Hyatt Regency Hotel, Lexington Ky


(These minutes have not been approved. Watch Endurance News for corrections)


The Board meeting was called to order by president Dane Frazier at 7:55 p.m. Also answering to roll call were Jan Worthington, Dave Clinton, Randy Eiland, Jim Baldwin, Steve Johnson, Trilby Pederson, Vonita Bowers, Maggy Price, Earle Baxter, Susan Schomburg, Crockett Dumas, Donna Snyder Smith, Courtney Hart, Dean Jackson, Susan Kasemeyer, Amy Whelan, Barbara McCrary, Lynn Golemon, Louise Riedel, Stagg Newman, Linda Von Ceylon (new member appointed to replace Brad Patterson) and Executive Director Mary Ann Bobrow. Newly elected members Stephanie Teeter, Ramey Peticolas-Stroud, Terry Woolley Howe, Mike Tomlinson, Roger Blalock, and Brenda Baird were seated at table in a non-voting capacity.)


President Frazier thanked the retiring Board members, especially Lynn Golemon for her work as Treasurer. He welcomed the seven new Board members and the new region (Southwest Pacific).He explained that at this session old business and committee reports are to be considered informational: Voting on issues is limited to outgoing board members. The order of procedure for having issues presented to the Board is that they are first presented to committee, correlated between committees and then referred to the Board. New issues will not be voted on at this meeting.


Secretary's Report. L. Riedel stated that the minutes of the Midyear Board meeting had been circulated to Board members, comments had been received, minutes had been recirculated with comments and then approved as corrected.


Treasurer's Report. The financial report was circulated. L Golemon reported Gross profit of $360,633.96, Expenses of $302,376.62, Net Profit of $53,288.07. She presented a proposed budget for 1998, which will be voted on at the Sunday meeting.


National Office Report. Executive Director Mary Ann Bobrow announced that an IRS audit had recently been conducted, with our CPA, Omar Bardales, present. The IRS verdict was "No Change" (approval), with the requirement that our Articles of Incorporation need to be rewritten to coincide with our status of 5O1C3 (for charitable purposes). ~




L. Riedel listed items carried over from the midyear meeting:

> The issue of rides that put on 25-35 mile rides without sanctioning them as limited distance rides. Referred to sanctioning directors to take necessary action.

> A recommendation that the AHSA Endurance Committee be elected by members of AERC International rather than being appointed by the chairman of the committee. D. Frazier explained that a list of 14 names had been submitted by the AHSA chairman (Jerry Gillespie) to the AHSA.

> It had been voted to postpone publishing of a new membership directory until 1998. This project was remanded to the National Office to determine its feasibility.

>Proposed changes to International rules had not been voted on at midyear meeting. V.Bower read the change to Rule 2.2.2 concerning the appointment of the Chairman of the International Committee as follows: "Nominations for chairman of committee go to the International Committee, which recommends one name to the AERC President, who brings this name to the Board for approval. S. Kasemeyer moved to approve the procedures of the International Committee. M. Price seconded. Motion carried unanimously.





A list was circulated for Board members to indicate their preferences for committee assignments.


Legal Committee - Rich Maxwell stated that a proposed oath of office was circulated to the Board.


Protest and Grievance Committee - Jim Rogan reported having dealt with seven protests, three of which concerned drug violations and were initiated by the committee. He asked at what point during

the process a penalty should be imposed. We need better communication to assure that the penalty is imposed. Rides need to be notified of suspensions. D. Frazier thanked J. Rogan for his services.

Trails Committee-Jan Worthington read a communication from the chairman of the committee, Connie Berto. The report presented guidelines for reimbursing representatives who attend national trail meetings. Remanded to Rules Committee for submission to the Sunday meeting.


Veterinary Committee--Dr‑ Robert Beecher reported that rides in the East, Pacific Northwest and Midwest were tested in September, October, and November. All results were negative. He stated that prior to this, protocol had been established but not implemented by the National Office. He asked the Board to consider dedicating 10% of the funds collected for drug testing for the purpose of research, for example for veterinarians doing field studies at rides to get data on testing.

A consensus has been arrived at in the Veterinary Committee as to the wording of the drug rules, and coordinated with the Rules Committee. This will be presented by C. Hart.

In 1997 approximately $12,000 was taken in for drug testing, with $5100 spent. He anticipates approximately twice as much testing in 1998.

D. Clinton requested that a list of rides tested be printed in Endurance News. Referred to the National Office.


It was announced that any committee needing funds should apply in writing, to be approved by the treasurer.

Awards Committee-D. Jackson stated the awards jacket had been changed since the Midyear meeting, and that they were coming in under cost. On the whole the cost of awards remains basically constant. M. Price announced that the National Horse Sport Foundation had donated the awards to the winners in the National championship series.

