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These minutes have not yet been approved by the Board. Any corrections and and additions will be   published in a subsequent issue of Endurance News.


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. by president Dane Frazier. Also in attendance were Vonita Bowers, Barbara McCrary, Lynn Golemon, Randy Eiland, Susan Schomburg, Dean Jackson, Earl Baxter, Stagg Newman, Susan Kasemeyer, Jan Worthington, Amy Whelan, Maggy Price, Jim Baldwin, Steve Johnson, Maryben Stover, Trilby Pederson, Courtney Hart, Louise Riedel, Brad Patterson. Dave Clinton, retiring Executive Director Miki Cohen and new Executive Director Maryanne Bobrow. President D. Frazier thanked Miki Cohen for all she has done as Exectutive Director and introduced our new Executive Director Maryanne Bobrow, He also thanked the members of thee Board of Directors for attending this meeting.


Minutes of Feb 1997 Meetings.

 L. Riedel announced that the minute of these meetings have been approved by mail ballot as corrected. She recommended that the minutes be presented to the board members as typed by the secretary rather than being retyped in the office and that corrections be made by the board members. D. Jackson moved to continue to print unapproved minutes in Endurance News with a disclaimer to the effect that the minutes have  not been approved and that corrections will be printed in subsequent issues.    V. Bowers seconded. Motion carried 17 - 1 with 1 absention.


Treasurer’s Report.  L. Goleman reviewed the financial statement showing a current profit of $33,787.83. She presented a number of proposals relating to financial matters. They are listed below as motions in the order in which they were discussed. Indicating the action taken on each motion:

That family dues be increased by a total of $10. L. Goleman moved, S. Kasemeyer seconded to defer action on this matter until the term “family” is defined. Motion carried unainously. It was moved, seconded and carried unanimously to define a family unit as a married couple or domestic partnership and their children under the age of 21 living at the same physical address and S. Kasemeyer moved to decrease individual membership dues by $5.00 and increase family dues by $10. T. Pederson seconded. Motion defeated 17-2. S. Newman moved to remand this matter to the National office committee for further study. C. Hart seconded. Motion defeated 10-9. B. Patterson moved that family memberships be increased $5.00. D. Jackson seconded. Motion defeated 15-4.


That dues for the special veterinary category be raised to $30, or as an alternative that members in this category not received Endurance New. Motion defeated 11-8.


That a fee of $10 be assessed for each horse registered in the mileage program, with such fees … **(illegible section)*** … sall be a $10 charge for first time registration with no exceptions. M. Price seconded. S. Johnson moved, M. Price seconded to refer this motion to committee to determine the impact on the computer. Motion carried unanimously.


That we institute a policy to charge a fee of $25 each time a check is returned to the office for non-payment of funds for any reason, and after two such incidents we will no longer accept personal checks, but will require another method of payment (money order, certified or cashier’s checks). Motion carried unanimously.


That we institute a policy not to accept post-dated checks. Motion carried unanimously.


That we institute a policy that when a ride manager does not send payment with his ride report, the sanctioning director will be notified. If the account is 60 days in arrears the ride manager is no longer a member in good standing and loses all rights and privileges. Motion carried 17-2. Effective immediately.


That we institute a policy that the drug fee for multiday rides be collected on the basis of $1.00 per enter per day. Motion carried 18-1. Effective immediately.


That we institute a policy that if members’ dues are not paide by January they no longer receive Endurance News after January. S. Johnson pointed out that according to By-Law 8, Section 3, “a member whose dues are in arrears as of February shall cease to be a member and shall forfeit all privileges of memberhip.” Therefore we cannot suspend Endurance News before February 1.


That we institute a policy that if a ride manager accepts incorrect/incomplete membership information (i.e. rider number) on a ride application, the office may charge the ride manager $10. Motion carried unanimously.


M. Price raised the question of sanctioned rides that put on 25-35 mile rides without sanctioning them as limited distance rides in violation of rule 1.4. No action taken.


RIDE MANAGERS COMMITTEE: Paulette Brehob, manager, asked a question concerning denying entry to a rider who habitually overrides the horse. The concensus of the Board was affirmative. It was suggested that a protest might be filed against such a rider so that his information could become common knowledge for other ride managers. No action taken.

The committee is developing a survey to be included in ride managers’ supplies for the use of riders to evaluate the ride.

