October 20, 2000               
NOTE: These minutes have not yet been approved by the Board. Any corrections and additions
will be published in a subsequent issue of Endurance News.

     The meeting was called to order by President Randy Eiland at 2:45 p.m. Also present were Courtney Hart, Earle Baxter, Hans Devouassoux, Jerry Fruth, Duane Barnett, Susan Kasemeyer, Steph Teeter, Maryben Stover, Becky Hart, Lem Beason, Maggy Price, Dane Frazier, Vicki Rutter, Barbara McCrary, Vonita Bowers, Jim Baldwin, Dean Jackson, Gail D. Williams, Crockett Dumas, Susan Schomburg, Barney Fleming, Terry Woolley Howe, John H. Parke, Randy Eiland, and Kathleen A. Henkel, representing the National Office.                       
     T. Howe nominated John H. Parke to replace C. Mike Tomlinson as Director of the Pacific Southwest Region; seconded by Courtney Hart. Carried unanimously. C. Hart handled the swearing in of J. Parke. M. Tomlinson now resides in the Northeast Region. It was moved by C. Hart and seconded by T.W. Howe that the entire Board acts as a committee of the whole meeting with regard to the Bylaws Committee for purposes of discussion of the Bylaws Revision by Steve Rutter, Chairman, Bylaws Committee. Carried unanimously.    
     Bylaws Committee work is ongoing and a revised copy of the bylaws reflecting the opinions of the board expressed at the Midyear Meeting will be sent to all board members for continued review and revision.          
     Break - 5:16 p.m. for dinner. Resume 5:40 p.m.                                                        
     It was moved and seconded that the group move out of committee and return to the original board meeting.          
     Louise Riedel's presence was sadly missed. A card was sent around for signatures. Everyone wishes her a speedy recovery.         

Duane Barnett- Vet Committee Report:            
17 rides have been tested to date and no positives have been found. Ten different veterinarians have been involved with the testing; Dr. Barnett stated the results must be printed in the Endurance News.             
After the departure of the last Executive Director a committee including Hans Devouassoux, Vicki Rutter, Karen Steenhof, Dean Jackson, and Randy Eiland, was formed to move forward with a search for a new Executive Director.

The meeting was opened for questions of Dean Jackson, Chair of the committee. Kathleen Henkel, representing the National Office, was asked to leave the room at this time. Tape OFF. Meeting concluded for the evening.