JANUARY 25. 1998

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Lexington KY


President Dane Frazier called the meeting to order at 7:25 a.m. Also responding to roll call were Courtney Hart. Louise Riedel, Dave Clinton, Randy Eiland, Linda Von Ceylon, Dean Jackson, Susan Kasemeyer, Susan Schomburg, Roger Blalock, Mike Tomlinson, Maggy Price, Stagg Newman, Brenda Baird. Trilby Pederson, Donna Snyder-Smith, Barbara McCrary, Vonita Bower, Jim Baldwin, Jan Worthington, Terry Woolley Howe, Stephanie Teeter, Earle Baxter, Ramey Peticolas Stroud, and Mary Ann Bobrow, Executive Director.


AHSA-USET - Dr. Jerry Gillespie explained the structure of the interaction between these organizations. The question was asked as to a possible conflict in rules on dual sanctioned FEI rides. Dr. Gillespie assured us that a mechanism is in piece to deal with this question.


BUDGET- R. Peticolas-Stroud moved that $1000 requested by the veterinary committee for research be included in the budget. T. Woolley Howe seconded. Motion carried unanimously. M. Tomlinson moved, S. Kasemeyer seconded to accept the budget as presented. V. Bower moved for a roll call vote. Polling the Board resulted in unanimous approval


LIMITED DISTANCE COMMITTEE - Sue Grahl reported on a meeting of limited distance riders. They would like to have regional and national best condition awards, and best condition judging standardized like 50-mile judging. They feel as though they are regarded as "second class citizens," and would like more national recognition. It was suggested that a non-member fee be assessed for limited distance riders. Remanded to committee with input from competition, finance and veterinary committees, with a proposal to be brought to the midyear board meeting. D. Frazier suggested having a LD column in Endurance News. He thanked S. Grahl for her work as chairman of the committee,


The midyear board meeting has been tentatively scheduled at Kansas City for July 25.


PROTEST AND GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE - A motion for a procedural change was made by committee as follows: "The committee shall consist of a chair and four members. The chair shall be nominated by the President and approved by the Board for a term of one year. The four committee members shall be selected by the Chair and approved by the Board for a term of one year. Upon resignation of a committee member the chair, with approval of the President, may appoint a replacement to serve out the remaining term. R. Peticotas Stroud moved to amend to state that at least, one committee member shall be a Board member. M. Tomlinson seconded. Motion to amend defeated 17 to 5 with 1 abstention, Original motion carried 22 in favor with 1 abstention.


PRO-RATED MEMBERSHIP FEES  C. Hart moved from National Office Committee to institute a pro-rated dues schedule for 1/2 year only (after June 1) with single dues of $35; family of $40 plus $5 for each additional member, limited to first-time new members). Vonita moved for a roll call vote. A poll of the Board showed the motion carded 22 to 1 ( Susan Schomburg, who opposed). To be effective immediately.


LEGAL COMMITTEE - R. Maxwell stated that we have received a clean report on the IRS audit. IRS has requested a change in the Articles of Incorporation. R. Maxwell and R. Peticolas Stroud were appointed to check on the most efficient way of accomplishing this change, M Price moved to authorize the necessary changes in the Articles of Incorporation consistent with the IRS recommendation. S. Newman seconded. Carried unanimously. The proposed changes will be presented to the members.

Other issues that were remanded to the legal committee were Political Action activities and fund



COMMI'TEE CHAIR ASSIGNMENTS. The President moved from the executive committee to accept the following assignments. Motion carried. He asked the chairs to get diversity of opinion and representation in the makeup of their committees, and to submit lists by February 5. Awards-Dean Jackson; Competitions - Maggy Price; Executive - Dane Frazier; Education - Courtney Hart; Elections- Trilby Pederson; International- Lori Stewart; Junior- Maryben Stover; Legal-Rich Maxwell; Limited Distance - Sue Grahl; National Office - Stagg Newman; Protest & Grievance~ - Jim Rogan; Ride Managers - Pauletta Brehob; Rules -Vonita Bowers; Sanctioning


-Earle Baxter; Special Sanctioning - Terry Woolley Howe; Technical - Mike Tomlinson; Trails - Connie Berto; Veterinary - Bob Beecher; Veterinary Representative - Susan Kasemeyer; Ways and Means - George McGraw; Board Rep. to Exec. Comm - Mike Tomlinson; Articles/By-Laws - R. Peticolas-Stroud.


INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE - Lori Stewart reported that there are 345 members of AERC International. There have been bids for the 1999 North American Championship Ride from Canada and the U.S, and there is increasing interest in AERC/FEI dual sanctioning. Dr. Gillespie is now a member of the FEI Endurance committee. Six U.S. riders are planning to go to Dubai for the pre-ride tot the 1998 World Championship. Mike Foss will attend the ELDRIC meeting in Poland. M. Price moved, D, Snyder-Smith seconded to give him delegate status. Motion carried unanimously. The International Committee had joint meetings with AHSA and USET, which proved to be productive.

There was a motion from committee to approve the USET Discipline committee as follows: Maggy Price, Chair; Nancy Elliott, Vice chair; Tony Benedetti, Pete Fields, Jerry Gillespie, Kerry Ridgeway, Lori Stewart, Mike Tomlinson; Non-voting members--Dane Frazier as AERC President and Rick Stewart as National Chef d'Equipe. Carried unanimously.

There was a motion from committee to approve a $6,000 budget to cover operating expenses and purchase of inventory--to come from the International portion of the general budget. Motion passed unanimously.

R. Peticolas-Stroud proposed to put on seminars across the country to promote international riding, with support from USET and AHSA. A comprehensive report will be made at the midyear board meeting


            RULES COMMITTEE - C. Hart: presented the revised Drug rule, which was the result of a taskforce representing five committees, and moved for committee that the following be adopted:

1 3.    The integrity of Endurance Competition requires that the equine is not influenced by any drug, medication or veterinary treatment. Endurance equines must compete entirely on their natural ability. AERC prohibits from competition equines who contain evidence of the administration of abnormal substances or of normal substances in abnormal amounts (exogenously administered compounds even if normally found endogenously).


13.1 The use of additional therapies during competition shall be prohibited. This shall include any invasive procedures (eg: acupuncture), manipulative procedures, (eg. osseous manipulative procedures), the use of any devices to manipulate or stimulate acupressure response points. (eg: Bioscans, laser lights, magnetic stimulation devices, etc) Competition shall mean the time from the pre-ride veterinary examination to the completion of the final veterinary examination for the event, including the best condition judging. Multiple day rides shall be treated as they have been determined by AERC --cither individual day events or one event if so designated


  1. Upon discovery of the presence of such drug or medication, the approved  laboratory shall immediately report the matter to the executive Director of AERC. Any action or substance administered internally or externally, whether drugs or otherwise, which may interfere with the testing procedure, or mask or screen the presence of such drug, is forbidden
  2.     Upon receipt of the Laboratory report, the Executive Director shall immediately file a protest. No fee for such protest shall be required
  3. C.   The Executive Director shall simultaneously transmit by e-mail or telecopy copies of the complaint to the chairs of the Veterinary Committee and the Protest and Grievance Committee. Within 10 days, the Veterinary Committee shall submit its comments on the laboratory report and any other matters that bear on the protest to the Protest and Grievance Committee. The Veterinary Committee shall not communicate with the accused or any member of AERC not on the Protest and Grievance Committee.
  4.    Every entrant shall, upon request of an AERC approved veterinarian, permit a   specimen of urine, saliva, blood or other substance to be taken for testing; and refusal to comply with such request shall constitute grounds for immediate disqualification of the equine/rider from further participation in that day's ride and shall bar the equine/rider from participation in future AERC sanctioned events for such period as determined by the Protest and Grievance committee,


16.            Violations and Penalties

The following shall be added to Rule 16.2 as A, existing subsections of 16.2‑ shall be relettered B through E. A, Send a letter to the accused which may contain a warning without further penalty.


D, Snyder Smith moved for a roll call vote. Polling of the board resulted in a unanimous vote for approval.


M. Price circulated a letter from the AHSA Drug Testing and Research Laboratory setting forth clearance times for several categories of drugs. Dr. Beecher stated that this information would be made available in the Veterinary column of Endurance News.


C. Hart moved for committee to add Rule 5.5: "All riders must be notified in writing of cut­off times no later than the pre-ride meeting." T. Woolley Howe moved for a roll-call vote, Polling of the board resulted m 22 In favor with 1 ( Jan Worthington) opposed. Effective Immediately.