The committee is in the process of developing a new Ride Managers’ handbook.


MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY – L. Goleman moved to postpone publishing a new directory until 1998. R. Eiland seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


SANCTIONING COMMITTEE – R. Eiland reported on a committee meeting held Frideay. He suggested that when a problem occurs with a ride, sanctioning directors should be notified simultaneously with notification of ride manager. He also asked that sanctioning directors receive one copy of the sanctioning form when the ride has been approved by the office.


TRAILS FUND – Suggested procedures have been received from Connie Berto, chairman, for allocating funds.


INTERNATIONAL – M. Price reporting for committee moved that a $2,000 donation be given to the Pan American Games, from the AERC International Fund. Motion carried unanimously.

Lengthy disuccsion followed concerning an ongoing controversy concerning a World Cup ride in Qatar in November. FEI’s and AHSA’s stand in this matter, and how AERC is affected. The Pan Amerian Games might be considered a qualifying ride for the Qatar event. No action taken.


M. Price recommended that the AHSA endurance committee be elected by members of AERC Intermational rather than appointed by the chairman of the committee, and that a letter be sent to AERC International explaining our position.


M Price moved to approve the formation of a Ways and Means Committee with George McGraw as chairman. This committee is primarily designed for fund raising for cash reserves. Motion carried unanimously.


The question of instituting a $10 horse registration program was reopened. C. Hart moved the following proposal for the Rules Committee.


Rule 8.1 would be added as follows: Horses that are entered in an AERC sanctioned event must be registered prior to the event with AERC in order for the rider to receive points and the horse to receive mileage. Motion carried with 19 in favor, 1 abstention. (Remaining rules in section 8 to be re-numbered. Effective date December 1, 1997)

The suggested motion read that a fee of $10 be assessed for each horse registered in the mileage program, with such fees waived for those horses owned when the riders first join AERC. S. Newman moved to amend the motion to delete the phrase “with such fees waived for those horses owned when the riders first joined AERC”. Amendment passed 19-1. The motion will read a fee of $10 shall be assessed for each horse registered in the mileage program. Motion as amended carried unanimously. Effective date – December 1, 1997. All horses presently in system exempt.



  1. Concerning the Drug Rule: A task force has been formed consisting of a representative from each of the following committees: Veterinary, Rules, Office, Legal, and Protest and Grievance to study the entire drugy program, this study to be completed and a recommendation made to the Board within 90 days. C. Hart will serve as chairman.
  2. Concerning Age Limit of 100-mile horses (recommended to be 6). This would require a bylaws change since Article V.6 states “The ride most be open to all breeds of equines at least 60 months of age”. Chair Frazier declared the motion to be illegal because it is in direct violation of AERC bylaws.
  3. Race of Champions sanctioning: The sanctioning of this ride is in question due to a number of factors which are contrary to AERC procedures, including the request being sent through incorrect channels resulting in a one-day late filing, and the check accompanying the form being returned for insufficient funds. C. Hart moved to sanction the ROC for this year upon guaranteed receipt of sanctioning fee and ride fees; however AERC will not sanction this ride in the future if Susan Gibson is affiliated with it. S. Newman seconded. It was pointed out that there were two separate questions addressed in this motion. C. Hart withdrew the motion and then moved to sanction the ROC this year with appropriate guarantees for payment. S. Johnson seconded. Motion carried 13-2 with one abstention. E. Baxter moved that a letter be sent to S. Gibson stating that the action taken by the Board is to sanction the ride for this year upon guarantee that in future, all fees must be prepaid and all reports submitted according to AERC rules, otherwise rides will not be sanctioned in the future. D. Clinton seconded. Motion carried 18-1 with 1 abstention.

Stewards for the ROC – according to rule 11.8.1 the regional sanctioning directors are required to submit three names to the ROC ride manager, from which she will choose a steward to be approved by the Executive Committee. This needs to be done immediately.


Chair Frazier asked permission to add Ramey Stroud to the legal committee. Approved by consensus.


M. Price moved to establish a policy to increase the fee for recapturing credit for rides to $10 per ride. S. Kasemeyer seconded. Passed 16-0 with 3 abstentions.


NATIONAL OFFICE COMMITTEE: D. Clinton suggested formulating a set of procedures for future hiring of an executive director. This has already been accomplished.


