American Endurance Ride Conference Meeting

held via Conference Telephone Call, Tuesday, 9/16/03


President C. Mike Tomlinson called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m. Also on the line for the call: Vice President Mike Maul, Secretary Jan Jeffers, Treasurer Terry Woolley Howe, Duane Barnett, Connie Burns Caudill, Stan Eichelberger, Randy Eiland, L. B. Barney Fleming, Dean Jackson, Stagg Newman, John H. Parke, Patti Pizzo, Maggy Price, Jan Stevens, Maryben Stover, Roger Taylor, Stephanie Teeter, Gail D. Williams, and Executive Director Kathleen A. Henkel. Absent: Jim Baldwin, Vonita Bowers, Margie Burton, Dane Frazier, Susan Kasemeyer, Robert Ribley, and Louise Riedel.


Correction noted in the minutes of the July 29, 2003 Dean Jackson was present during the call and his name will be added to the minutes. Roger Taylor moved to approve the minutes as amended, seconded by Dean Jackson. Motion passes.


Barney Fleming moved and Roger Taylor seconded to accept the committee reports prepared before the meeting and append said reports to these minutes. Passed with one abstention Jan Stevens. Committee reports accepted:


Education Elections

Junior Limited Distance

Media National Championship

Past Presidents Research Grants

Ride Managers Rules

Sponsorship Technical

Trails Trails Grants

Veterinary-Drug Testing report


The committee reports accepted will be discussed thoroughly at the midyear meeting in October.


Mike Maul, technical committee chair, advised the updated website is complete and as soon as the domain is moved he would like to turn it on for the membership. Motion from committee: The Technical Committee requests board approval to let the membership know that the new site is open as of September 17th. Motion approved with one abstention Jan Stevens.


Elections Committee: Chair Mike Maul, advised 1600 ballots have been returned to date and the ballots remain open until September 29, 2003. The ballot counting service at a later date will provide the actual count.


Mike Maul advised regional director nominations remain open. President Tomlinson encouraged any present board member that has decided not to run for another term to get the word out so that members in that region are able to nominate replacements.



Terry Woolley Howe is preparing the unpaid rider fee list article and will present at a future meeting.


Rules Committee: Patti Pizzo, chair, advised copies of the edited rules have been forwarded to all board members and the final revision will be voted on at the midyear meeting in October for reprint and dissemination to the membership at the beginning of the 2004 ride season.


Finance Committee: Terry Woolley Howe, chair, advised the paperwork is circulating to the officers now for signature and when all have signed the paperwork will be forwarded to the Draper Group of Wachovia Securities in Laguna Hills, CA for processing of the new account as directed by the board at a past meeting relative to the staggering of funds to obtain interest at higher rates than the present money market accounts.


President Tomlinson reported on the re-affiliation with the NGB they have agreed to virtually everything requested. The only item remaining outstanding is the NGB needs to have a person or a group of people that is or are the national champions each year. We need to figure out how to make that happen. It can be at an FEI ride, such as the Pan Ams, at a championship such as the AERC championship rides. The board was requested to contact President Tomlinson with suggestions in this regard. We need to have a Pan Am, and an AERC championship, and an NGB champion. Input is needed from this board to name an event to be used as the champion for representation in the national governing body.


Sanctioning Committee: Chair Vonita Bowers was unable to participate in the call. The new sanction form is still under review and will be discussed at the midyear meeting.


Debi Sanger issue John H. Parke reported that an order of discharge was received regarding Ms. Sanger. John advised he would like to use a portion of the Legal Committee budget to contact a bankruptcy attorney for a ruling as to what we can do with Ms. Sanger as it is not appropriate for creditors to interfere with a bankruptcy judgment. President Tomlinson advised this is an appropriate use of the Legal Committee budget.


The office is working closely with NATRC regarding the convention. Speakers are currently being lined up. Susan Garlinghouse has accepted.


The 2005 convention contract with the Nugget has been forwarded to John Parke for review and discussion during the midyear meeting.


Research Grants Committee: Chair Barney Fleming advised the 5th committee member has not yet been named. Contact has been made with several individuals interested in presenting proposals for grants, and several proposals have been forwarded to the committee.



