AERC Board of Directors Meeting

March 2, 2000 Reno, Nevada


Note: These minutes have not been approved. Please watch Endurance News for corrections.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 a.m. by President Randy Eiland. Also in attendance were Board Members Maggy Price, Frank Farmer, Dean Jackson, Earle Baxter, Susan Kasemeyer, Jim Baldwin, Dane Frazier, Crockett Dumas, Vonita Bowers, Barbara McCrary, Courtney Hart, Linda Van Ceylon, Maryben Stover, Becky Hart, Louise Riedel, Jan Worthington, Terry Woolley Howe, Barney Fleming, Lem Beason, Mike Tomlinson and Stephanie Teeter. The following newly elected directors were seated without vote or comment privileges: Gail Williams, Hans Devouassoux, Vicki Rutter, Jerry Fruth and Duane Barnett.

SECRETARY'S REPORT - L. Riedel presented corrections to the minutes of the midyear meeting as follows: Replace paragraph under EDUCATION as follows: M. Price moved "to include names of non-finishers (with code to explain reason) in ride results." Motion made to amend by stating, "horses pulled for rider option must be examined by the veterinarian and codes for the real reason stated, and that the name of the head veterinarian be listed on the ride calendar and in the results." Motion to amend carried. Original motion with amendment carried unanimously.


NATIONAL OFFICE REPORT D. Patrick presented the Executive Director's report, including statistics on membership, C. Hart questioned an item listing complimentary members-he pointed out that they are not allowed under the by-laws. D. Patrick stated that they are in the database, and he will check. R. Eiland reported on an AERC exhibit and booth at the Scottsdale Arabian Show. It generated a good deal of interest and was deemed successful. Plans are under way for similar displays at Equitana and Western States Expo.

FINANCE COMMITTEE - Vicki Rutter reviewed the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement on a line-by-line basis. The Profit and Loss Statement showed total income of $573,874.55, total expenses of $485,100.34, and net income of $62,109.79. Vicki was thanked for her work. The report will be printed in Endurance News.

TRAILS COMMITTEE - Connie Berto, who has been chairman of the Trails Committee for five years, has resigned in that capacity, but will continue on the committee as chairman emeritus. She reported on government programs, which will impact trail usage: namely the Clean Water Act and the Certified Weed Free Feed program. She described an organization, Enduro Horse, which has been founded with one of the goals being to provide research on items concerning horse impact on the environment. A proposal for AERC to donate funds for their research will be presented at the Sunday meeting.

BY-LAWS AND LEGAL COMMITTEE - R. Eiland reported that R. Maxwell, committee chairman, has proposed to oversee the rewriting of rules and by-laws.

RULES COMMITTEE - V. Bowers distributed the newest proposed Rules and Regulations. The major change is the revision providing for separate sections for Endurance and Limited Distance. A vote to approve will be taken at the Sunday meeting. V. Bowers moved, T. Woolley Howe seconded that the following be established as policy: Current renewing members receive a grace period from December I until January 31 in which non-member fees are not charged and points and miles may be recovered without a research fee. Motion carried unanimously. The committee will be looking at discrepancies between the by-laws and present Protest and Grievance Committee policies.


T.W. Howe stated that due to failure to publish the names of all the qualifying rides for the National Championship, two rides have already taken place without notification. The committee decided to add another 100 mile ride in California, and that the people who completed the 50-mile Hallelujah Ride under the misunderstanding that it was a qualifying ride will be qualified.


D. Barnett reported that 16 rides were chosen by lottery for drug testing. Seventy horses were tested. There were no positives.


A protest was filed against Stephanie Teeter as NW sanctioning director by Heidi Smith. The protest was rejected by the committee.



Tony Benedetti reported on a workshop concerning the Welfare of the Horse held today. They are hoping to get a position paper for the use of AHSA in dealing with FEI. The committee would like the Board to recognize that AERC International represents AERC.



M. Price stated there is a need to update the Riders' Handbook



Jackson reported that all the awards are in place and came in slightly under budget.



This committee deals primarily with U.S.- Canada relations. C. Hart reported only a small percentage of Canadian rides are sanctioned by AERC mainly due to the difficulty with rate of exchange. One solution might be to run rides under AERC rules in return for reduced fees but with reduced services. This concept could be extended to Central and South American countries. C. Hart submitted his resignation as chairman of this committee.



