American Endurance Ride Conference


held via telephone conference call

February 3, 2004


President C. Mike Tomlinson called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.  Also on the line for the call:  Vice President Mike Maul, Secretary Jan Jeffers, Treasurer Terry Woolley Howe, Vonita Bowers, Louise Riedel, Connie Caudill, Dean Jackson, Jan Stevens, Stan Eichelberger, Patti Pizzo, Stephanie Teeter, Gail Williams, John H. Parke, Susan Kasemeyer, Duane Barnett, Randy Eiland, Roger W. Taylor, Maryben Stover, Jim Baldwin, Dane Frazier, Stagg Newman, Maggy Price, Robert Ribley, and Executive Director Kathleen A. Henkel.  Absent:  Margie Burton and Barney Fleming.


President Tomlinson advised the purpose of tonight’s meeting is to handle the housekeeping items.  The goal is to have a bit more time at the convention for discussion of items face to face.  Any items that are contentious at all will be postponed until the convention meeting.


Maggy Price moved and Roger Taylor seconded that the minutes from the December 9, 2003 conference call be approved.  Motion carries.


Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held via telephone conference call on December 29, 2003 were read as follows:  President C. Mike Tomlinson called the meeting to order at 8:45 p.m., PT, with Executive Committee members Vice President Michael Maul, Secretary Jan Jeffers, Treasurer Terry Woolley Howe, and Southeast Regional Director Susan Kasemeyer present on the line for the call.


                Motion:  For the office to be directed to purchase the proposed insurance policy from The Creelman Agency for $23,000, with all 2004 season AERC rides being charged by the office $60 per event day, with the exception of those rides submitting proof of insurance to the office prior to March 1, 2004.  All members of the executive committee voted in favor, via roll call vote, of the motion:

                                Mike Maul                             Yes

                                Terry Woolley Howe           Yes

                                Susan Kasemeyer                Yes

                                Jan Jeffers                             Yes

                Motion carries.


                It was moved by Maggy Price and seconded by Roger Taylor to ratify the actions of the Executive Committee.  Motion carries with John Parke, Vonita Bowers, and Jim Baldwin voting against the motion.


                It was moved by Roger Taylor and seconded by Robert Ribley to excuse two board members from this meeting -  Barney Fleming is out of the country and Margie Burton had a family emergency.  Motion carries. 


                It was moved by John Parke that the Board accept all previously submitted veterinary committee reports pertaining to equine deaths be accepted and included in the minutes of this meeting.  Seconded by Vonita Bowers.  Motion carries.


It was moved by Susan Kasemeyer and seconded by Roger Taylor to accept the committee reports as written.  Motion passed.  Committee reports received:                          


                                                                Media                     Ride Manager                       Veterinary

                                                                Sponsorship         Technical                               Trails

                                                                Trails Grants


                Randy Eiland’s Cow Tanks ride was sanctioned with an incorrect date.  Randy Eiland moves the Board grant a ride date change for the Cow Tanks Pioneer ride from February 14 through 16 to the correct dates, February 13 through 15, 2004.  Seconded by Roger Taylor.  Motion carries.


                Vonita Bowers, Special Sanctioning Chair, presented information on 4 upcoming rides that require special sanctioning.  Alabama Yellowhammer Pioneer, SE Region, 10/7-9/04, 55/30 50/25  50/25.  Susan Kasemeyer, sanctioning director, approves of the ride and Vonita recommends it be approved.  Sanctioning approved by the Board.


                Mt. Charleston Challenge Pioneer, PS Region, 9/26-28/04, 55/50/50 & 30.  Terry Woolley Howe, sanctioning director, approves of the ride and Vonita recommends it be approved.  Sanctioning approved by the Board.


                Liberty Run Pioneer, SE Region, 5/28-30/04 55/25, 55/25, 55/25.  Susan Kasemeyer, sanctioning director, approves of the ride and Vonita recommends it be approved.  Sanctioning approved by the Board.


                Western States Trail (Tevis) ride, W Region, 7/31/04, 100 miles, requests entry requirements of 150 miles or more of AERC, NATRC, or foreign equivalent of sanctioned endurance rides of 50 miles or longer.  The sanction form signed by the Western States Foundation Ride Secretary received in the AERC office for this ride contained handwritten notes from the Western States Office.  A new signed sanction form free of added handwritten notes has been requested from the Western States Office.  Vonita presents the following motion:  The Special Sanctioning Committee recommends the ride sanctioning application from the Western States Trail Foundation for the Tevis Cup 100 mile ride be approved once a clean copy is received in the office.  Motion seconded by Robert Ribley.  The Western States Trail ride is approved pending receipt of a signed clean copy of the sanction form.


                Kathleen advised the Board voted to accept the dates of 2/2/06 through 2/4/06 for the San Antonio convention, however, when the contract arrived from the Adam’s Mark the dates were indicated as 2/23/06 through 2/27/06.  The Board approves of the date change and the contract will be sent to John Parke, Legal Committee Chair, for review before signing.