Ride Managers Committee--Paulette Brehob reported that the committee is working to update the Ride Managerís Handbook.

Competitions Committe - Steve Johnson moved for committee to change the date for riders to submit their records for the National Series to December 15 {instead of Dec. 5) to give riders more time to get results. M.A. Bobrow pointed out that it would lead to delay in the publication of Endurance News. S. Johnson withdrew the motion.

He reviewed the dates of the 1998 National series and asked sanctioning directors to submit dates for the 1999 rides

The committee had received a proposal to have a 50-mile National Series division. Remanded to committee, to be discussed at the general membership meeting and brought back to the Sunday meeting.

In regard to discussions concerning extendlng total elapsed time, the committee voted to leave the rule as is.

The committee had receeived a request to create a Ride Managers catorgy, similar to the veterinarian non-member category, with reduced fees. A financial impact study is needed. Remanded to committee.

We need to appoint a sub committee to develop a letter of responsibility for stewards.

A question had been asked about the issue of members who join AERC at a ride and do not get verification back in time for subsequent rides. Remanded to committee.

Dr. Nicholson had made a proposal for a 2001-mile XP ride in the year 2001 from Missouri to Sacramento. Postponed for discussion on Sunday.

Cut-off times. To be reported on by Rules Committee.

Donna Snyder-Smith spoke abut financial qualifications in regard to AERC/FEI events. Remanded to committee.


Sanctioning Committee.

††††††††††† Randy Eiland questioned the rule concerning changes in ride mileage which must be applied for no more than 90 days pre ride. He feels that the sanctioning director should be able to determine what an emergency consists of and should have some leeway in granting changes in less than 90 days.

The Cosequan ride appears to be set up to have three separate divisions: The FEI section, IAHA section, and AERC section. The committee was charged to determine how these divisions are to behandled.

Education Committee- C. Hart reported that the Riders Handbook is being rewritten. The question was asked as to the possibility of considering the 6-y~r old age requirement for 100 mile horses by the Education Committee

Limited Distance Committee-A survey that had been published in Endurance News is being tabulated. It apprears that 35% of all endurance starts are limited distance.

Special Sanctioning --B. McCrary moved to approve the second year of the Rocky Mountain 5-day ride. Carried unanimously.

B. McCrary moved to approve the Indian Diggins Ride (50 miles run by FEI rules on Sunday, with limited entry, based on first-come-first served, limited to members of AERC International, to be used as an educational tool for mileage only. Motion carried unanimously.


Technical Committee - Mike Tomlinson reported on Internet activities involving AERC, including a Worldwide Web page, on-line ride calendar and points and standings, and "Ridecamp" a method whereby members can communicate on endurance issues. New Board member Steph Teeter and her company are responsible for initiating many of our Cyberspace activities. There have been a number of computer-related problems this year with changes in personnel hired to maintain the system.


Drug Rule Task Force-C. Hart read Rule 1.3 as it presently exists. The proposed rule will be copied and disseminated to the Board to be considered at the Sunday meeting.


Rules Committee-C. Hart proposed that rule 5.5 be added, to the effect that all riders must be informed of cut-off times no later than the pre-ride meeting. To be considered on Sunday.

L. Riedel inquired about a question she had directed to the Rules committee concerning how total elapsed time is to be divided between the days on a two- or three-day ride. Is the time to be divided equally, or can a "surplus" left over from day one be applied to the next day(s)? Remanded to committee.


International Committee - Lori Stewart reviewed the growth of International riding.


Terry Woolley Howe asked about the possibility of pro-rating dues for members who join later in the year. She was advised to speak to M. Bobrow regarding the financial practicability.


The general board meeting was adjourned at 11:1 5, to be reconvened as an executive session with the old and new board members, legal counsel and M. Bobrow.


The general session reconvened at 1:10 a.m. C. Dumas moved to give D. Frazier authority to bring resolution to a personnel matter in accordance with terms approved by the Board in the executive session. Motion carried unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 1:25 a.m.

Louise Riedel, Secretary












Larry Kanavy opened the session at 8:25 a.m. and called for the nomination of officers.

President: M. Price nominated Dane Frazier. Louise moved to close nominations, S. Newman seconded.

There being no other nominations D. Frazier was elected unanimously.

Vice President: D. Clinton nominated Randy Eiland. L. Riedel nominated Mike Tomlinson. M. Price

moved to close nominations, T. Pederson seconded. Randy Eiland was elected.

Secretary,.:. T. Pederson nominated Ramey Peticolas Stroud, M. Price nominated L. Riedel. Nominations

were closed. L. Riedel was elected.

Treasurer: M. Price nominated Stagg Newman for Treasurer. S. Kasemeyer moved to close

nominations, M:Pnce seconded. S. Newman was elected unanimously.