August 24, 2002

Salt Lake City, Utah


J. Parke conducted a workshop dealing with various issues that came up on the BOD list since the last meeting.  J. Parke did an excellent job conducting this workshop. 

(The meeting reconvened at 1:05 p.m.)

POLICY AND PROCEDURES REVIEW:  President B. Fleming explained that the Policy and Procedures Review was an ad hoc committee.  The Board appointed this committee at the last meeting to review the policies and make suggestions.  S. Teeter reported that categorizing and reviewing all policies and procedures would take a long time. J. Parke volunteered to take the time to go to the office and go through the collected policies with the Executive Director and compile them for the BOD to review and adopt.

Moved by M. Tomlinson, seconded by T. Woolley Howe to accept Policies and Procedures committee report.  Motion carried.

TREASURER/NATIONAL OFFICE COMMITTEE:  T. Woolley Howe reviewed the financial status of the organization.  Checking and savings in excess of $400,000 in the bank.  Almost $25,000 of that is AERC International money, which is not part of the general working budget, and $10,000 of that is Trails money that has been donated and is used specifically for trails.  T. Woolley Howe brought up the fact that we are in a good financial situation and we should look at some programs that work for trails and education. 

K. Henkel will have Judy Hall move to part time status.  T. Woolley Howe is recommending a salary increase for Amy Burnside and Troy Smith, and a 2.5% cost of living raise for the entire office staff.  With reduction of one of the staff to part time, the salary increases and the cost of living raises, we are saving $3,000.

R. Taylor made a motion, seconded by M. Tomlinson to allocate a performance bonus for the office staff based on a percentage appropriate per their current salary and performance, to be allocated by Kathleen Henkel.  Motion passed.

J. Parke made a motion to increase Kathleen Henkel’s salary by 10% (instead of 2.5%).   The Board stated that Kathleen Henkel has done an outstanding job and fulfills the needs of the AERC organization.   J. Parke amended his motion to a 20% increase to make the ED salary comparable to similar positions.  Seconded by M. Burton.  Motion passed.

General Comments:  The EN looks very good and is making a profit.  The Board is very happy with the look.  The Executive Director and office staff is doing a great job. 

Mike Tomilson made a motion to accept the Treasurer/National Office Committee report.  Seconded by G. Williams. Motion carried.

SANCTIONING COMMITTEE:  V. Bowers stated that the Sanction Committee met and received a motion request.  V. Bowers passed it by the Rules Committee and the RC approved a motion to add a rule addition to Rule 11.  Rule addition 11.10:  “Sanction Directors may allow, with the approval of the other regional director and the Executive Committee, sanctioning or ride change requests that are received after the 120/90 day period, described in Rule 11.”

J. Parke amended the motion to read:  “Sanction directors may allow, with the approval of the other regional director and the Executive Committee, sanctioning or ride change requests that are received after the 120/90 day period, for emergency purposes only.”  Seconded by M. Stover.  22-2. Motion carries. J. Parke made a motion to approve the Sanctioning Committee report.  Motion passed.

SPECIAL SANCTIONING COMMITTEE:  V. Bowers read Rules 11.2 and 11.2.1, which deal with special sanctioning and her understanding of the process.  The rule did not appear to be clear on whether the Special Sanctioning Director’s decision was independent of the Regional Director’s decision.  Additional information from Courtney Hart did make it clear that more than one regional sanctioning director’s approval could be required if the ride passed through more than one region.

 (At 2:13 p.m. the BOD went into executive session.) 

(At 2:29 p.m. the BOD came out of executive session.)

V. Bowers reviewed special sanctioning for the “Carolina 55” ride.  This is a 55-mile ride held on November 30th, 2002.  Rider and tack must weigh 200 pounds in order  to enter.  They do not have to be heavyweight riders.  V. Bowers disapproved the special ride sanction for the Carolina 55 ride. The Ride Manager can modify the sanction to give mileage only.

 V. Bowers had a re-sanction for the “Round the Mountain” ride.  This is approved.  This is a five-day ride and has been approved in the past. Linda Fleming is the ride manager. 

V. Bowers had a sanction request from the Pacific South Region.  It is called the “Three Canyon Bust.”  This is a 50- and 35-mile ride.  This is a special event ride because it requires a staggered start.  The reason for the staggered start requirement is the park service does not want a lot of horses in a congested area on trail. 

T. Woolley Howe wanted the Board to discuss and vote on the concepts of the staggered start.  This may be the only way that we can have a ride on forest service lands that have such restrictions.

V. Bowers recommended that the Board accepts it and see how it goes.  The Regional Director approved. 

S. Kasemeyer feels that as long as all riders are present at the start that covers the AERC rules and we do not have to special sanction the ride.