B. McCrary proposed revising the Ride Managers' Handbook. The committee will also investigate the possibility of producing a video aimed toward new veterinarians. J. Baldwin stated that such a video was produced by Oklahoma State University.


SANCTIONING COMMITEE - E. Baxter reported that the only problem currently is with the protest filed by Heidi Smith. There were 733 rides sanctioned in 1999. It was suggested that sanctioning directors be more thorough in approving rides.


OLD BUSINESS - Hall of Fame Proposal.

W. Howe moved, B. McCrary seconded that John Parke be allowed to proceed with the Proposal to Establish an AERC Hall of Fame, even though the resolution concerning this subject was voted down at the midyear meeting. Motion carried 20-1. He proposed to develop a memorandum of understanding, which will be the vehicle for AERC and other interested organizations to indicate their official approval of the project. Approval of the MOU will commit each participating organization to an amount equal to the cost of incorporating

divided by the number of participants, (approximately $500).

D. Jackson moved to refer the matter to the finance committee which will meet with J. Parke and bring back a report for the Sunday meeting. T.W. Howe seconded. D. Frazier moved to amend by including the legal committee. C. Dumas seconded.

It was pointed out that the legal committee is not represented at this meeting. T.W. Howe moved to further amend by sending it to the finance committee and back to the board for a vote subject to legal approval. . Fleming seconded. This amendment defeated 17-4 by roll call vote (Nay: Price, Farmer, Kasemeyer, Baldwin, Frazier, Dumas, Bowers, C. Hart, Van Ceylon, M. Stover, B. Hart, Riedel, Worthington, McCrary, Beason, Tomlinson. Yes: Jackson, Baxter, Howe, Fleming). A roll call vote on the motion as amended by the first amendment passed 14-7. (Yes: Jackson, Baxter, Dumas, Bowers, C. Hart, Stover, B. Hart, Worthington, McCrary, Howe, Fleming, Beason, Tomlinson, Teeter. Nay: Price, Farmer, Kasemeyer, Baldwin, Frazier, Riedel, Van Ceylon.

WESTERN STATES PROPOSAL A motion had been tabled at the midyear meeting to accept WSTF's request that AERC purchase one mile of the Western states Trail through their "Adopt the Trail" campaign at a cost of $5,280. Bill Piper, resident of WSTF, explained the program. Price moved that AERC not buy a mile of the Tevis trail. B. McCrary seconded, motion carried unanimously.


APPEAL AGAINST DECISION OF PROTEST AND GRIEVANCE - In the matter of the appeal filed by Janet Frederickson against the decision of the Protest and Grievance committee concerning he outcome of the Posse Ride. T.W. Howe moved that the appeal be denied. Seconded. Hart moved for a roll call vote. Seconded. Motion carried 14-6 with one abstention Yes: Price, Farmer, Baxter, Kasemeyer, Frazier, Dumas, Bowers, B. Hart, Riedel, Worthington, McCrary, Howe, Fleming, Beason, Tomlinson, Teeter. No: Jackson, C. Hart, Van Ceylon, Stover. Abstain: Baldwin. M. Tomlinson moved that the Board educate this ride manager and all ride managers as to the need for safety throughout he ride. B. Fleming seconded. Referred to he Education committee, Meeting adjourned at 11:25 p.m. Louise Riedel, Secretary

Louise Riedel, Secretary




President Randy Eiland called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. Robert Suhr installed new Directors Gail Williams, Hans Devouassoux, Vicki Rutter, Jerry Fruth and Duane Barnett. The next order of business was election of officers. President: M. Price nominated Randy Eiland. L. Beason nominated Crockett Dumas, who declined. M. Price moved to close the nominations. T.W. Howe seconded. Motion carried. V. Rutter moved to vote by acclamation. B. McCrary seconded,

Motion carried,

Vice President: L. Riedel nominated Maryben Stover. M. Price moved to close the nominations, G. Williams seconded, Motion carried. S. Kasemeyer moved to vote by acclamation, T.W. Howe seconded. Motion carried.

Secretary: M. Price nominated L. Riedel. T.W. Howe moved to close nominations. Motion seconded and carried. M. Price moved to vote by acclamation. Motion seconded and carried.

Treasurer. S. Kasemeyer nominated V.

Rutter. Maggy P. moved to close nominations. Motion seconded and carried. M. Tomlinson moved to vote by acclamation. Motion seconded and carried. The session was opened to the general Membership for questions and responses.