Ride Manager Committee: Chair Connie Caudill advised the educational video will be shot on Thursday, October 9th, the day before the championship rides begin. Any Board members arriving at the ride site on or before the 9th of October are invited to assist with the video.


Ride insurance: John Parke advised he is still in the process of reviewing the Canadian policy and will report at a future meeting.


Veterinary Committee: Chair Jim Baldwin was unable to participate in the call and will report on the veterinarian audiotape at the midyear meeting. Dr. Baldwin will also report at the midyear meeting regarding his long-range drug-testing plan.


Education Committee: Chair Stagg Newman advised all revisions have been forwarded to Troy Smith in the office and the final edits to the riders handbook have been made by the committee and will be ready for reprint shortly.


Stagg Newman advised Dr. Susan Garlinghouse will hold a 90-minute seminar during the convention and is working with Purina on financing for a daylong seminar for the 2005 convention.


National Championship Committee: Co-Chair Connie Caudill advised approximately 50-60 riders have signed up for the 100 miler and about 80 for the 50 miler. Ride manager Carol Hoeft has advised the riders the AERC BOD will be present at the ride showing their support.


Future sites for the National Championship ride Red Rock for 2004, Jan Stevens ride in Montana for 2005 and a ride in Michigan, the Wolverine, for 2006 that will be presented to the board at a future meeting. The ride manager will be able to host the ride at a time of their choosing.


Sponsorship Committee: Chair Randy Eiland worked out a deal with the BLM and a contract has been received by AERC and has been furnished to John Parke for review. Two equines will be donated by the BLM for AERC to use as raffle prizes to raise money for the organization.


Don Daniels of Sundowner Corporation visited the national office on September 15th asking to speak with me as they felt AERC was in default with our agreement with Sundowner. The agreement with Sundowner as it is with all our sponsors is that the sponsor is the official category sponsor, not the sponsor of AERC. Sundowner is the official sponsor of three categories. Mr. Daniels was advised Gulf Coast is a dealer, not a manufacturer. Mr. Daniels will contact me with some wording to put with their logo.


Mr. Eiland and Dean Jackson advised a new survey of AERC members is needed to be able to advise current and future sponsors regarding demographics. With the change of personnel at some companies, current information is vital to keep them up to date with respect to the needs of the membership.


Trails Advocacy: Jerry Fruth will report in detail at the midyear regarding the American Horse Council meeting and his budget requests.


Past Presidents Committee: The members are working on a long-range plan for AERC. The plan is in process and will not be ready for the midyear meeting, but for another meeting in the future.


John Parke reported on some controversy on the email list about what Vet Committee reports should look like and John was asked a question as to whether or not a vet committee report could be edited at the board level and then sent to our members. The answer is no. There has been a commitment to pass along the committee reports to the members and they are expected. The vet committee reports become part of the minutes and they will be disseminated as is to the membership.


Committee reports presented by the vet committee will be discussed further at the midyear meeting. Discussion will also be held at the midyear pertaining to the election of the members of the veterinary committee.


Horse Welfare Committee: Chair John Parke advised he will forward a report to the board after the meeting, explaining the case study reports that will appear in the magazine. One of the purposes of this committee is to make policy recommendations. Policy recommendations will be made at the midyear meeting from committee.


President Tomlinson requested the BOD to review all the committee reports presented at this meeting as they will be thoroughly discussed at the midyear meeting.


Policies that may come up at the midyear meeting is a possible change in rules regarding completion time after a ride is 30 minutes, not an hour as it stands now. Another rule change that may arise pertains to a new rule prohibiting people from receiving placings or competing in their first couple of months of competition to further protect the equine. Discussion will take place at the midyear meeting, with publication in the magazine for the membership and voting to follow at the convention.


Trails Grants Committee: Chair Roger Taylor advised the War Eagle Trail Association trail project would like to begin work this fall on their project in the National Forest rather than waiting for funding next year.


Motion from committee: The War Eagle Trail Association trail project be funded immediately. That the project coordinator be informed by the Executive Director that funds are available for disbursement upon receipt of proper paperwork. The funding for the project is not to exceed $5,700 to be funded from the trails set aside funds. Motion passed.