                Terry Woolley Howe advised that due to the recent forest fires in the Southern California area, the trails to be used for the National Championship ride must be moved.  The Warner Springs Ranch property is now available, near the Riverside County line, a bit northeast of San Diego.  Terry advised she will hold the 100 mile ride Thursday, 10/7/04 and the 50 miler Sunday, 10/10/04. 


                President Tomlinson advised the Past Presidents Committee has been very active regarding a long range plan for AERC and a report will be provided to the Board in this regard during the Sunday 2/29/04 meeting held in conjunction with the convention.  The Committee will hold a breakfast meeting on Friday, 2/27/04 and members of the BOD and the membership are requested to exchange ideas with members of the Past Presidents Committee throughout the convention as this will add to the productivity of the Sunday 2/29 meeting.


                Connie Caudill, Ride Managers Committee Chair, advised they are continuing work on the video with the hope of having it at the convention for viewing and final approval by the BOD. 


                Jim Baldwin, Veterinary Committee Chair, advised 300 copies of the completed audio tape have been forwarded to the office.  Total cost:  $410 which includes some volunteer assistance by Dr. Baldwin and others that participated in the production.   A copy of the audio tape will be forwarded to each Board member upon receipt of the tapes in the office.


                Barney Fleming, Research Grants Committee Chair, is out of the country and unable to participate in this call, however, it is anticipated new grants proposals will be presented to the Board for the Reno meeting.


                Maryben Stover, Junior Committee Chair, advised the committee will rework the 100 mile award and present it next year.




                John Parke, Legal Committee Chair, advised he consulted with a Bankruptcy Attorney regarding the Debi Sanger issue.  It is the recommendation from committee to modify the action previously taken regarding Debi Sanger and make it a straight suspension for 3 years.  Motion carries with Stephanie Teeter and Randy Eiland abstaining.


                John Parke requested as Legal Committee chair that he be notified of any issues he should work on as an attorney before the convention meetings so that he has time to work on legal matters before the next meetings.


                John Parke, Horse Welfare Committee Chair, advised the committee disclosed policy recommendations at the midyear meeting and was planning to request action during the Reno meeting.  This will be delayed as acting on rules at the Reno meeting is not necessary since the rules will not go into effect until the 2005 ride year so the committee wants to be sure any rule changes are thoroughly discussed and they can be dealt with at the 2004 midyear meeting.  During the workshops to be held in conjunction with the convention the committee will discuss their policy recommendations and any other ideas that the membership presents. 


                John Parke requested pictures of rides in all regions from the members of the BOD for use during presentation of the regional awards on Friday evening, 2/27 during the convention.


                Kathleen was directed to forward copies of the current insurance policy to members of the BOD upon receipt in the office from the insurance agency.


                Roger Taylor presented the following motion from the Insurance Committee as follows:   Delete the “March 1, 2004” deadline for submission of proof of prior insurance and replace it with a deadline of “prior to the ride”.  This is for the 2004 ride season only.  Motion carries.


                President Tomlinson encouraged all members of the BOD to attend the Reno meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Jan Jeffers, Secretary



Committee Reports


Ride Managers Committee Report


The RM committee have reviewed and have also sent the vet video to the Vet Committee and the Educational committee for suggestions. We have sent the changes to the Tom Greer for editing. He still has plans on getting the tape finished by the convention if all goes as expected. We hope the BOD will be able to view the video during the convention.
Connie Caudill


Media Committee Report

Four members of the media committee are gearing up to cover many aspects of the AERC Convention for Endurance News, Arabian Horse World, The Chronicle of the Horse, and California Riding magazines, to name a few.

Pamela Burton and Stephanie Teeter will be focusing a little more on international competition in addition to national competition in 2004 and expanding on-line reporting on Endurance.Net.  Stephanie will be writing a piece on the recipient of the Pardners Award.

Bobbie Lieberman and Genie Stewart-Spears will be highlighting the lectures and Hall of Fame inductees. And Bobbie has agreed to once again give us an overview of the AERC Convention for Endurance News.

The attending media members  will meet and discuss what rides will be covered in the upcoming year, working to branch out to rides that have not had coverage.

At present, Bobbie Lieberman has offered to cover the Tevis.  Genie Stewart-Spears can cover the Kettle Classic Colorama 50/100, which hasn't received press and which will add FEI competition to this year's Midwest Region event.  Linda Sherrill continues to supply great photographs and some ride coverage.  However, until she completes a residence move, Linda can't say what rides she can cover this year.  With her "lighter side" of endurance articles, Angie McGee continues to remind us that this sport is fun and the antics we go through to compete are even funnier.

There is ongoing discussion with Mike Maul as how to protect photographs from being copied from the AERC and Endurance.Net websites so that photographers will be comfortable submitting their photographs.

