August 23, 2002

Salt Lake City, Utah


NOTE:  These minutes have not yet been approved by the Board.  Any corrections and/or additions will be published in a subsequent issue of Endurance News.


The meeting was called to order by President Barney Fleming at 7:15 p.m.  Also present were Roger Rittenhouse, Dane Frazier, Stephanie Teeter, Louise Riedel, Susan Kasemeyer, Maryben Stover, Becky Hart, Vonita Bowers,  Dean Jackson, Stan Eichelberger, Duane Barnett, Margie Burton, Randy Eiland, Jan Jeffers, Mike Maul, Connie Caudill, Patti Pizzo, Jim Baldwin, Jan Stevens, Gail Williams, Terry Woolley Howe, Roger Taylor,  John Parke, Mike Tomlinson, and Executive Director, Kathleen Henkel. Absent was Maggy Price.


The president thanked the BOD for all their dedication and tremendous personal and financial effort required to attend the meeting.  Ground rules were read that would govern the meeting.


SECRETARY’S REPORT:   Secretary Jan Jeffers read the following additions/deletions to the minutes of February 28, 2002 and March 2, 2002:


  1. Protest Committee:  Change word “large” to “a”; change second “large group” to “the rest of the riders” did not miss the turn. Strike out “The group that missed the turn came back to camp.”
  1. Rule 2.1.2 should read:  “Control veterinarians are veterinarians employed by ride management to monitor the equines and counsel riders and ride management on equine welfare as well as to uphold the AERC rules.  A control veterinarian must be an AERC member, either as a regular member or as a veterinary member.  A veterinarian supplying treatment only is not required to be an AERC member.” Passed unanimously.
  2. Adjournment was left off on minutes of 3/2/02:  “M. Maul moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by  T. Woolley Howe”


T. Woolley Howe moved and G. Williams seconded a motion to approve the minutes.  Motion carried.


NATIONAL OFFICE REPORT:   Kathleen Henkel reported on the office move.  The new office is in a nicer location and more centralized.  Membership is up, 5,850 to date.  The new office software, TomCat, is a superior program and provides the office with more data than the old program.  Kathleen read the action items that have been done by the office.  Motion by T. Woolley Howe, seconded by J. Stevens to accept National Office report.  Motion carried.


S. Teeter made a motion to adopt an Action Summary Status Report to the BOD by the AERC office.  “No later than three weeks before a meeting of the BOD, the Executive Director shall present an action summary status report which will describe the status of all action items or motions which were approved by the BOD at the previous meeting or session.  This report will include items or motions from previous action summaries which have not been resolved or are still pending.  The report shall include: (1) Date of resolution or progress; (2) Individual or committee action; (3) Cost to date and estimated further costs, if any.” After discussion, S. Teeter withdrew the motion. 


TECHNICAL COMMITTEE:  M. Maul reported that the bylaws are on line now (old and new) for members.  The AERC on-line services have moved to a commercial ISP.  The Technical Committee has also added a rider look-up page for Ride Managers to use for checking dues paid members, as well as an update function with the Arabian Horse Registry Association.  M. Maul would like to see renewal/new member applications on-line using Visa and support for EasyCare Ride Manager results going directly into TomCat.  M. Maul said that the EN could be put on line as a partial EN or full with member password access.  Also a database containing old EN articles could be created on-line.  Members can then search for various subjects and have access to articles.  On-line sanctioning is being used fairly regularly.  S. Kasemeyer stated that there was a discrepancy in mileage – no record prior to 1985.  M. Maul said they could be put on-line but would have to be input as a lump sum.  The drug program and policy has been put on-line. 


M. Maul showed several graphs with number of riders in 2001 who rode rides in 1996 and 2001, who participated, with the number of rides dropping off sharply after four rides per member and membership for 1996-2002.  The year 2002 was the highest membership. Motion by Gail Williams, seconded by Stan Eichelberger to accept Technical Committee report.  Motion carried.


