Board of Directors Meeting

February 28, 2002  Reno, Nevada

NOTE: These minutes have not yet been approved by the Board. Any corrections and additions will be published in a subsequent issue of Endurance News.


Prior to the opening of the meeting President Barney Fleming introduced Mathew Mac­kay Smith, who spoke on the topic Reducing the Risks of Racing, a different way of evaluating our achievements.

The meeting opened at 6:20 p.m. Present in addition to President Fleming were Duane Barnett, Susan Kasemeyer, Lawrence Kanavy, Maryben Stover, Becky Hart, Earle Baxter, Vonita Bowers, Dane Frazier, Jim Baldwin, Randy Eiland, Jerry Fruth, Louise Riedel, Vicki Rutter, Roger Rittenhose,John Parke, Mike Maul, Steph Teeter, Dean Jackson, Gail Williams, Terry Woolley Howe, Barbara McCrary and Maggy Price.

The president introduced the new Board members: West-Jan Jeffers, SW-Roger Taylor, MW-Connie Caudill, NE-Stan Eichelberger, Patti Pizzo, Mountain-Jan Stevens, and Central-Margie Burton. He thanked the outgoing Directors: Earle Baxter, Barbara McCrary, both approximately 20 years; Larry Kanavy, Jerry Fruth, Vicki Rutter 2 years; Lem Beason 3 years and Susan Schomburg 4 years.

The President, concerning the Special Rules of Order for the meeting, announced that debate would be limited to one minute and would be conducted in a clockwise direction with a second round of discussion with a 30 second limit. All motions and amendments must be in writing and presented to the secretary. Motions entered from committee must be the result of action by that committee. Debate will be limited to the items on the agenda.

The International Committee report was added to the agenda immediately after dinner

Minutes. Secretary Louise Riedel read the following addition to the minutes of the November 3, 2001 board meeting, and moved that they be approved as corrected. M. Price seconded. Motion carried.

1. Add under Treasurer’s Report:  V. Rutter moved to accept the budget. Carried unanimously.

2. Under Veterinary Committee on p. 4 add to item F).Motion carried unanimously. D. Barnett moved from committee that the rules be amended to include the following ‘that the control veterinarian’s job at an endurance ride includes, but is not limited to, the following: a. to help protect the welfare of the equine, b. to counsel the riders and ride management on horse welfare.’

The president asked for a motion to accept the AERC Special Rules of Order. John Parke objected to adopting them as rules on the grounds of inflexibility. A show of hands was unanimous for refusal to adopt.

National Office Report. Kathleen reported everything going well in the office. J. Fruth questioned the absence of recognition of the 2000 National Championship Ride winners in that Yearbook. R. Eiland moved that the results, including photos of the 2000 AERC National Championship events, be reproduced in a subsequent Endurance News in a format such that said article can be included in the 2000 AERC Yearbook. M. Price seconded. Motion carried.

Affiliation With USAE. Dane Frazier presented the following motion: AERC is to enter into an affiliate membership agreement with the FEI recognized National Federation for Endurance (currently USA Equestrian), immediately following the signing, by both USAE and AERC, of the written document containing the terms agreed upon by both organizations. The agreement must be reviewed by the AERC Legal Committee approved by the AERC Executive Committee before signing. M. Price seconded.

 Steph Teeter proposed the following amendment to the motion: The agreement must be reviewed by the legal committee and reviewed by the members of the AERC Board of Directors and approved by the AERC Executive Committee before signing. D. Jackson seconded. Motion to amend defeated 9 aye, 12 nay, 1 abstention.

Terry Woolley Howe moved for a roll call vote on the original motion. Randy seconded. Motion for roll call vote passed. Original motion to reaffiliate defeated 7 aye, 15 nay. Voting in favor were Riedel, Bowers, Jackson, Baxter, Teeter, Kasemeyer, Frazier; Voting in opposition were Fruth, Rutter, Kanavy, Williams, Howe, Parke, Barnett, Eiland, McCrary, Stover, Baldwin, Hart, Maul, Price, Ritten-house.

M. Price moved to remand this issue for more discussion on Sunday. R. Rittenhouse seconded. Motion defeated.

T . Woolley Howe moved that a letter be sent to USAE to indicate our desire to affiliate, but need the board of directors to individually review the document so the entire board can vote on the document. L. Kanavy seconded. J. Fruth moved to amend that J. Parke write the above letter. R. Eiland seconded. Motion to amend defeated. The motion as presented by T. Woolley Howe carried 14 to 6 with 1 abstention.

Rules Committee. B. McCrary quoted the proposed addition to the Preamble which reads ‘Additional measures may be taken by any ride to provide greater safety for equine and rider, provided these do not conflict with nor cancel any AERC rule.’ The Rules Committee approves this and recommends its passage. Remanded to Ride Managers Committee.

International Committee. M. Foss reviewed the Pan Am Ride. He described the new selection process for the World Championship ride in Spain. The International Committee is anxious to see the re-affiliation with USAE. The International related committees have been meeting during the course of the convention.

