American Endurance Ride Conference

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2003


President Barney Fleming called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Executive Committee Members in attendance were:  Barney Fleming, Louise Reidel, Terry Woolley-Howe, Jan Jeffers and Steph Teeter. 


Issue #1: Motion made by S. Teeter, “For the purposes of the March 13, 2003 AERC BOD meeting, the Executive Committee elects to waive the 1998 directive which states that a parliamentarian must be present at AERC meetings.”  Passed Unanimously. 


Issue #2: Motion made by S. Teeter, “Whereas timeliness requires an emergency action in the approval of the following Special Event ride, the AERC Executive Committee on behalf of the AERC BOD agrees to waive the following procedural requirements for Special Event sanctioning as defined in rule 11.2.1:  ‘A petition for such approval must be sent to the AERC Executive Director for distribution to the Special Events Chairperson and all Regional Sanctioning Directors where the event is to be held at least 180 days before the ride date.  Upon approval the petition will be distributed to the Board for comments.  Such petition must include clear rationale for the qualifications and justification for this specialty ride.  The Board will render its decision within 60 days.’


“And subsequent, the AERC BOD approves the sanctioning for the 2003 ride season of the following Special Event ride:  Grand Canyon Pioneer Ride held October 11-15, 2003, consisting of 50 miles each day.”  Passed unanimously.


Issue #3: Ride insurance.  Kathleen Henkel  asked the Executive Committee  to look over the ride insurance motion passed by the Board at the SLE meeting.


The motion from SLE meeting reads as follows:


“AERC sanctioned rides are required to have insurance and AERC must be listed as an additional insured.  Effective date 12/01/02 for the 2003 ride season.”  Motion passed. 


An action request followed the motion which reads:  “The Ride Managers Committee asked the office to look into options for ride insurance and bids from various insurance companies.  R. Taylor will coordinate with the office getting bids from various insurance companies.” 


Motion was made by S. Teeter to defer requirement to have AERC named as an additional insured to be effective 12/01/03 for the  2004 ride season. 


Discussion:  L. Reidel  inquired  if ride managers would have to purchase ride insurance from AERC.  B. Fleming stated that AERC just needed to be named on the policy as an additional insured.  T. Wooley-Howe indicated that a check box could be put on the sanction application to indicate if ride has been purchased from AERC.   J. Jeffers brought up the fact that the office needs to track all sanction applications to make sure all rides have ride insurance with AERC as a named insured.  Passed Unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted,


Jan Jeffers