Dane Frazier was unable to participate in the call and asked Kathleen to relay a short report. There was a death at the Pan Am ride, the cause of death was a ruptured stomach due to complications of colic and there will be a full investigation.


John Parke reported on liability releases from riders with respect to our organization. The issue bears further discussion and has been postponed until midyear.


Limited Distance Committee: A conference call meeting will be held on the 18th of September and Chair Gail Williams will present the minutes of the meeting to the Board prior to the midyear meeting for discussion at the midyear.


Ride length statistics was addressed and John Parke advised there is a rule pertaining to the length of a ride and if people have questions regarding ride length they can protest the ride and prove the length.


Terry Woolley Howe moved to adjourn, seconded by Barney Fleming.


Meeting adjourned at 7:49 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Kathleen A. Henkel

Executive Director


Committee Reports - September 16, 2003, conference call:
Elections Committee Report, 9/11/03
 The tally is in progress on the Bylaws ballot with over 1100 
having been received by 2 weeks ago. This meets the quorum 
requirement. A count is in progress but it's unknown at this point 
whether the change will be approved. At this point about 
5-6 ballots are being received each week. The Bylaws change ballot will be 
closed on Sept 29.
 Mike Maul, Chairman
Junior Committee Report, 9/9/03
 The following proposals are presented from the Junior Committee:
I - Junior 100 Mile Award Proposal
 Given that Junior riders are currently discriminated against in the 
National 100 Mile Award we are proposing to make the award more fair to all 
divisions of riders who ride 100 Mile AERC rides. Many Junior riders are as 
experienced, if not more so, as many of the adult 100 mile riders and they 
deserve to be recognized for the same accomplishments as the adults do. 
Current Award Description: National 100 Mile Award: Honoring the Top 
Ten Senior horse/rider teams with the most points accumulated on one day rides of 
 100 miles or more. 
Proposal: Change the National 100 Mile Award so that Endurance News lists 
 Top Ten in all divisions, and awards are given to Top Five in each division, 
making it fair to every division. 
Details: By awarding the divisions separately this will allow each 
division of rider to compete on a more equal basis, including juniors. We 
could not simply add a set # of placements for juniors because that would make 
the award unfair for the senior riders. By awarding a set number of placings 
for each division that makes it fair to everyone. By listing Top Ten in 
Endurance News and giving awards to the Top Five in each division it would be 
following a similar format to the Pioneer Award, the difference being that 
awards are given to the Top Three in each division for that award.
Cost of programming: estimated by Mike Maul to be $300.00. The cost of 
the awards will increase by 15 additional awards to a total of 25. We feel that 
25 awards (and Top Ten listing in EN for each weight division) for all 7 AERC 
regions for all 100 Mile Riders will make those that ride 100's feel that they 
are getting the recognition that they deserve, including Junior riders who 
currently cannot place in this category due to how their points are 
Effective Date: Start of the 2004 ride season (December 1, 2003)
II - Current Policy: A junior applies to the AERC for an unsponsored 
rider letter. When the letter is sent, the junior is automatically put in the 
senior rider weight division. All junior points earned in their region for 
that year just disappear. This effectively nullifies their junior standing.
However, by rule, juniors are sometimes required to complete in two 
divisions at once. If a ride manager does not allow unsponsored juniors, they 
must go back to the junior division. However, they do not earn junior 
points. Since they can't earn senior points they seem to be in some type of limbo.
Proposal: When a junior requested an unsponsored junior status, the AERC 
would assign that rider a new AERC number, in addition to the original number. 
 The junior would then be responsible for entering rides under the proper 
number. Once the junior reached 16 years and became a senior rider, the new 
AERC number would be retired and the mileage transferred to the original 
number and the status changed to the proper weight division.
This would be a fair way for juniors to retain their regional points and 
standings by having their points and mileage posted to the correct division.
Costs: This has been discussed with the AERC office and would be a simple 
procedure. Cost, if any, would be minimal.
 Effective Date: Immediately, upon approval.
 Both of these proposals will be brought before the Board of Directors at 