The Board approved allowing the staggered start.

V. Bowers reported on the Ft. Stanton ride 7/7/03, (Southwest Region).  Manager is Roger Taylor. This is the second year this ride has been run.   Approved by the Regional Director.  V. Bowers approves.  Unanimously approved for second year sanctioning. 

R. Taylor reported that Susan Gibson has requested a date for the ROC for October 18, 2003.  V. Bowers and R. Taylor have discussed the request.  R. Taylor sent a ride calendar to Susan Gibson with the 2003 dates and requested that she find another date for the ride in that calendar.  Susan Gibson has replied to all the Board members.  R. Taylor will send a reply to S. Gibson when he knows when the AERC Championship Ride is scheduled and where it is and will add that to the calendar.  The date requested by S. Gibson will not be approved by the Regional Sanctioning Director.  Motion by J. Parke to accept Special Sanctioning Committee report.  Motion passed.

RULES COMMITTEE:   R. Eiland reported that the Rules Committee decided this year to put articles in the EN interpreting what our rules actually say.  He gave examples of some of the problems and inconsistencies found when the committee got into the rules and interpretation. R. Eiland reported on motion #2 which was remanded to the Rules Committee yesterday, the rule involving limited distance presented by S. Kasemeyer for M. Price which reads: “For LD completion the horse must cross the finish line within the required time (i.e. 6 hours for 25 miles) and thereafter meet a successful vet check.  Placing will be determined by time the pulse is met.”  The Rules Committee will work on the rewording of this rule and present at a later time. 

Motion #10: . R. Eiland made a motion to replace the word “race” with the word “ride” in Rule 1.2.2. “The rider must state which mileage he will enter if a multiple mileage ride; e.g., 50 mile, 100 mile or 150 mile.”  Effective 12/02.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion #11:  Rule L.2.1.2:  “Control veterinarians are veterinarians employed by ride management to monitor the equines and counsel riders and ride management on equine welfare as well as to uphold the AERC rules. A control veterinarian must be an AERC member, either as a regular member or as a veterinary member. A veterinarian supplying treatment only is not required to be an AERC member.”  R. Eiland made a motion to bring rule L.2.1.2 in line with the endurance rule that was modified at the last meeting.  Effective 12/02. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion #12:  R. Eiland withdraws motion subject to clarification by Veterinary Committee.   Rule L2.1.8 reads:  “Equines that are treated or die at rides shall be reported on a form with ride results to be completed by the ride veterinarian and submitted with ride results. This information will be kept permanently on file at the AERC Office. “  This rule was passed at midyear.  The problem with it is that equines that are treated or die at rides are not reported on a form with ride results.  The veterinarian now submits treatment or fatality on a separate form directly to the Veterinarian Committee.  Rule will be resubmitted.

Motion #13:  R. Eiland made a motion to change the word “completion” to “competition” in rule L5.  “The ride must provide a specific amount of time (total competition time) which will include all stops and holds, and within which competitors must complete the ride to qualify for placing or completion.”  Effective 12/02. Motion passed unanimously.

It was brought up that it was less expensive to print a new rule book versus reprinting a single page. 

J. Parke made a motion to delete Rule and renumber as  This was deferred until evening session.

J. Baldwin made a motion to replace “pre-vet exam” with “pre-ride vet exam” in Rule 11.2.1.  Referred to the Rules Committee.

M. Burton moved and G. Williams seconded to accept Rules Committee report.  Motion passed unanimously.

LEGAL COMMITTEE:  J. Parke reported that he deals with matters as they come up.  Kathleen and J. Parke will communicate on contracts for Chattanooga, Tennessee and insurance issues.  No significant legal issues pending at this moment.  A letter was to be drafted to Alan Balch; still pending. 

PROTEST AND GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE:  J. Parke reported that the P&G has processed a lot of protests this year.  There are three  protests pending at this time.    No appeals on protests that were ruled on. J. Parke stated that the time frame for processing protests is unrealistic.

Motion by J. Stevens and seconded by T. Woolley Howe to approve P&G Committee report.  Motion passed.

Motion by M. Maul, seconded by M. Tomlinson, “In regional or national endurance BC awards, no horse will be listed unless it has 2 or more placings or a minimum of 100 points.”   Motion amended by M. Maul to read:  “In regional or national endurance BC awards, no horse will be listed or awarded unless it has 2 or more placings or a minimum of 100 points.”  Motion passed.

S. Teeter presented Motion #8:  “The ride managers committee will devote a column in Endurance News to addressing the importance of listing all riders that start an endurance or limited distance ride in the final results.  The definition of starting a ride will be discussed with reference to physical start as well as the clock.”  After discussion motion withdrawn by S. Teeter.

