JULY 18,1998                       



The meeting was called to order at 8:20 by President Dane Frazier. Also answering to roll call were

Susan Kasemeyer, Maggy Price, Jim Baldwin, Earle Baxter, Stephanie Teeter, Randy Eiland, Courtney
Hart, Trilby Pederson, Maryben Stover, Brenda Baird, Vonita Bowers, Donna Snyder Smith, Roger
Blalock, Dean Jackson, Ramey Peticolas-Stroud, Mike Tomlinson, Barbara McCrary, Susan Schomburg,
Jan Worthington, Crockett Dumas, Terry Woolley Howe, Stagg Newman, and Doyle Patrick, executive


SECRETARY'S REPORT - It was stated that the minutes of the January meetings had not been approved. There being no corrections or additions, M. Tomlinson moved that they be approved as circulated. S. Kasemeyer seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


TREASURER'S REPORT - Deferred to afternoon session.



Rules- As a housekeeping measure, R. Peticolas-S~roud moved that our existing rule book dated June 1997 be adopted as published. Motions passed and distributed to membership, but not recorded in this book will stand. Motion carried unanimously.



D. Frazier explained that we are required to submit all such proposed changes to the membership by first class mail. It is the policy to coordinate these issues so that all pending matters can be sent at one time.


D. Snyder Smith moved for the Education Committee that Article V, Section 1. 6 of the by-laws be

changed to read "The ride must be open to all breeds of equines at least

a.       60 months of age at rides sanctioned at SO-95 miles in length

b.      b. at least 72 months of age for a single-day event sanctioned at 100 miles and over. M. Price moved, Susan K seconded to require a roll-call vote. Motion carried. The original motion was defeated 15-7 with 1 abstention as follows: AYE--S. Kasemeyer, C. Hart, T. Pederson, M. Stover

D. Snyder-Smith, J. Worthington, L. Riedel. NAY-M. Price, J. Baldwin, E. Baxter, S. Teeter, R. Eiland, B. Baird, V. Bowers, D. Jackson, R. Peticolas-$troud, M. Tomlinson, B. McCrary, S. Schomburg, C. Dumas, T. Woolley Howe., S. Newman. ABSTAIN - R. Blalock


COMMITTEE                        REPORTS


D. Frazier explained the structure of the associations and committees which govern International riding, ELDRIC (the Endurance Long Distance Riding International Conference-(formerly European Long Distance Riding Conference which has been reorganized) is now a world-wide organization which has invited AERC to join.

Lori Stewart reported 340 members in AERC International with a balance of $24,000 in the International account. She moved from committee to approve the 1998 revision to the A~RC International rules as follows.

Article 2.1.9- For off-continent, non-world championship FEI endurance competitions (e.g. European continental championships), solicit and recommend to the AHSA and USET a Single Event Chef d'Equipe. Note; the five member AHSA/USET Credentials committee makes recommendations to the USET Discipline committee in the event of an oversubscribed CEI.

Article 2.2.3. Add: International members vote for the zone representative in the zone in which they reside.

Article 7.1.8. Delete




Article 11.1. The automatic members should include the National Selectors Chair in addition to the USET VP for Endurance, the chair of the USET Active Riders Committee and the Chair of the International Committee. Five people recommended by the AERC International Committee ADD: to include the US Representative on the FEI Endurance Committee, if currently seated.. Non-voting Advisory members: President of AERC, National Chef d'Equipe.

Appendixes: 1) Process by which the affiliated committees are seated to include: AHSA Endurance Committee, USET Active Riders Committee, USET/AHSA Credentials committee, USET Discipline Committee (already under Article.) 2) Process by which an AERC member applies for credit for off

continent nationally sanctioned and FEI sanctioned rides.                        Example: Quilty and FEI European

Motion carried unanaimously

            L. Stewart moved from committee that the AERC ledger reflect the inerest accrued on the  International designated fund. Interest in the past has gone to the general fund. Motion carried unanimously.
            M. Tomlinson moved to authorize the treasurer to invest in investment grade funds in
     consultation with AERC International. S. Newman moved the deferral of this motion until consideration of the treasurer's report. M. Price seconded. Passed uananimously.
            L. Stewart proposed that common expenses (ballot mailings, stationery, procedure
     publications, special mailing, donations to USET, memberships in associated organizations, telephone
     etc.) be paid out of the general fund. R. Peticolas-Stroud questioned as to whether this is appropriate in
     light of the fact that there is a $10 membership fee. S. Newman recommended that we continue under
     the present system of operating, with this committee supported by the office the same as other
     committees except for special expenses already related to International, and that we ask L. Stewart and
     the executive director to work together to develop a recommendation for the next board meeting.
            L. Stewart moved for committee to approve AERC's membership in ELDRIC (Endurance Long
     Distance Riding International Conference) for one year beginning in 1999 as a full member for a fee of
     $335 American funds, with one delegate per country and observers allowed. The membership fee is to
     come out of the International fund, and the delegate is to be recommended by the International
     committee to the Board. R. Peticolas Stroud moved for a roll call vote. D. Snyder Smith seconded.
     Motion carried. Motion to join ELDRIC failed 14-3 with 6 abstentions as follows: AYE--D. Snyder
     Smith, J.Worthington, C. Dumas, NAY--S. Kasemeyer, M. Price. J. Baldwin, E. Baxter, S. Teeter,
     Eiland, C. Hart, T. Pederson, M Stover, D. Jackson, R. Peticolas-Stroud, M. Tomlinson, L. Riedel, T.
     Woolley Howe, S. Newman. ABSTENTIONS--S. Teeter, B. Baird, V. Bowers, R. Blalock, B. McCrary, S. Schomburg.
            R. Pelticolas Stroud moved that AERC send an official delegate for informational
     purposes only, and the selection process and scope of duties be memorialized in
     International procedures.
C. Hart seconded. S. Newman moved that AERC send member as