CONVENTION COMMITTEE:  S. Kasemeyer reported that there were lots of volunteers.  The new convention center will be open this October and ready for our use in 2003.  S. Kasemeyer reported that Angie McGhee would be the Master of Ceremonies for the convention.  There are a good selection of vendors.  Chattanooga can be reached by flying into Atlanta, Georgia or Nashville, Tennessee and then taking a shuttle to the hotel.  R. Eiland suggested flyers or posters be made up to generate interest.  K. Henkel reported she is lining up a great group of speakers.  Motion by M. Tomlinson, seconded by Terry Woolley-Howe to accept the report.  Motion carried.


S. Kasemeyer made a motion on behalf of M. Price.  “For LD completion the horse must cross the finish line within the required time (i.e. 6 hours for 25 miles) and thereafter meet a successful vet check.  Placings will be determined by time the pulse is met.”  Seconded by Margie Burton. Motion withdrawn. After discussion R. Taylor made a motion, seconded by V. Bowers to remand the proposed rule change to the Rules Committee for rewording.  Motion passed.


LIMITED DISTANCE COMMITTEE:  G. Williams reported that the committee would like to see the use of the AERC format when judging BC for limited distance.  Currently Rule L9.2 reads:  “Use of the AERC Best Condition System is optional with ride management.”  The committee feels that there needs to be continuity.  


Motion by G. Williams, seconded by M. Burton:  “Criteria for selecting a Best Condition horse on a Limited Distance ride be the same in all ways as that for any other endurance distance.”  Motion was unclear, so G. Williams withdrew motion and will reword.  R. Eiland suggested that a survey questionnaire be made up to ask riders what they want.

AWARDS COMMITTEE:  D. Jackson reported that Trail-Rite Products would like to sponsor a new award, “Gallant Geldings Award.”  Currently we have awards for mares and stallions.  Motion by D. Jackson, second J. Stevens to create a Gallant Gelding award based on mileage, one horse, one rider, recognizing top five placings.  Sponsored by Tammy Robinson and Trail-Rite Products – Bronze level sponsor.  Effective 2003 ride season.  9-15-1.  Motion defeated. 

Motion to approve Awards Committee report.  Motion carried.

SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE:  D. Jackson reported that for the National Championship Ride the High Kaliber Ranch is a Platinum level sponsor.  Our Sundowner sponsorship has three more years.  Motion by S. Kasemeyer, second M. Tomlinson to approve Sponsorship Committee report.  Motion passed.

HOUSEKEEPING:  R. Eiland stepped down as Sanction Director for the ROC 2003. 

Motion by S. Teeter, second by J. Jeffers:  “Delegate sanctioning authority for the Southwest Region, as it pertains to the Special Sanction Request made by Susan Gibson for the 2003 ROC, to Roger Taylor, Southwest Director.”  Motion passed.

RIDE MANAGERS COMMITTEE:  C. Caudill withdrew motion  #4 and  made a new motion.  Rule 11.2 to read:  “Pioneer rides are series of rides on consecutive days totaling three days or more and 155 miles or more.”

S. Teeter moved the motion be remanded back to the Ride Managers Committee.   Remand failed.

The BOD voted 13 to 11 to support what turned out to be an existing policy on Pioneer Rides.  Pioneer events are already defined as 3-day – 155 miles or more only.  Three-day 150-mile rides would not need special sanctioning and would not get Pioneer points. 

Motion by C. Caudill regarding ride insurance.  “AERC sanctioned rides are required to have insurance and AERC must be listed as an additional insured.  Effective date 12/01/02 for the 2003 ride season.”  Motion passed.

Action Request:  The Ride Managers Committee asked the office look into options for ride insurance and bids from various insurance companies.  R. Taylor will coordinate with the office getting bids from various insurance companies. 

(Meeting recessed at 9:40 p.m.)