(Recess taken at 4:00 p.m.)

(Meeting reconvened at 7:10 p.m.)

J. Baldwin moved, seconded M. Burton that  “All entrants in any distance of a ride know and agree that their entry into the ride is with the stipulation that all activities that relate to the ride are subject to use by AERC for analysis of ways to improve and educate all concerned be they riders, ride managers, veterinarians, etc.”  20-3-1.  Motion passed.

INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE:  The International Committee Budget for 2003 was presented by S. Teeter for M. Foss, DVM.  The 2003 Pan Am Games will be held in Trout Lake, Washington.  It is anticipated the International Committee will make a donation to the 2003 Pam American Championship Committee.  The International Committee Report for August 2002 was also presented.  The World Endurance Championship will be in Jerez, Spain this year.  The USET/USAE dispute has not been resolved.  The Masters Series was initiated this year around the world.   The appointment of Dane Frazier, DVM to the FEI Endurance Committee was official in April.  With Dane’s appointment we will never have a better opportunity to show the world how to run endurance riding than we have now.  Motion made by M. Tomlinson, second by B. Hart to approve International Committee Report.  Motion carried.

TRAILS COMMITTEE:   J. Fruth reported for the benefit of new board members that the Trails Committee is made up of trail committee members and  trails advocates.  Trails advocates do not have a vote.  The committee met and discussed the Ft. Stanton project (see below under Motion #7) and supports the Ft. Stanton project. There is an excess amount in the Trails Budget left over from last year that could go toward this project. 

S. Teeter discussed AERC setting up a general fund that would be available for everyone for different trails projects. 

L. Reidel read from the minutes of 11/01 (midyear) on page 4 regarding parameters for requests for AERC funds to be given to another organization concerning the AHC request.  J. Parke and B. Fleming stated that this was not a grant and did not have to satisfy the parameter request. 

T. Woolley Howe passed a memo around from V. Rutter regarding the AHC.  T. Woolley Howe stated she did not agree with the memo and supported J. Fruth’s budget request.  

G. Williams moved to approve the Trails Committee report.  Seconded by T. Woolley Howe.  Motion passes unanimously.

R. Taylor moved that AERC support the Ft. Stanton Project.  Seconded  by M. Tomlinson.  Motion amended by J. Parke. Amended motion reads: “AERC to pledge an amount up to 20% of the Equine and Potable water project cost, not to exceed $3,000.  The funds specifically targeted for the development of an equine and potable water source at the Ft. Stanton Trailhead and Base Camp.  Upon BOD approval of this motion, the AERC Executive Director will send the pledge letter of confirmation to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Roswell Area office.  If funds are necessary the funding will be a contractor offset of the bid price and not sent directly to BLM.  The AERC contribution shall be disbursed from the AERC Trails budget.”  Motion passed unanimously.

BUDGET REQUESTS:  D. Jackson requests $26,000 for 2003 budget be approved.  Last year’s budget was $22,000. The cost of the awards has increased.  Approved.

V. Rutter of the finance committee requests a total of $870 for 2003 budget, which is $750 for travel for the treasurer or the Finance Committee chair to go to the National Office and telephone reimbursement expenses.  Last year the Finance Committee requested $1,800 – to date only about $400 has been spent.  Approved.

The Media Committee requests $4,500 for 2003 budget. Last year Media Committee requested $3,300.  M. Tomlinson moved, seconded by M. Burton to allocate $4,500 to the Media Committee 2003 budget.  Coverage will be limited to no more than one ride/event per region and will be coordinated by the AERC Executive Director.  21-1-2, approved.

The Ride Manager’s Committee requests $2,500 for the 2003 budget; last year they requested $1,500. None was used.  This will cover advertisement costs geared toward the recruitment of new veterinarians into the AERC.  Ads to appear in vet magazines.  Some of these funds will also go toward producing a veterinarian education video, with guidance from the Vet Committee.  J. Baldwin offered to help with classified ads.  Approved.

The Technical Committee requests $3,700 for 2003 budget; last year’s budget was $3,300. M. Maul moved, seconded by S. Eichelberger.  Approved. 

T. Woolley Howe stated there were no budget requests for Education/Safety, Junior, or National Sponsorship. 

The Trails Committee requests $11,000 for the 2003 budget, plus $3,000 for the Ft. Stanton Project for a total of $14,000.  M. Tomlinson moved and S. Kasemeyer seconded that $14,000 ($3,000 to be taken out of the Trails Fund for the Ft. Stanton Project and $11,000 to be taken out of the General Fund) be allocated for the Trails Committee 2003 budget.   Approved.