the September meeting for discussion by all of the appropriate committees. 
They will be brought as motions at the October meeting.
 Maryben Stover, Chair
Media Committee Report, 9/12/03
 We have nothing new to report since the last call.
 Genie Stewart-Spears, Chair
National Championship Committee Report, 9/12/03
 The NC Ride is coming along well. The numbers are looking good, hoping as 
many BOD members as possible will join in and help the ride manager. 
Future rides-we will be presenting two or three sites for a vote from the BOD 
at the mid year meeting. 
Connie Caudill- Co-Chair and NC Committee 
Past Presidents Committee Report 9/16/03 
There is a new member of the committee, Bill Bentham (lifetime member), a past 
president that the office had lost contact with. He has been found and added 
to the membership roster with current data.
The PPC met by conference call on 9/4. Here are the minutes from that 
Past Presidents Committee Conference Call 9/4
Call commenced at 5 PM PST with the following members present;
Barney Fleming DVM Chairman
Randy Eiland
 Dane Fraizer DVM
 Maggie Price
 Joe Long
 Jim Remilard
 Phil Gardner
 Roger Taylor
 Mike Tomlinson DVM (Current President)
 Stagg Newman (Advisor Capacity)
 Absent were;
 Vonita Bowers
 Mathew McKay-Smith DVM
 Crockett Dumas
Mike Tomlinson, current president addressed the committee by telling the group 
why the committee was created. The purpose of the committee is two-fold, to 
lead the AERC into the future and to advise the current president.
The entire meeting (1.5 hours) consisted of round table discussion of several 
topics brought to the committee by several of its members. Major topics were 
AERC Mission Statement, membership, finances, trails, and international. Roger 
Taylor was asked to put into writing a beginning mission statement for our 
committee to include long term planning and pass it on to the members for 
discussion. Randy volunteered to start an email list on Yahoo for our 
exclusive use.
Three of the members present were not up to speed on AERC finances due to the 
fact they are not on the present BOD that receives regular financials. Barney 
will ask Kathleen to send recent reports to Jim, Joe, Phil and Crockett.
A few specific points that are to be carried forward to the next meeting are 
a.) promote membership thru regional organizations. b.) Establish a legal 
contingency and c.) Establish a prudent reserve figure for AERC general fund. 
These will be agenda items at the next meeting. 
Our next meeting was scheduled for 9/22.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:33 PST.
 Barney Fleming
Action Taken:
1.) Kathleen has sent some of the financial info to the non-BOD members and 
is sending COMPLETE financial info to ALL members so that they have handy 
reference for future planning purpose.
2.) Roger Taylor has sent to the committee a very extensive PRE discussion 
draft of Mission and Long term planning. This will be worked on at our next 
 3.) Randy has successfully created a private email list for the exclusive 
use of the committee (including the ED of AERC)
4.) A conference call meeting is scheduled for 9/22.
 Barney Fleming DVM
 Past Presidents Committee Chair
Research Grants Committee Report 9/16/03 
The committee has been contacted by 9 individuals (most Universities types) 
interested in presenting proposals and are preparing them for us. As of this 
date we have 3 in for consideration
1.) David Kronfield PhD, Middleburg Ag Research and Extension, Middleburg, 
VA asking for 30K to support on going studies on "Potassium, Neuromuscular 
Excitability and Muscle Glycogen Resynthesis
2.) Howard Erickson DVM, Kansas State Dept of Anatomy and Physiology, 
asking for $26,093.00 for "The severity of Exercise=Induced Pulmonary 
Hemorrhage during Endurance Exercise.
3.) Mary Durando DVM, Meg Sleeper DVM and Eric Birks DVM, University of PA, 
asking for $6050.00 for "Can successful endurance performance be predicted by 
physiology? Relationship between a heart-specific regulatory protein (troponin 
I), electrocardiograms and competitive performance in Endurance Horses.
All 3 of these appear to be worthwhile studies and represent work that will 
benefit endurance horses but will need extensive evaluation before we can 
recommend any action. From the information I have on the other possible 
proposals there are several more good ones to come. Obviously we cannot 
support all of these now.
At this time the committee feels that the BOD should take $45K of accumulated 
funds and dedicate it to Research. Proposals, as they are received, will be 
evaluated and ranked by the committee and brought to the BOD for their final 
selection or rejection. This committee can not move forward until the BOD 
decides what monies are available for research.
Respectfully Barney Fleming DVM, Chair Research Grants Committee


