February 25, 1999

Reno, Nevada


These minutes have not been approved. Please watch Endurance News for corrections.


The meeting was called to order by President Dane Frazier. Also answering to roll call were Barbara McCrary, Earle Baxter, Crockett Dumas, Randy Eiland, Terry Woolley Howe, Stephanie Teeter, Trilby Pederson, Maryben Stover, Donna Snyder Smith, Brenda Baird, Maggy Price, Roger Blalock, Linda VanCeylon, David Clinton, Dean Jackson, Susan Kasemeyer, Stagg Newman, Mike Tomlinson, Ramey Peticolas-Stroud, Vonita Bowers, Jim Baldwin, Louise Riedel, Jan Worthington, Courtney Hart, and Executive Director Doyle Patrick. Also seated, but without vote, were new Board members Becky Hart, Barney Fleming and Lem Beason.


The President announced that at this meeting committee reports and old business would be considered.


SECRETARY'S REPORT. The minutes of the midyear board meeting were corrected as follows:. "R. Peticolas Stroud moved that By-Laws Article V, Section".... be changed to read .... " Maggy Price moved ..... " S. Kasemeyer moved, M. Price seconded to approve the minutes as amended. Motion carried unanimously.


TREASURER'S REPORT. Stagg Newman presented a report showing Income of $56,685.58, Expenses of $37,4833.24, leaving a Net Income of $19,202,34. A complete statement is attached to these minutes and will be printed in Endurance News. He moved from the office committee that a full audit be completed for the fiscal year of 1999. It was moved to table this matter until the Sunday Board meeting.


Paulette Brehob, chairman of the Ride Managers Committee moved for committee that a proposed revision of the Ride Managers' Handbook be accepted. Motion carried.


A discussion of the settlement concerning the past executive director was tabled until the executive session Sunday.




NATIONAL OFFICE D. Patrick stated that we are completing negotiations for the purchase of the computer data base system, Sherlock, from Mark Holmes for $5000, with no ongoing fees.

Convention - The trade show is full and we have met the hotel room commitments. The Pavilion trade show center and meeting rooms are complimentary.

Membership - the membership level presently is the same as of May I, 1998 (approximately 3500). New members totalling 406 have joined under the Sundowner discount program. There are at present 1300 members from 1998 who have not rejoined. The restructuring of memberships, possibly to include an inactive division, will be presented later. There is a need to determine the actual cost to the office of each new member.


BY-LAWS - R. Peticolas Stroud reported that the changes to the by-laws are be filed with the state of California. The certificate of incorporation and other documents are in order.

Thanks were extended to R. Peticolas-Stroud for taking care of the search committee in the hiring of the executive director and for arranging the contract with the Silver Legacy; and to R. Eiland for securing the Sundowner discount and other sponsors.


AWARDS - D. Jackson announced that awards had come in about $3000 under budget.


COMPETITIONS - M. Price presented a proposal whereby competitive rides could be put on in conjunction with a sanctioned endurance ride if they are sanctioned by one of the recognized trail organizations. This proposal will be considered at the Sunday meeting.

National Championship Ride--the following recommendations were presented

>In the case where a junior rider qualified but the sponsor did not, the adult may ride as a sponsor, but would get career mileage only

>Mileage earned would not be applied to the regional awards, but to career mileage only

>The head veterinarian should be from the veterinary committee.

>Within 30 days of qualifying the rider must notify the national office of intent to enter and send in half of the entry fee. Balance to be paid 30 days pre-ride. 100% refund up to 30-days pre-ride, 80% after that. >The ride should be at the same location two years in a row

>The ride may not be held in conjunction with an open ride

>The 50 and 100 mile distances may be held on different days.


TRAILS Connie Berto spoke of the need for research to address such problems as the threat of water pollution from horses. In regard to funding for the Trails Fund, which is used for attendance at symposiums etc., she suggested that a check box for donations be included on membership applications. D. Patrick agreed that this will be done.


PROTEST AND GRIEVANCE - Jim Rogan announced that four protests had been considered, three of which were resolved with one resulting in a penalty based on a positive drug test. He feels that if there is failure of a ride manager to conduct a ride according to rules, it is the function of any director present at the ride to initiate a protest. He also presented a proposed director's ride analysis.


