Reno, Nevada


These minutes and those of March 3 have not been approved. Watch Endurance News

for corrections.

The meeting of the AERC Board of Directors was called to order at 6:10 p.m. Answering to roll call were Vonita Bowers, president, Steve Johnson, Barbara McCrary, Bob Morris, Courtney Hart, Amy Whelan, Maggy Price, Crockett Dumas, Dean Jackson, Stagg Newman, Brad Patterson, Larry Kanavy, Jim Baldwin, Dane Frazier, Earle Baxter, Mike Tomlinson, Ronald Waltenspiel, Randy Eiland, David Clinton, Louise Riedel, Lynn Golemon, Susan Kasemeyer, and Miki Morrison, Executive Director.

B. McCrary was appointed director of the sanctioning committee for the duration of the

convention. S. Newman moved to seat Brad Patterson, the newly elected Mountain Region director in place of Terry Dye. Motion carried.

The secretary reported that the minutes of the midyear board meeting had been approved as corrected. (A vote concerning the Pioneer award had been reported as affirmative rather than negative).


The International Committee report will be presented on Sunday.

Ride Managersí Award. A sub-committee of the Awards Committee, consisting of C. Hart, B. Patterson and D. Jackson was appointed to report at the Midyear meeting.

M. Price moved to drop a proposal to add a separate 50-mile national championship.

Motion carried.

A proposal had been made to define limited distance as any distance under 50 miles. This was remanded to the limited distance committee for the Sunday meeting.


TREASURERíS REPORT: R. Waltenspiel reported that we have gone to the accrual system of accounting. Omar Bardales has been retained as our new CPA. Bookkeeping will be done by the firm of 2N2R5 which will send a monthly statement consisting of a profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement to the Board. Mr. Bardales reviewed our financial statement, explaining that a financial statement will alternate with an audit every other year.



Mark Holmes, the computer director, reported that the new computer is in place. He stated that 13 million miles have been ridden and recorded. He and Joe Long are presently completing some of the data conversion. The current lease on the computers expires in June, and plans need to be made for negotiating a new contract.

AERC member Joe Larkin addressed the Board regarding the computer system.



PROTEST AND GRIEVANCE: V. Bowers reported that three protests had been filed--one from a non-member which was not addressed; one concerning the Race of Champions, which was denied; and one which was withdrawn before going to committee.


EDUCATION COMMITFEE: B. Morris reported on the progress of the Procedures Manual. Miki is still working on the Office Procedures section.

There has been a proposal for AERC to go "On-Line" in the Internet. Stephanie Teeters has voluntarily run an unofficial program of endurance news. She suggested that AERC give it official standing. A second option was for AERC to obtain a "domain" at a cost of $50 per month. Remanded to.committee.

Roger and Garret Ford presented a computer program designed for ride managers. He inquired about the possible use of AERCís data base. No action was taken.

A video program on helmets and safety is being shown at the trade show.

  1. Whelan described "Equitana" a very large trade show which is being held July 18-21 in Louisville. The cost of a booth is $1500, which a feed company has offered to share. She felt that this would be excellent promotion for AERC. Remanded to committee for Sunday.

AWARDS COMMITTEE: D. Jackson reported having an offer from the Mule Association to donate an award. M. Price moved to approve this award if donated. Motion carried. D. Jackson stated that the cost of awards for 1995 was $5000 under budget.


LIMITED DISTANCE COMMITTEE: A. Whelan spoke of the need for standardization in light of the proposed presentation of a national award. Valerie Kanavy described a system whereby limited distance riders would be rated according to the grades appearing on the rider cards. Remanded to committee.


SANCTIONING COMMITTEE: B. McCrary reported that a request to sanction a special events ride at Gladstone NJ was approved by the board.


COMPETITIONS COMMITTEE: S. Johnson proposed that an addition to the Junior rule be implemented which would provide for a rider, who is the last place junior, whose sponsor is pulled, to be able to receive a completion. The proposal will be acted on at the Sunday board meeting.

The committee discussed splitting the junior division to create an intermediate division

covering juniors from 14-19. The committee was not in favor.

The National Horse Show Foundation had proposed donating an award based on a series of rides.

The committee suggests that this proposal be reworked to apply to the national championship series.

The committee denied a proposal to require 400 lifetime miles on the horse only instead of the horse-rider team as a qualification for the national championship series.

C. Hart reported on a study of the impact of various factors such as weight and time on best condition on 100-mile rides. The results did not warrant a change. He also reported on the numbers of multi-day riders who entered more than one multi-day event. It does not appear that very many of the same people enter a large number of rides.

C. Hart suggested a new award to honor horse-rider teams for numbers of years and miles

over a period of time. The rider might be asked to contribute to the cost of the award. Remanded to committee.

A proposal had been made to reinstate the National Points Championship system. The committee denied the request.


VETERINARY COMMITTEE: R. Beecher reported that the drug testing program will be implemented at a higher level in 1996, and will be carried out by veterinarians recommended by the AHSA at a lab of our choice. The committee has considered non-traditional modalities of treatment during a ride including anything invasive or anything mechanical. A motion covering this proposal will be presented by the veterinarian committee Sunday.


ELECTIONS COMMITTEE: C. Hart proposed a more defined procedure on elections nomination dates. This proposal will be presented Sunday.

L. Riedel moved, at the request of residents of extreme western Nebraska, / "

Mountain Region boundary eastward to coincide with the Mountain timezone

directors of both the Midwest and Mountain regions agree with this request. Motion carried.


TRAILS COMMITTEE: A request had been made that AERC furnish funds to send representatives to local trail symposiums. It was the consensus that funds are not available at this time.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Louise Riedel, Secretary.