endurance media (Media Committee's Responsibility)


       For new riders at all rides (Ann will lead an effort to develop  "canned material" for new riders seminars -Education Committee will also work to develop list of volunteer speakers by region)

       Continuing education at many rides (Education Committee will address this in a future meeting.)

       Regional and national seminars (Susan Garlinghouse will conduct an all day seminar at the National Convention.  Education Committee will address question for regional seminars at a future meeting.)

Support for new riders (Ann will lead overall effort on AERC program to educate new riders) :  The Committee has a stimulating discussion on better ways to education new participants in the sport.  The point was made the a phrase to teach riders is that "riders should be as unselfish as the horse" -   rider managers should(also have special award for new riders, particularly awards that recognize good care and fitness of the horse.  riders should be furnished with  laminated do and don’ts card and/or  have these ideas printed on vet cards - ride managers should be furnished with packets of info. for new riders,  e.g. mini- new rider’s packets -  For non-AERC members the AERC office should consider sending them a new riders packet and AERC application form after the ride.- ride managers should consider having one or more experienced riders available at the check-in point to offer advice to new riders and to convey to these riders the essence of our sport and our concern for welfare of the horse - new riders should be given the opportunity to identify themselves and/or their horses so that people can offer support.

                Revised new riders packet (Jan Jeffers will lead effort to revise new riders packet.

    Encourage experienced members to participate in mentoring (address topic of mentoring at next meeting)

    Encourage new members to seek mentoring (include ideas on how to pick mentor in new riders packet - encourage  new riders to work rides - suggest ways for  ride managers to match new riders with experienced riders for coaching at ride sites.

    Qualification system to develop “star rated" mentors (this idea will be discussed at a future meeting).



 Monitor research from around the world and translate and disseminate information to AERC  (Lynn Kenelly to work with research committee and to develop international contacts)


Network with local organizations as well as international and foreign organizations to disseminate information (education champions needed in each region - also articles from local organizations should be published in Endurance News in order to exchange information on Best Practices - Education Committee will address this in more depth in a future meeting.)


 Establish ongoing funding:

   For example: $3.00 per member per year (about 3% of revenues) from current dues devoted to education  (Education Committee request guidance from Past Presidents Committee on what best practices are for similar organizations)


Insurance Committee Report


Roger Taylor


The Insurance Committee became very active when our president announced his desire to have the AERC mid-year meeting in August.  We have Equisure reviewing the Markel policy and making recommendations for changes.  We have the Creelman Agency reviewing the Equisure policy they have with NATRC to also make recommendations.  From our review with ride managers we have a list of other agencies to contact to see if anyone is interested in giving us a quote.  The committee plans to develop a standard policy and get quotes from as many as possible.  The plan is to move the start date to December 1 to coincide with our budget year.


The companies contacted so far say that for the August date they will only have an indication.  October will be the time for firm quotes to be effective December 1.


The insurance is going very well this year.  We will have available at the meeting how may ride managers have used the AERC plan so far this year from the total that have turned in ride results.


AERC International Committee Report

April 30, 2004

Russell Broussard


To promote FEI rides the international committee has passed the following motion:


To budget for an $800 grant for ride managers of one-day 100-mile FEI rides to cover front end sanctioning fees.  The exact amount will be at the discretion of the committee. This grant program shall be continued yearly thereafter beginning in 2004. The stipulation is that if their ride is profitable the grant money is donated back to AERC International.  The grant will be made to the ride manager at the time the FEI ride sanction application is submitted to the National Federation. The vote was unanimous.  The Committee is aware the budget for this grant must go before the AERC BOD for approval.


Lori Stewart has retired as Secretary of the International Committee


The Secretary responsibilities have been divided into two positions.

Kathy Brunjes is the recording secretary

Skye Priesz is the Editor for the International Column of AERC news.


Betty Baker is serving as the Financial Secretary


A sub committee chaired by Theresa Cross is working on updating the International Committee Procedures. The target date for project completion is Dec. 1, 2004.



Media Committee


Genie Stewart-Spears, Chair


Bobbie Lieberman is currently working on an endurance-related article for the LA Times that will be positioned as a Tevis preview in their Outdoors section. 


Bobbie’s piece on the research grant approved by the BOD to Michigan State University will appear in the Roundup section of EQUUS in June.


Troy Smith sent the approved press release concerning Hidalgo to approximately 40 national and regional member publications of the American Horse Publications.  I will be handling the distribution of requested photographs in connection with the release.