VETERINARY COMMITTEE - Dr. Robert Beecher reported that 12 rides were tested in 1998, with 16 to be done in 1999. The committee discussed the quality of veterinary care at rides, testing procedures, novice veterinarian training programs and shortage of veterinarians. A letter is being written concerning treatment and necessary equipment, and a new handbook is being prepared to be sent to every veterinarian who served in 1998. He suggested that ride managers should confer with their veterinarians pre-ride. D. Clinton requested that the names of rides than have been tested appear in Endurance News.


D. Patrick stated that regional directors would present their regions' awards at the Trade Show at scheduled times.


LIMITED DISTANCE - Two items had been remanded to committee at the midyear board meeting.

1. Concerning a national Limited Distance best condition award: D. Snyder Smith moved for committee that we add a national Limited Distance best condition award retroactively to December 1, 1998, and that we spend up to $300 to upgrade the computer. She moved to request a roll call vote. Motion carried. The motion to add the LD award failed 21-2. Voting yes: Snyder, Kasemeyer. Voting no: McCrary, Baxter, Dumas, Eiland, Howe, Teeter, Pederson, Stover, Baird, Price, Blalock, Van Ceylon, Clinton, Jackson, Newman, Tomlinson, Peticolas-Stroud, Bowers, Baldwin, Riedel, Worthington, Hart. M. Tomlinson moved that this item be brought up again at the next annual meeting after we see how the regional best conditions go. B. McCrary seconded. Motion carried 21-2. D. Frazier pointed out the need for some standardization in the way in which placings are determined in limited distance rides.

2. Concerning "stand alone" Limited Distance rides. D. Snyder Smith moved for committee to allow limited distance rides to be held when not in conjunction with another distance. Motion carried 17-6.


ELECTIONS- No report. D. Frazier thanked Terry Woolley Howe for substituting as chairman for T. Pederson, who was running in the election.


D. Patrick has requested policy direction concerning monies owed to AERC from rides, vendors, advertisers. Chairmen from the National Office, Rules and Sanctioning committees will meet this afternoon to consider this problem.


D. Frazier thanked the legal committee for all their work.


SPONSORSHIPS - Randy Eiland reported that $33,000 has been contracted for, including a new contract from Ft. Dodge Animal Health.


RULES - V. Bowers had circulated a proposal, which will be considered at the Sunday meeting. There is a discrepancy between rules and procedures in the time limits set for directors submitting nominations. This should be reconciled. D. Frazier also asked that the impact of the motion approving "stand alone" limited distance rides be dealt with.


TECHNICAL - S. Teeter proposed some additions to the AERC web page, and will cooperate with the National Office in updating this site.


Meeting adjourned at 11:10 p.m.


Louise Riedel, Secretary


ANNUAL MEETING February 27, 1999


D. Frazier called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Also answering to roll call were D. Clinton, C. Dumas, C. Hart, D. Jackson, J.. Worthington, B. McCrary, S. Kasemeyer, T. Woolley Howe, L. Van Ceylon, R. Blalock, M. Price, M. Tomlinson, R. Eiland, L. Riedel, L. Beason, M. Stover, S. Teeter, E. Baxter, B. Hart, J. Baldwin, S. Newman, V. Bowers, B. Baird, F. Farmer.


Robert Suhr installed new Directors: Frank Farmer, Barney Fleming, Becky Hart, Jim Baldwin ( directors at large) and Lem Beason, new Central region director, plus remainder of directors at large: Crockett Dumas, Dane Frazier, Courtney Hart and Maggy Price.


The next order of business was election of officers. For President - M. Price nominated D. Frazier; D. Clinton nominated R. Eiland. M. Price moved to close nominations, V. Bowers seconded. Carried. R. Eiland was elected.

Mike T. nominated B. Baird for Vice President. There being no further nominations it was moved, seconded and carried that nominations cease and that B. Baird be elected by acclamation.

S. Kasemeyer nominated L. Riedel for Secretary. There being no further nominations, it was moved, seconded and carried that nominations cease and that L. Riedel be elected by acclamation.

R. Eiland nominated M. Tomlinson for Treasurer. There being no further nominations, it was moved, seconded and carried that nominations cease and that M. Tomlinson be elected by acclamation.


R. Eiland thanked D. Frazier for his services as President.


The session was opened to the general membership meeting at 10 a.m. Robert Morris presented a petition from the members urging AERC to take strong action in support of trails. Three corporate resolutions from the Pacific Northwest Endurance Riders were presented (two concerned Limited Distance and one concerned the procedure for adopting rules.)


Meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

Louise Riedel, Secretary