C. Hart moved for committee to amend the fee schedule pertaining to the $10 horse registration fee whereby new members' dues would include the registering of one horse per member. Only applicable to first time new members. S. Schomburg moved for roll call vote. The motion carried 13 - 10 as follows: Pro--Riedel, Hart, Clinton, Eiland, Von Ceylon, Kasemeyer, Blalock, Tomlinson, Snyder-Smith, McCrary, Worthington, Woolley Howe, Stroud; Opposed--Jackson. Schomburg, Price, Newman, Baird, Pederson, Bowers, Baldwin, Baxter, Teeter. To be effective immediately.


D. Snyder-Smith asked about penalties for rides hosting limited distance rides without sanctioning, A violation of this rule can result in a protest procedure, There is a provision for removing sanctioning before, during, or after a ride. We need to reevaluate what constitutes a limited distance ride, especially as far as mileage is concerned (at present defined as 25 - 35 miles).


SPECIAL EVENT RIDES - B. McCrary moved that the 5-day Lost Wagon train Ride, Oct. 19-23 be approved. Carried unanimously.

B. McCrary moved that the Pony XP 2001 ride be approved. This consists of eight 5-day rides totalling 2001 miles with tentative dates of May 15 - July 7, 2OO1, from St. Joseph Missouri to Sacramento CA. Motion carried unanimously.


D. Frazier clarified the policy of collecting money for drug testing on multi day rides. There has been some misunderstanding about a motion that was passed at the midyear board meeting to the effect that $1.00 is to be collected for each rider each day if it is sanctioned as a five-day event. He proposed a motion to establish this policy. Motion carried 22 in favor with one abstention.


D. Frazier stated that a policy is needed from the Board on refunds to vendors or people who sign up but cannot attend. R. Peticolas Stroud moved that the Board adopt a policy that on all such fee items or refunds we rely on staff to do workload measures and refund that amount of money which will not cost AERC anything. (AERC should not lose money on the transaction.) Motion withdrawn. Recommendations to be brought to midyear board meeting based on the experience at this convention.


The question was raised of giving a discount for attending only the last day of seminars. R. Peticolas Stroud moved to charge on a pro rata basis for seminars, to be determined by staff. He then withdrew his motion. It will be considered under old business at the midyear board meeting.


The question was raised as to whether Board members should be charged for the membership list. (the fee now is $25). A straw vote was affirmative.


COMPETITIONS COMMITTEE - M, Price moved for committee that a 50-mile division be added to the National Series. The 50 and 1OO mile rides may be held together or at separate sites. The eligibility will still be 400 miles, horse and rider. To be effective for the 1999 series. motion carried unanimous!y.


The brochure for the Cosequan Challenge ride indicated that there were three separate rides; FEI, IAHA and the AERC ride. The Cosequan management agreed to print new brochures stating that in order to enter the FE1 and IAHA rides you must, enter the AERC portion first. The Committee recommended including FEI rides under Rule 11.8 which covers "futurities and other contributory schemes supported by an organization recognized by the AERC." The rule covering cash awards which was passed at last year's midyear meeting does not appear in the current rule book. The ride has been approved by the sanctioning director and approved by committee. The issue of clarifying the rules was remanded to committee.


EDUCATION COMMITTEE - D. Snyder-Smith reviewed the opposition of the Board to a membership vote to change the minimum age to 6 years for horses entered in 100 mile one day events. She stated "the veterinary committee is in favor of this proposal, Further, with the rule as it currently stands, it ?????? ?????? properly prepare the horse's skeletal system and compete five year olds in 100 mile events. In effect this puts our sport in the same category as the reiners who offer 3 year old futurities and the hunter crowd who show their three year old horses over fences." She asked the board to consider that this subject had not in the past stemmed from Education Committee action. Remanded to committee,


JUNIOR COMMITTEE - T. Pederson reported for M. Stover that the juniors want more awards.


SANCTIONING COMMIITEE - R. Eiland asked for authority for sanctioning directors to act to change mileage in less than the presently required 90 days. Remanded to sanctioning committee and rules committees.


TRAILS COMMITTEE - A recommendation had been presented at the Thursday meeting for guidelines in the allocation of funds for sending representatives to trail meetings. Remanded to committee.


R. Peticolas Stroud asked that for the midyear and subsequent meetings we have agendas distributed in ample time for consideration. A notice should be sent out by the Executive Director requesting agenda items in time for them to be returned and then disseminated to the Board. D. Frazier thanked Board members and committees for all their work.


Meeting adjourned at 12:14. Louise Riedel, Secretary