John Parke has been contacted about the need for having a photo release written into the AERC ride entry forms.  This release is to allow the use of photographs taken at events for the promotion of AERC.  As of yet, he has not replied.

Genie Stewart-Spears
Media Committee Chair



Trails Report


Jerry Fruth, Chairman


Several months ago I made the decision to restructure the Trails Committee.

Please make a note that there is a difference between the Trails Committee and our

Trail Advocates.  Trail Advocates do not have a vote on the Trails Committee.


Trying to keep track of all trail issues across the United States is a constant work load.

Having a Regional Trail Advocate work on trail issues, planning, trail maintenance,

and the education for trail maintenance will not only be more effective, but will allow

me more time to work with other national trail organizations on a national basis.

In time, the Trails Committee will be made up of 9 regional trail advocates.  To date

we have two new regional trail advocates.  We have one for the Southeast Region,

and one for the Mountain Region.  Their main focus for the near future will be to

educate our riders on trail maintenance and to get the riders off their horse and

on the ground doing trail maintenance.  This will take a great deal of their time and

energy so please give them your support.


For the past year the National Forest Service (FS) has been working on a new

five tier plan for trail maintenance.  I won't go into the details but the new plan

can put our access to miles and miles of trails in jeopardy.  For years the FS

has been falling behind in maintenance.  For those trials that are in the far back

end of a wilderness, they want to place them in a category  that will no longer

require the FS to maintain the trail.  Not that they have been doing it to date.  Our fear is

the next step will be closure.  The trial is not maintained, and sooner or later, a new

FS Plan will call for its closure.

When I took over the Trials Committee in 2000, the first thing I did was to contact the

BCHA and created a working partnership with them.  Its been quite rewarding.  They

also have a seat on the AHC Recreation and Land Use Committee.  It has been the

staff of the BCHA that has provided us with technical guidance when dealing with the

FS on national issues.  They are an excellent organization to work with.

In 2000 their position was that what ever the issue or problem, they would be able to work

it out with the FS.  That is no longer the case.  The BCHA has established a legal defense

fund to pay for litigation involving our trail access.  The BCHA is asking for assistance

in funding the legal defense fund.  A suit has been filed in California over the new

management plan.  If the BCHA prevails in its lawsuit, we will have won a major victory over

access and use.  Please consider financial assistance to the BCHA and its legal defense fund.


On April 19,20 the American Horse Council will have its annual business meeting.  I will

prepare a special report for the Board after that meeting.  On March 6th I will be

speaking in Springfield Illinois regarding trails, and on July 29th I will be in Atlanta

doing the same.


Technical Committee Report

1/28/04 Mike Maul, Chairman

Discussion continues on the proposal for purchase of the
online doublejoy software.

The Tech Committee plans to have a proposal for the BoD
meeting in Reno.

Mike Maul visited the AERC office to provide training on the
AERC website maintenance on Jan 22-23.  The office can now
update the home page, edit and modify present pages, and
send mailings to targeted groups of AERC members.



Sponsorship Committee

Feb 2,  2004

Randy Eiland, Chair

Since the start of the current AERC Season, the AERC Sponsorship
Committee has signed Sponsorship Contracts with:

PLATINUM SPONSORS ($3000.00 or equal+ value)
1) BLM
2) Gulf Coast 4 Star Trailer Sales
3) Martinez Saddle Co. (dba Kanavy Saddles 0
4) Hyannis Cattle Company (Ted & Sheila Jeary)

1) A prospective Sponsor has agreed and we are waiting for the signed
contract to be returned

GOLD ($1,000)
None signed

1) Horse-o-Meter

Patti Pizzo is coordinating with the office and our Sponsors to have them
introduced at the Awards Banquet in Reno.   Mike Maul and Troy Smith (at
the office) are coordinating an update and corrections on our website.

Trails Grants Committee


Roger Taylor, Chair


Trail work projects previously passed by the Board continue. 


Information was recently furnished to Julie Suhr regarding the Sonoma Lake Trails Improvement Project and the War Eagle Trail Association trails project for her NATRC presentation during the convention.  Proceeds she has been donating to AERC Trails from the sale of her book are the source of funds for both of these projects.


Based on information provided to Julie she plans to say:


"There have been two trail grants specifically from these funds--One headed by Candice Bourne in Alabama for $5,700 is to buy a wilderness mower and trail relocatoin materials.  The second trails grant is a joint effort with the Corp of Engineers, Back Country Horsemen and AERC to reopen the Lake Sonoma Endurance Ride trail.  On this trail our grant of $5,000 is to purchase culverts, gravel and a special trailer to haul the gravel to the trail sites."


I hope some AERC people can attend Julie's talk to show our appreciation for the great trails donations.


Veterinary Report, 2/2/04

presented by Jim Baldwin DVM, Chair

    The continuing education program has been approved and 5 ˝ units will be granted for attendance at the convention CEU program.

     The vet audio tape has been reproduced and copies of the tape have been mailed to the office for distribution to those veterinarians working rides this season.