Ride Managers Committee Report


Connie Caudill, Chair


The vet video/DVD is approaching completion. We hope to have it out this month and have already had several requests from interested ride managers/vets. We hope the delay in the completion will have been well worth the wait. Tom Greer has promised it to be in our hands in the next couple of weeks, after the final review and approval, it will be mailed to all new veterinarians and any veterinarians who are interested. The Ride Managers would like this tape to be available free of charge to all ride managers who request one. We feel most ride managers are the people who have the opportunity to educate first time riders and also are the host of many endurance riding clinic which the use of this tape would be excellent. This tape will be a great educational tool for all of us.

Technical Committee Report


Mike Maul


A. Work on the contract for the Transfer of the Doublejoy
s/w is in progress with the starting point being the
contract used by AERC for the TomCat office s/w.

B. New online features added include:
Four new forms that riders can now fill out online and send
to the AERC Office.  These are:

1.  Ride Feedback from Riders to Ride Managers with comments
about the ride and suggestions for improvement.
2.  Horse Registration in the mileage program
3.  New Membership Discount Registration and for AERC
members who have not been current since 1999
4.  Post Ride Survey Form - if your horse experienced
lameness or metabolic problems specifically related to a
ride, whether at the ride or after leaving.  This can be
submitted signed or anonymously.  This form can provide
useful information for the Vet and Welfare of the Horse

C. Work nearly completed on adding links to the registry so
that 1/2 Arabian pedigrees can be linked to the AERC horse
history and registry users can see the 1/2 Arabian endurance
accomplishments.  In debug stages.

D.  Karen Chaton has added some very nice statistics for
Juniors at

E.  The office has continued taking a larger role in
updating the AERC site now with Troy handling all the updates.


Veterinary Report


Jim Baldwin, Chair


Last Monday (26 Apr 04) the veterinary committee had a conference call and it was reported to the committee that there had been a horse death at the Grizzly Mountain Ride and it was being reviewed.  Two other items were discussed -- the two vet rule and drug testing procedures.  We had eight committee members on the call plus Dr. Stan from the ad hoc drug testing committee.

     I have said many times to many different board members and I will say it again --- there is almost nothing that I view as an emergency when by-laws, rules, policies or procedures are discussed.  The items that I present to the vet committee or to the board will have plenty of time for discussion and either rejection or implementation.

     It has been kicked around for awhile about having a rule requiring a minimum of two veterinarians at a ride.  As I reviewed this and listened to the opposition to it, it became evident that some of the smaller rides would have difficulty justifying two vets for control.  The second vet would be there in case something got in trouble.  There are rides with over two hundred horses with only three vets and one of them serves as a treatment vet leaving two vets for two hundred horses.  When this issue is viewed in this manner it makes the rule seem kind of hollow.

     Anyway, out of consideration for the welfare of the horse the veterinary committee feels like having a rule in place is in order but having a "back door" if necessary.  Consequently, we are proposing this wording for a new rule.  If the rules committee, competitions committee, legal committee and other concerned committees will review this while the board has time also to mull it over, we will see if it has merit.  This would be Rule 2.1.

          "The ride must employ at least two veterinarians whose services will be exclusive to the event, pre-ride, during the event and post ride.  In rare instances the sanctioning director may grant a waiver to allow a ride to employ one veterinarian if the ride cannot support two vets.  If a waiver is granted, a treatment facility must be available within a reasonable distance from the ride in the event an equine needs veterinary treatment.  At least one vet must be at the ride site for at least one hour after the last equine crosses the finish line or has returned to ride camp".

     Discuss it, see what you think and if it has merit we will revisit it.

     When I became chair of the veterinary committee the drug testing was not being handled very well.  At the same time Barney took over a new ad hoc committee called the drug testing committee.  He improved on the old testing considerable but it was my opinion that there had to be a better way.  I presented what I felt was a better way very early after becoming chair of the vet committee.  I presented it to the committee and to the board and it was discussed at length at the Reno Veterinary Program.  There was very little opposition to it but there was some. 

     The proceedings blue book under the vet section drug program states, "The entire vet committee shall participate in establishing procedures for the drug testing program".  This was done but the opposition to it wanted a role call vote.  Now all of you know that a vote cannot happen by e-mail so for Dr. Stan to implement (sp) this program we had to have a conference call.  Mike Tomlinson is encouraging conference calls for all the committees and if there is a need I have no problem with them BUT they cost money.  The one we had cost over $100 (Kathleen did not have the actual cost but felt it would exceed $100).  We have been told over and over that we should be cost conscience (running this corp. as a business) when spending AERC's money.  We discussed one more time (for over an hour) what had been proposed and a vote was taken.  The results were one against and the rest for the proposal.  I feel ashamed that I had to spend over $100 dollars of our members money when it was unnecessary and feel that all committees should review the necessity for having conference calls (this is my opinion and may not be shared by others).