American Endurance Ride Conference Meeting

held via Conference Telephone Call, Tuesday, 5/6/03


President C. Mike Tomlinson called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.  Also on the line for the call:  Vice President Mike Maul, Secretary Jan Jeffers, Treasurer Terry Woolley Howe, Vonita Bowers, Margie Burton, Louise Riedel, Connie Caudill, Dean Jackson, Jan Stevens, Stan Eichelberger, Patti Pizzo, Stephanie Teeter, Gail Williams,  John H. Parke, Susan Kasemeyer, Duane Barnett, Randy Eiland, Roger W. Taylor, Maryben Stover, Barney Fleming, Dane Frazier, Stagg Newman, Maggy Price, Robert Ribley, and Executive Director Kathleen A. Henkel.  Absent:  Jim Baldwin.


President Tomlinson made a brief address, reiterating the statements he set forth in his email to the Board on the afternoon of May 6, 2003, as follows:

This is a meeting of the Board of Directors of the American Endurance Ride Conference.  We have been assembled to direct the corporation and to dispatch those items which have been required by prior legislation to come before the Board of Directors.

A Board of Directors with 28 members cannot write a rule nor can it explore all options in the five minutes allotted for deliberation.  This Board of Directors can approve or reject the well thought out proposals brought to it from the specialized committees and previously reviewed by the other germane specialty committees.  This Board can direct staff or a specialty committee to investigate an issue and report back and/or act accordingly, but the Board as a whole is incapable of investigating any issue.

This organization’s structure is one of specialty committees who report to the Board and/or are empowered to act on their specialty independently.  These committees’ reports to the Board are accepted as representing the will of the majority of the specialty committee.  The Chair of the specialty committee is NOT empowered to act or report individually without the consensus of the majority of the represented committee.  Motions from committee according to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised are accepted without second because they have already been reviewed and forwarded by more than one person.

The Committee Reports submitted to the Board prior to this meeting may not be edited by the Board – they are the Committee’s report, not the Board’s.  They will either be accepted or rejected by the Board.  If accepted, the reports will be appended to the minutes of this meeting.  Any motions contained in the report will be acted upon by the Board, though the entire reports will not need to be read aloud to the Board.

There are many straggling issues left after the meetings in Chattanooga.  These will be dealt with expeditiously after the housekeeping issues.  Next any other old business which was inadvertently left off the agenda will be acted upon.  Then the new business contained in the reports and then any issue brought to the Board by any Director.

Business, while intended to be handled promptly, must be fully deliberated.  Unlike during in-person meetings where you must be visually acknowledged by the Chair prior to speaking, during a conference call you will need to be a bit more aggressive.  On the other hand, if you have spoken a lot on a subject, please pause to see if anyone else has a differing viewpoint.  The intent is to complete all the business in just over one hour.

Roger Taylor moved to approve the minutes of the March 13, 15, and 16, 2003 board meetings, as amended.  Motion carried.


The Board approved the seating of Susan Kasemeyer as a member of the Executive Committee.


Vonita Bowers, Special Sanctioning Director, advised she reviewed the special sanction request for the Smokey Killen ride, W Region, November 7-9, 2003, with the sanction committee and recommends approval.  Ride approved.


It was moved that committee reports prepared before the meeting be accepted with the understanding that any not presented from committee will be corrected at the next meeting.  Approved.  Committee reports appended to these minutes, noting that the Finance Committee report will not appear online as it deals with a personnel issue only and the Limited Distance report is listed as a Draft Report, not yet finalized by committee.


Action items remaining open from previous Board Meeting were discussed as follows:


Gail Williams, LD Chair, advised the committee is preparing an LD survey for distribution to the membership online to assist with meeting the future needs of LD riders.


Special sanction issue regarding the 2003 Race of Champions withdrawn.


Moved, seconded and carried in Salt Lake City, motion presented by Jim Baldwin “All entrants in any distance of a ride know and agree that their entry into the ride is with the stipulation that all activities that relate to the ride are subject to use by AERC for analysis of ways to improve and educate all concerned be they riders, ride managers, veterinarians, etc.” has been remanded to the Vet Committee to coordinate with Legal, Ride Manager, and Rules Committees.0

2003 PAC donation by AERC International remains open.


Unpaid rider fee list remains open – an article relative to the list will appear in an upcoming issue of the magazine. 


National Championship binder remains an open issue – Diane Fruth advised she will forward the binder to the office after the October 2003 ride is completed.


The veterinarians have been selected for the National Championship ride and the $7,500 vet fee reimbursement for the ride voted on at the Chattanooga BOD meeting will be disbursed through ride management, when proper documentation is received.


The office is in possession of the data relative to the Pride Project and the donation for the Project has been received in the office.  Dr. Fleming has been reimbursed for his portion of the study and the raw data has been forwarded to Susan Garlinghouse for compilation, with results expected in the future, approximately 10-12 months.


Target date for reprint of the AERC Rules is May 31, 2003. 


Stephanie Teeter moves that by 7/1/03 AERC send out the ballots regarding the citizenship bylaw change.  Seconded by Margie Burton.  Motion passed.


Minimum competitor age rule remains open pending receipt of the petition regarding said change from Joe Long.


Finance committee will continue in its efforts to stagger the funds available in various timed accounts with the goal being to obtain the highest rates available.


President Tomlinson is working closely with Tony Benedetti and will also be working with Dr. Dane Frazier and others to be certain the needs of both AERC and USAE are both considered and President Tomlinson will bring any agreement to the AERC BOD for review before its negotiation and signing.


The Sanctioning Committee will be discussing changes in the current sanction forms and have been requested to add a statement to the proposed form pertaining to the agreement of ride management to add AERC as an additional insured for their ride.


The office was directed by the BOD to communicate the outcome of the Sanger protest to Ms. Sanger.


The office was directed to work with NATRC to work out pricing and further details regarding the combined convention in Reno at the Silver Legacy in 2004.


The Education Committee will work with the Veterinary Committee to create an audiotape for vets for use as an educational tool.


Susan Kasemeyer moves from Convention Committee to accept the proposal from the Nugget as host of the 2005 convention.  Motion passed.


Barney Fleming moves from Past Presidents Committee to request an allocation in the current budget of  $1500 to cover expenses.  Motion passed.


The midyear BOD meeting will be held in conjunction with the National Championship ride this year on the 11th of October. 


John Parke reported that the make-up of the Welfare of the Horse Committee is currently at 3 members, Laura Hayes, Mike Jaffe, and Jim Mitchell.  It was requested by President Tomlinson that a report on this committee be presented at the next BOD meeting.


It is anticipated the next meeting will be in July or August

Barney Fleming moved to adjourn, seconded by Jan Jeffers. 


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted:



                                                Kathleen A. Henkel, Executive Director