AERC BOARD MEETING February 20, 1997


The meeting as called to order at 1:00 pm by President Vonita Bowers at the Atlantis Hotel, Reno, Nevada. Answering to roll ca|l were Lynn Golemon. Terry Huff, Jim Baldwin, Dane Frazier, Jan Worthington, Mike Tomlinson, Barbara McCrary, Louise Riedel, Earle Baxter, Susan Kasemeycr, Stagg Newman, Maggy Price, Dave Clinton. Courtney Hart, Randy Eiland, Maryben Stover, Amy Whelan. Steve Johnson, Crockett Dutnas, Dean Jackson, Brad Patterson. Larry Kanavy and Executive Director Miki Cohen.


Brad Patterson moved from the awards committee that a Rookie Award be.added, with the following criteria;‑ one award, per region, a new rider to have had 250 or fewer miles, one horse/rider team, may ride out of region. The award to be based on the highest number of consecutive completions . 'l'he tie breaker to be the greatest number of miles. Brad Patterson offered to donate the awards for the first three years, cost to be not over $40. S. Newman moved, S. Johnson seconded to table the motion until we discover what the costs of administration would be.



V. Bowers reported that the Executive Committee had considered the method of approving International Zone Representatives in regions where no one was nominated. The committee voted to have the current zone representative appoint the person to fill the vacancy, to be approved by the Executive Committee.

The International Committee will be asked for their opinion on this method.



Ruth Waltonspiel reported that 53 consumer horse magazines in the U.S. and Canada have been identified. Each quarter a press release and photo go to each magazine. Five weeks before each ride a press release, photo and brochure explaining endurance riding are sent to each ride managerr in an envelope addressed to the newspaper closest to the ride. A new program is a poster sent to the ride manager which can be copied and posted in various places to promote the ride. A video is being planned on young people riding which can be distributed to 4H groups, pony clubs etc. Board members were asked to send Ruth pictures to be used for public relations purposes.


TREASURER'S REPORT . Larry Kanavy reviewed the last financial statement item by item, and explained that while conditions have improved there is still reason for concern. He will have a proposed 1997 budget ready for the Sunday meeting.



Mike Tomlinson moved from committee that the charter and Mission statement be approved. Motion carried with 2 abstention and 1 absent. He also circulated a report covering the past, present and fulure of the AERC record keeping systems. He pointed out the importance of including a line item in the budget to prepare for future improvements in the computer systems.



B. Patterson reported that the rule changes concerning Limited Distance which were passed at the midyear meeting are being reviewed by the Rules Committee, and will be presented at the Sunday meeting.



       S. Johnson stated that a proposal for a new award for mileage accomplishments for horse/rider teams is tabled until the Sunday meeting. The Junior point structure proposed at the last midyear board meeting has not been enacted due to projected costs. The standings will he computed as in the past. The committee agreed unanimously to allow the two-day 100 mile concept to continue.

Stewards - The committee will draw up a set of guidelines for stewards, B. Patterson, M. Price, and C. Hart will meet to formulate recommendations to be presented to the Sunday meeting

Cash Awards - The committee voted to gather opinions from the general membership at the open meeting Saturday before any action is taken at the Sunday meeting. L. Golemon and J. Baldwin presented their viewpoints on the subject.



R. Eiland reported on the committee meeting. The sanctioning directors agreed that they do not want the responsibility for determining the cash value of awards. They also discussed the role of the sanctioning directors in Quality Control of rides.

Jackie Bumgardner presented a request from riders in the Southwest region that this region be divided, with Southern California and southern Nevada becoming one region and Ari­zona, New Mexico and west Texas being the other. R.Eiland moved that a Pacific region be established as of 1998 with regional directors being elected  in October 1997. B. McCrary moved to amend to delete the name Pacific for the time being, S. Newman seconded. Amendment carried with 1 abstention. The motion as amended carried with 1 opposed. The
Bumgardners will contact the riders in this region and will propose a
different name.



Paulette Brehob reported on the committee meeting. They had discussed action to be taken
the case of poor rides. It was suggested that a questionnaire be included in the ride
managers' packet to be filled out and returned by riders. A different AERC rule will be explained every month in Endurance News. The committee plans to rewrite the Ride Managers manual.



V. Bowers reported for Jim Rogan, chairman of the Protest Committee, on an appeal concerning a protest that had been denied. The appeal was filed by Eric Thompson, who was involved in the protested incident, and whose money was refunded on tile grounds that he was not on the original protest. C. Hart, Rules Committee chairman, agreed that the wording in the rules was indefinite, and that Eric Thompson was eligible to appeal. E. Thompson pointed out that if the appeal is upheld, regional and possibly national standings may be affected. The president ruled that this matter shall be tabled until information from the other side is received.



M. Price reviewed our connection with USET.



Chuck Gray reported on the International Committee meeting. The subject of Marathon racing was discussed. The committee will meet separately to further consider this subject and will report at the Sunday meeting.

l'he meeting was adjourned at 9:51

Louise Riedel, Secretary