an official delegate if that person is willing to pay his or her expenses.                        Amendment
carried with one abstention. The motion as amended carried.



Sexual Harassment Policy

It was moved from committee to adopt the proposed sexual harassment policy. Motion carried unanimously.


A letter was presented from Dot Common (Mark Holmes), our software provider. His contract expires Nov. 1. He is now being paid approximately $25,O00 ($5,00 per member + $.25 per ride entry) per year to maintain Sherlock. He has agreed to sell Sherlock for $5000 and will maintain it for $65 per hour with a minimum of 100 hours. Another option would be to continue the contract as is.

A third option would be to sever the relationship with Mark Holmes, return the software, and change to a different system.

It was moved from committee to purchase Sherlock at the end of the year for the best

purchase price under $5,000 and put a bid out for the maintenance of Sherlock take the best price we can get ($3500 - $6,500) S. Kasemeyer moved for a roll call vote. V. Bowers seconded. Motion carried. Roll call vote resulted in unanimous approval.

It was moved from committee that the executive director be given the authority to

give raises in the amount of from $10 - $15 per hour . $. Newman amended to read "with the concurrence of the treasurer.~ M. Tomlinson seconded. A motion to amend the amendment was made to read "with the concurrence of the executive committee." The second and first amendments carried unanimously. The motion as amended carried unanimously.



M, Price moved from committee to ask the sanctioning director of remaining NCS rides to request the ride managers to ascertain which riders are competing in the Series and to indicate same on ride results. Carried unanimously


M. Price moved from committee: For the 1999 National Championship Series a lO0 and 50 mile ride will be held in each region, to be a qualifying ride for a national championship ride to be held in August or September at the Timberon Site. This will result in top 10 in all divisions. Any existing qualification for the regional rides will be eliminated. A rider may enter the regional ride in any region. If there are profits from the national championship ride they will be split 50-50 with AERC. T. Woolley-Howe moved to amend that a non-qualified senior rider can sponsor a qualifiedjunior. The non-qualified sponsor will receive completion only. M. Stover seconded. Motion to amend passed  19-3 with 1 abstention. Motion as amended carried unanimously. B. McCrary volunteered tentatively to host the ride in 2001.


M. Price moved for committee to rescind rule 11.8.4. (dealing with cash awards) as passed

July28, 1997, and to let Rule 11 stand as it is printed in the June 1997 rule book.

Motion carried unanimously.

The competitions committee have made the following recommendations concerning limited


>A limited distance ride is any distance under 50 miles (This must involve a by-law change)

>AERC will give a national mileage LD championship, but in order to compete for it the riders must be

AERC members.

>The recovery parameter at the finish must be 60 or less.

>There will be no national best condition, but it is recommended that rides give b.c.

>If a horse is to do a ride over 35 miles it must be 60 months old.

>There will be a $10 fee per ride for non-members.



D. Snyder Smith moved to allow limited distance rides to be held when not in conjunction with a

another distance. M. Tomlinson moved to refer to committee. Motion carried 22 - 2.

R. Peticolas 5troud moved that By-Law Article V, Section II be changed to read" ,,, course

of ~ 0 - 49 miles... Motion passed 18-4 with one excused. The roll call vote was as follows: AYE: S. Kasemeyer, M. Price, J. Baldwin, S. Teeter, R. Eiland, C. Heart, T. Pederson, B. Baird, V. Bowers, O. Snyder-Smith, D. Jackson, M. Tomlinson, B. McCrary, S. Schomburg, J Worthington, L. Riedel. C. Dumas, T. Woolley Howe. NAY E. Baxter, M. Stover, R. Blalock, R Peticolas Stroud. EXC - S Newman.

R. Peticolas Stroud moved that the following be deleted from By--Laws Article V,

Section 1.6 "at least 60 months of age" and from Article V, Section 2.3 "at least 48 months of age." (Note: ages of equines will be dealt with under Rules) . A roll call vote resulted in unanimous approval.


Contingent upon passage of the above By-Law changes, the following rule changes



will go into effect:

Rule 1.4.1    Limited distance rides shall be a distance of 49 miles or less.  Unanimous

Rule 1.4.2.  Equines competing on rides of 35 miles or less must be at least 48 months old at the time of the ride. On rides greater than 35 miles, the equines must be at least 60 months old. Unanimous

Rule 3.1... on Limited Distance rides of 35 miles or less must be at least 48 months old; on rides greater than 35 miles, must be at least 60 months old at the time of the ride. Unanimous

Rule Change to read " a vet check at or about every 15 miles" Motion defeated 16-5.