The Veterinarian Committee requests $1,500 for 2003 budget for miscellaneous expense; last year’s budget was $2,500 and none spent. Approved.

J. Parke requests $1,500 for the P&G Committee for 2003 budget for miscellaneous expenses.  Approved unanimously.

The International Committee requests $5,620 for 2003 budget; last year’s budget was $5,260, and they went over budget.  Their expenditures come from their income.  Approved.

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE:  D. Barnett reported that the National Championship ride for 2003-2004 will be held in Reno, Nevada at  Ross Creek Ranch (Red Rock ride site).  Ride managers will be Carol and Steven Hoeft, co-managers Robert and Melissa Ribley, and the Nevada Allstate Trail Riders will help as well.  The ride date is tentatively scheduled for October 11, 2003. D. Barnett moved approve Reno, Nevada as the ride site for the 2003-2004 National Championship ride.  Seconded by T. Woolley Howe.  Motion passed. 

D. Barnett passed out a summary of what the committee will be doing between now and convention.  Recommendations for 2005-2006, and 2007-2008 ride sites are being solicited.  The 2005-2006 ride site will be in the East (more central United States).  The committee will have articles in the EN soliciting ride managers to nominate their rides for the 2005-2006 and 2007-2008.  Mail-out requests will be sent to the Regional Directors and ride managers. 

D. Barnett requests $300 for 2003 budget to cover printing and mailing costs.  Motion by G. Williams, seconded by S. Eichelberger to approve $300 budget request and National Championship committee report.  Approved. 

R. Eiland  stated the qualifications for the National Championship Ride for the years 2003-2004.  Motion passed at National Convention March 2002.  Qualifications are:  Minimum 300 endurance miles rider and horse team and top five in rider’s weight division in a 50 mile sanctioned ride or 100 mile sanctioned ride during the qualification period, or 1000 career miles of rider and horse team.  The qualification period is between the 13th and the 1st month preceding the date of the National Championship ride.

RULES COMMITTEE:   R. Eiland reviewed several rules for revisions and additions to the rule book.

R. Eiland explained that the Vet Committee made a motion in 1999, approved unanimously by the 1999 BOD but never put Rule in Rule Book as proposed.  The previous Rules Committee changed the wording of Rule to kind of blend the above new rule into the old – that was the cause of the problem.

D. Barnett made a motion on behalf of the Vet Committee to put new Rule into the Rule Book as originally proposed.  Rule “Any equine not meeting pulse criteria within 30 minutes of arrival at a veterinary check point within the ride will be disqualified.”

R. Eiland amended the motion on behalf of the Rules Committee to read:  Rule “Any equine not meeting pulse criteria within 30 minutes of arrival at a veterinary check point other than the post finish line vet check will be disqualified.”

Rule Revision: Rule to read:  “All equines must stand a mandatory post ride evaluation within one hour of finish.  Riders may present their equines for the final examination at a time of their choosing during the one-hour period.  An equine that does not meet the established criteria including pulse criteria within one hour of crossing the finish line shall be disqualified.  Once a competing equine has passed the post ride examination, it may not be removed from the completion for veterinarian reasons.”

Rule Revision: Rule to read:  “The equine must reach a reasonable pulse recovery based on ambient conditions.  The maximum pulse criterion is 68 beats per minute; however, the ride veterinarian(s) may allow a higher pulse criteria in documented extreme weather conditions.  Respiration should be evaluated on its own merit.  Ambient temperature and humidity effect need to be recognized and their effects on respiration rate considered.”

R. Eiland moved to accept the above additions and revisions.  Seconded by: J. Parke.  Passed unanimously.

T. Woolley Howe presented Motion #15 from the Finance Committee.  “The $1 drug testing fee will be eliminated effective December 1, 2002 and not be reinstated until a testing program is implemented that is followed.”  After discussion T. Woolley Howe withdraw the motion.

OLD BUSINESS:  M. Maul requested a better explanation about what kind of directors insurance the board has.  K. Henkel has requested a letter from the insurance carrier.  She will follow up on it when she returns to the office. 

NEW BUSINESS:  R. Rittenhouse resigned as Director at Large of the AERC effective at the close of the board meeting on  August 25, 2002. 

J. Parke reviewed the procedure for replacement of a Director at Large.  The replacement will be selected from original candidates for the Director at Large election and will be the member who had the highest number of votes immediately following the elected candidates. 

 V. Bowers made a motion, seconded by J. Parke  to excuse M. Price from the meeting due to illness.  Motion passed. 

T. Woolley Howe made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by J. Parke.

(Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.) 

Respectfully Submitted,

Jan Jeffers, Secretary