TECHNICAL COMMITTEE:            A report from Mike Tomlinson was distributed. He suggested that the use of the Internet to furnish AERC News be enhanced. The contract for software services is up for renewal – the Board will receive information pertinent to making a decision at the annual meeting. The postride veterinary evaluation form is being revised. Electronic submission of ride results and other member items is being studied.


The sanction form fo rthe Bienville Boogie Ride was received late at the office. The SE sanctioning director explained that the form had been inadvertently delayed by her. S. Newman moved to sanction the ride. L. Riedel seconded. Motion carried 17-1 with 1 abstention.


EDUCATION-CONVENTION COMMITTEE: C. Hart reported that Dr. Gary Carlson of Davis University has offered to do clinics for veterinarians and riders. Plans for convention so far include speakers Dr. Tobias, Lori Lawrence and Dr. Rooney and an endurance rider panel.


AWARDS COMMITTEE: D. Jackson suggested that  list of the awards AERC offers be published in the November Endurance News. He Moved for committee that a new award by offered by Joe Long called the Perfect Ten award be approved. This award would go to the horse that has completed 10 years, 10,000 miles, 10 top tens, and 10 best conditions. And will consist of a perpetual trophy kept at at place to be designated, and placques to owners. Joe Long will furnish these trophies. Motion carried 17-2. D. Jackson showed the 1997 jackets.


COMPETITIONS COMMITTEE: S. Johnson moved for committee to approve the following recommendations concerning Cash awards. M. Price seconded.

Add the following to Rule 11.8 – However any ride not meeting the previously mentioned exception, and offering a single cash prize over $1,000.00 must adhere to the following additional conditions:

  1. if a single cash prize over $1,000.00 is offered, the ride must be sanctioned through Special Events sanctioning. (see Rule 11.2)
  2. Rides offering single cash prizes over $1,000.00 must be at least 50 miles in length.
  3. The head veterinarian will be approved by the Veterinary committee.
  4. An administrative fee of 5% of the total cash purse shall be paid to AERC
  5. Qualifications:

1.      The horse must have completed five or more rides of equal or greater length than the ride that is being entered; 1,000 miles of completion will be required for a multiday event.

2.      The rider must have 500 lifetime miles of Endurance competition.

3.      Horse and rider qualifications must be verified with an AERC office printout or by any other organization recognized by the AERC.

Motion carried 16-1 with 2 abstentions.


J. Baldwin moved to delete the 4% weight allowance for weight at the end of a ride per rule Motion defeated 14-4.

The committee will continue to work on formulating job descriptions for ride stewards.

The sanctioning directors were reminded to provide 1998 dates for the National Series Championship rides.


DRUG TESTING PROGRAM – The previous motion to form a sub-committee has covered this.


PROTEST AND GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE- the committee has assigned a penalty to Pat Chappell who had administered bute to here daughter’s horse during the course of a 5-day ride. She was denied entry to any AERC ride for one year (May 1 1997 to April 30 1998); however she subsequently entered the 1997 Tevis ride. No ride managers had been officially notified of this suspension. S. Kasemeyer moved, M. Price seconded to institute a protest procedure with the Protest and Grievance committee against Pat Chappell for infraction of rule 16.1.d (failure to obey a penalty imposed by the AERC). Motion passed unanimously.

It was suggested that a mechanism be put in place whereby official notification would be published about suspension.

S. Newman moved to investigate the circumstances as to the entry on this ride and the actions of the ride manager, and if investigation is warranted to refer to the Protest and Grievance Committee. Motion carried 15-1 with 3 abstentions.


LIMITED DISTANCE COMMITTEE  - S. Johnson requested that the committee consider stricter veterinary controls on all rides. Remanded to committee.


NEW BUSINESS: R. Eiland suggested that the Classic Ride be rejuvenated and offered the Timberon Ride site to be held a week after the Timberon ride with the profits to be split 50/50 with AERC. No action taken.


M. Price brought up the subject of the Nevada Trail Riders who advertised that their 25-mile ride was not sanctioned by AERC. No action taken.


V. Bowers thanked Miki for all her hard work especially while she (Vonita) was president. Amy Whelan urged members from all regions to attend convention in Lexington.


M. Price moved to adjourn at 5:30. V. Bowers seconded. Motion carried.


Louise Reidel, Secretary.