M. Price moved for the Competitions committee to institute a policy that everyone who participates in a limited distance ride must be either a member or pay the non­member fee. Motion carried


S. Grahl moved for the Limited Distance Committee that the following be added to rule "maximum finishing criteria is 60 beats per minute." Motion carried.

S. Grahl moved for committee that Regional Limited Distance mileage championships be awarded to 10th place. Motion defeated 14-6. R. Peticolas Stroud moved that Limited Distance mileage championships be managed the same as other mileage awards in the region. Carried unanimously.

T. Woolley Howe moved that we have regional and national Best Condition awards for rides of 25 miles or greater. Motion carried. R. Peticotas Stroud moved that one regional Best Condition award be given with the option of adding a national B.C. award retroactively to December 1 at the annual meeting. Carried unanimously. M. Tomlinson moved to remand the national b.c. award to committee to determine the impact on the computer. Carried unanimously.

S. Grahl moved for committee to combine LD mileage with mileage accumulated in AERC events of 50 miles or greater. Motion defeated.


At 2:25 the Board went into Executive Session concerning personnel matters.

General Session resumed at 3:30



S.Newman asked that we send Lynn Golemon a certificate of appreciation for her work with our finances. He also thanked R. Peticolas Stroud for his efforts.

As of June 30, the treasurer's report showed a gross profit of $190,889, total expenses of $218,511 and a negative balance of $-27,622.

The Board needs to spend more time looking at the financial aspects of the organization. Some reasons for the shortfall include underestimating software costs; the convention in Lexington made a profit, but not as much as conventions in Reno; decline of membership due to failure to notify of membership renewal; ride fees down; revenues down from product sales, Some costs have been now been brought under control. A new budget will be prepared for the rest of the year. A positive factor is the income from the sponsorships. R. Eiland was thanked for his efforts in this respect.

It is proposed to go back to the system furnished by 2N2R5 for bookkeeping and payroll. Most checks will be written in house,



V. Bowers moved for committee that the following two procedures be dropped from the Administrative Procedures for the Rules Committee--both of which belong to the Protest & Grievance Committee: Publicize the Board of Directors decisions on protests (charges of infractions) Publicize the identity of known violators of AERC Rules, Precedents and policies pertaining to the conduct of endurance rides and limited distance rides. Motion carried unanimously.



A question concerning recall elections has been referred to the By-Laws committee.

V. Bowers moved that the wording in Rule 4 should be changed to read "Entry to a ride may be refused for cause, and in Rule 4.2 wording changed to read "Cause might also be determined by the Board or the Rules Committee." and to add rule 4.3 to read "the ride manager refusing entry must submit a written notice to the AERC office with substantiating evidence for refusal. M. Tomlinson moved that proposed rule 4,3 be remanded to committee and published in Endurance News for comment of the membership, Motion carried.

V. Bowers moved for committee to add rule 5.6 "in the case of 2-day 100s or 3 day 150s and similar events, completion time allotted is based on daily mileage (for example a 2-day 100 mile ride would require that time allowed would be 12 hours each day.)" It was suggested to change the wording of 5.2 to read "Total competition time will be allocated on a daily basis according to the following prescription..." Motion carried.



R. Peticolas Stroud moved for committee that Article IX be amended to read "The board of

Directors may also meet by telephone conference call or by other electronic means provided that the date, time and purpose of said meeting be mailed to each

director at least 5 days prior to the call, that each director be offered the opportunity to participate in the meeting without cost, and that a quorum participate in the meeting. (changes underlined.) and that this change be presented to the membership. A roll call vote resulted in unanimous approval.


R, Peticolas Stroud moved for committee that in ArticleII, Section A of the Articles of

Incorporation, the words "within the United States of America" be deleted.                        Since
the vote was unanimous it was deemed a roll call vote.



R. Peticolas Stroud moved that the convention dates be changed to February 26, 27 1999, and the location to the Silver Legacy Hotel Motion carried unanimously.

R. Peticolas Stroud stated that the regional awards will be presented in a Hall of Champions format next to the food court at the trade show,

A temporary employee may need to be hired to help with convention.

Four luxury suites have been donated by the hotel. It is proposed to have an early conference registration raffle combined with dues renewal, and to waive conference registration fees for the

winners.                        . s

       Trade-out marketing between AHSA and IAHA for the conferences was proposed.
       Start up funds needed for the National Rider Development Program are not available.
Peticolas Stroud recommended to put this project on hold until funds are available,



T. Woolley Howe announced that the dates of the Applegate Lassen 50 day ride have to be changed to June 1.


PROTEST AND GRIEVANCE. The Board will receive copies of the Hensley protest.


VETERINARY COMMITTEEA message was received from Dr.Beecher to the effect that the drug testing sites have been selected and testing will commence. One site is in Canada.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:55


Louise Riedel, Secretary