Sanctioning Committee. There have been no meetings. R. Eiland announced that the Race of Champions has been sanctioned as a regular endurance ride with a limited entrance. V. Bowers will write an article for EN instructing ride managers on how to fill out sanctioning forms.

Treasurer’s Report. V. Rutter reviewed the balance sheets from 2000 and 2001. Two new money market accounts were added. The results showed a record setting net income of $97,700.

A request had been made at the November board meeting for information concerning a 501h Election regarding lobbying. J. Parke showed a film concerning this subject. The estimated cost of a 501h election is $2500 per year. Discussion followed. No action was taken.

V. Rutter moved that ‘Available funds shall always be invested in accounts that are insured by the FDIC. No account shall be allowed to exceed the FDIC limit, which is currently $100,000. These accounts shall all be either money market accounts or Certificates of Deposits with a term no longer than 15 months.’ T. Woolley Howe seconded. Motion carried.

J. Fruth moved to eliminate the $1.00 added starting rider fee for the Trails Committee. S. Teeter seconded. Motion carried with one abstention.

Veterinary Committee. D. Barnett reported that FEI had voted to allow the use of Gastroguard. The Veterinary Committee voted to disallow its use based on our ‘no drug’ policy. In 2001 58 horses at 11 rides were tested, with no positives.

D. Barnett for the Veterinary Committee moved to eliminate the ‘post ride statistical report’ and incorporate it into the Head Vet Mail-out. Motion carried unanimously.

D. Barnett proposed that the following be incorporated into rule 2.1.2: ‘Control veterinarians are all veterinarians employed by ride management to monitor the equines and counsel riders and ride management on equine welfare as well as to uphold the AERC rules. A control veterinarian must be an AERC member either as a regular member or as a veterinary member. A veterinarian supplying treatment only is not required to be an AERC member. He moved that the above be presented to the board in written form and deferred until the Sunday meeting. T. Woolley Howe seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Ride Managers Committee. R. Eiland moved for committee that ‘Membership dues for alternate ride managers be the same as veterinary membership fees if the alternate ride manager is not a full AERC member.’ T. Woolley Howe moved for a roll call vote; V. Bowers secondedÑcarried 14-4. Voting on the original motion was aye-10, nay-10; abstention-1. The president voted nay to break the tie and defeat the motion.

Regarding the preamble to the bylaws. The following had been remanded from the Rules Committee to the Ride Managers Committee. Randy Eiland moved that the prase in italics be added to the preamble. ‘Additional measures may be taken by any ride to provide greater safety for equine and rider, provided these do not conflict with nor cancel any AERC rule.’ Motion defeated 5 aye, 16 nay.

Trails Committee. J. Fruth asked that the trails report be deferred until Sunday.

Legal and By-Laws Committee. J. Parke moved to ‘Exucse absences of Jim Baldwin, Maggy Price, and C. Mike Tomlinson from the midyear board meeting in Phoenix AZ and/or the board meetings in Reno, Nevada on February 28 2002, March 2 and 3, 2002. Motion carried unanimously.

Technical Committee. M. Maul reported that sanctioning requests, as well as other materials necessary for ride managers can be taken care of online. The old and proposed bylaws appear side-by-side online. A poll concerning whether to increase convention to three days received 66 answers. AERC and AHRA registries will be linked. Records are continuously being updated online.

S. Teeter moved that No later than three weeks after a meeting of the BOD, the executive director shall summarize all action items or motions which were proposed and approved by the BOD and shall provide this summary to the BOD along with 1) a timeline for resolution and 2) any individuals or committees to which the action item has been delegated and 3) an estimate of the cost to the AERC of carrying out the proposed item. S. Kasemeyer seconded. After discussion S. Teeter withdrew the motion.

T. Woolley Howe moved to adjourn. J. Fruth seconded. Meeting closed at 11:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Louise Riedel, Secretary


General Meeting

March 2, 2002  Reno, Nevada

President Barney Fleming called the meeting to order at 10:55 a.m. The first order of business was to recognize the newly elected directors and swear them in. President Fleming thanked the outgoing directors: E. Baxter, B. McCrary, V. Rutter, L. Beason, J . Fruth, L. Kanavy, S. Schomburg. The newly elected regional were introduced and sworn in by Bob Suhr: Mtn. - Jana Stevens; West - Jan Jeffers; East - Stan Eichelberger, P. Pizzo; Central M. Burton; SW - Roger Taylor; MW - Connie Caudill.

The next order of business was election of officers, conducted by Bob Suhr.

President - R. Eiland nominated B. Fleming. M. Prince moved to close nominations. B. Fleming elected unanimously.

Vice President - M. Maul nominated S. Teeter. M. Price moved to close nominations, S. Kasemeyer seconded. S. Teeter elected unanimously.

Secretary - L. Riedel nominated Roger Taylor; M. Maul nominated J. Jeffers. J. Parke moved to close nominations; T. W. Howe seconded. Both candidates spoke on behalf of their candidacies. Jan Jeffers was elected.

Treasurer - J. Parke nominated T.W. Howe. M. Price moved to close nominations. T.W. Howe elected unanimously.

President Fleming opened the meeting to the general membersip for comments and questions. Meeting closed at 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Louise Riedel, Secretary