Ride Managers Committee Report 9/11/03
We have been busy with the planning of the vet video. Tom Greer will be our 
videographer. We will be taping on Oct. 9, the day before the 100 mile ride. 
Todd Holbrook DVM from Oklahoma, has agreed to help in the video. Debby Lyon 
has agreed to be in it as a rider. When the script has been completed, we will 
have the vet and education committee review it. The entire BOD is welcome to 
come and watch the shooting of this video. 
Connie Caudill and the Ride Managers Committee
 Rules Committee Report, 9/12/03
The committee has been working on the final draft of the rules which was 
forwarded last week to all the BOD's. The following letter was also sent out 
with the draft, I am including the letter in the committees report and it 
 To the AERC Board:
 The Rules & Regulations booklet has undergone revision and updating by the 
Rules Committee. Please check over the entire document before voting to approve 
the changes. At the midyear board of directors meeting all the corrections to 
the draft will be complete and presented to the BOD for final approval.
Following are four sections that need closer review. These will be discussed at 
the conference call board meeting on September 16, and your comments will be 
welcome. If you have any comments or recommendations for changes, please 
contact Patti Pizzo by September 12 (phone 215-343-4928, fax 215-343-6353, or 
 The following rules and regulations have been adopted by the Board of 
Directors of the AERC and are binding on AERC sanctioned rides.
 While the AERC assumes that most participants are responsible and caring, 
it is recognized that a highly competitive and demanding sport requires 
regulation. The AERC's concern in establishing rules and regulations is to 
assure that competition occurs within standardized parameters considered fair 
and reasonably safe for equine and rider. The AERC services the requirements 
of the competitor by promulgating and establishing rules and regulations, 
recording and publishing results of events, and providing awards; but the 
competitor is ultimately responsible for self and mount before, during and 
after an endurance ride.
 AERC Rules and Regulations provide minimum conditions and directives for
 managing and competing in AERC sanctioned endurance rides. Additional measures 
may be taken by any ride to provide greater safety for equine and rider. 
However, except in the event of emergency, these additional measures must be 
explained to the competitors and made available to them in written form at a 
pre-ride meeting. We not only feel it is necessary to regulate our sport, but 
also to penalize infractions and to provide mechanisms for addressing 
grievances and appealing decisions.
(ORIGINAL MOTION) All entrants in any distance of a ride know and agree that 
their entry into the ride is with the stipulation that all activities that 
relate to the ride are subject to use by AERC for analysis of ways to improve 
and educate all concerned be they riders, ride managers, veterinarians, etc.
 (RECOMMENDED VERSION) All activities that relate to an AERC sanctioned event 
are subject to use by AERC for analysis of ways to improve and educate all 
concerned be they riders, ride managers, veterinarians, etc.
 The following documents complement and provide additional information for 
AERC Rules and Regulations: AERC Ride Manager's Handbook, AERC Veterinarian's 
Handbook. These publications are available through the AERC office.
 (RULES) (ORIGINAL MOTION) In regional or national endurance Best 
Condition awards, no horse will be listed or awarded unless it has 2 or more 
placings or a minimum of 100 points. (RECOMMENDED VERSION) Equines must receive two Best Condition 
awards or a minimum of 100 Best Condition points during the ride season to 
qualify for these awards.
 L9.4.1.2 (ORIGINAL MOTION) Limited Distance riders must receive two Best 
Conditions during the calendar year to be in contention for a year-end award, 
effective 12-1-01.
 L9.4.1.2 (RECOMMENDED VERSION) Equines must receive at least two Limited 
Distance Best Condition awards during the ride season to qualify for this 
 14. (ORIGINAL VERSION) No equine and/or rider may enter more than one 
distance at any AERC sanctioned event.
 14. (POSSIBLE VERSION) No equine and/or rider may enter more than one 
distance per day at any AERC sanctioned event
Patti Pizzo, Chairman Rules Committee
Sponsorship Committee Report, 9/11/03
 Sponsorship Committee is working hard on attracting new AERC Sponsors. 
Our latest deal is with BLM. The Contract has been received from the BLM and 
John Parke is reviewing the Contract (the BLM used a federal contract rather 
than the AERC Sponsorship Contract). This deal is for a minimum period of 2 
years and is based on BLM Mustang Raffles. The BLM is allowing AERC to 
"adopt" two mustangs for $25.00 each and we will sell raffle tickets thru the 
Convention with the drawing held during the National Awards Banquet. Based on 
past equine raffles, we anticipate a minimum of $1,700.00 raised per equine - 
in 1999 we made about $3,000.00 off one filly raffle with the entire raffle 
period being the two days of Convention, and the least we made was a little of 
$1,700.00 on the last equine raffle with the drawing at the 2000 AERC NC.
Once the new AERC Web Site is made public, the Sponsorship Committee will 
be mass mailing it to prospective Sponsors and we think we will exceed the 
1999/2000 Sponsorship Level.
 Randy Eiland, Chairman
Technical Committee Report 9/9/03
 Report on new web site progress: Most of the website is complete. Still 
looking at the search capability and need to transfer the domain name to test 
the "Contact AERC" email generation.
I would like to get the BOD approval in the conf call to open the site to 
members after the call. Please let me know of any concerns you have about this 
before the meeting. I will only be able to attend a short period of the 
meeting as I have another conf call at the same time.
 I will have to defer the discussion of the budget item for the records s/w 
purchase until the mid year meeting.
The present BOD mail list and committee email lists will need to be transferred 
to Yahoo Groups after the new web site is activated. This is at John Teeter's 
request. Yahoo offers a digest form and an archive. Unfortunately it also has 
an ad with each email. The service is free. You will not need to have a yahoo 
account to use the email list. I will take care of setting these up for the 
office to administer.
 Mike Maul, Chairman
Trails Advocacy Report, 9/12/03
 Committee will present a comprehensive written report for the Board at the 
mid-year meeting. Items being worked on are legislation in Washington dealing 
with our right to ride on federal lands, SAFETEA legislation, horse 
identification, Hippa legislation, and a comprehensive review of the new 
proposed national trail management classification for trail maintenance in our 
national forests. The trails manual being produced in cooperation with the 
Federal Highway Administration, Clemson University and the American Horse 
Council is moving right along.
 On going projects dealing with regional trail closures in something that 
never lets up. Will have a review of progress being made at the Shawnee 
National Forest and some current information on potential trail closures in 
 Jerry Fruth, Chair
Trails Grants Committee Report, 9/9/03
 The committee is requesting by motion the funding of the War Eagle Trail 
Association Grant this year from trails set aside funds. The committee has 
approved and requested funding of $15,000 for the Wolf Creek Trailhead Grant. 
This funds the road and we will see if others fund the trailhead. The 
committee has tentatively approved funding of the Harrison-Crawford and Clark 
State Forest for $5,700 awaiting comments from the Forest Rangers in those 
respective areas. The funds of $15,000 and $5,700 would come from next year's 
funds presumably using up the trails set aside and then getting some funding 
from the General Fund. WE have had discussions on two more grants but no 
formal paperwork has been received for review. If these materialize we would 
like to ask that they be funded next year so we have added an additional 
$16,300 to our budget request for next years funding.
 As you can see the Trails Grants committee is very busy and probably 
will get busier as the members see that AERC is really funding trails 
 Roger Taylor, Chairman
Drug Testing Report to BOD 9/16/2003
As of this date there have been 7 rides tested with NO positives found. There 
are 8 more scheduled to be tested before the end of the year. If the budget 
allows there could be up to 3 more scheduled.
Watch for the tested rides to be in the EN.
A goal for this year is to test as many rides as the budget allows and to have 
 the office doing most of the work involved in getting the rides tested. There 
 is a Testing flow form now being used by the office that has successfully 
guided all involved in completing their tasks. The results are providing the 
office with good records of Drug Testing.
 Barney Fleming DVM Drug Testing Chair, sub-committee of the Veterinary