Dallas, Texas


The midyear meeting of the AERC Board of Directors was called to order at 8:12 p.m., August 26 at the Hyatt East Hotel, Dallas, Texas. Answering to roll call were Vonita Bowers, president, Barbara McCrary, Terry Dye, Jim Baldwin, Ronald Waltenspiel. Mike Tomlinson, Earle Baxter, Dane Frazier, Jan Worthington, Stagg Newman, Lynn Golernon, Steve Johnson, Courtney Hart, Robert Morris, Randy Eiland, Dave Clinton, Susan Kasemeyer, Larry Kanavy, Louise Riedel, Maggy Price, and Miki Morrison, Executive Director.


In opening the meeting, President Bowers read the purposes of AERC.



NATIONAL OFFICE - M. Morrison, Executive Director, reported on the following subjects: AHSA and its relationship to AERC.

Credit Card Proposal - MBNA American Bank has offered a Gold Mastercard to AERC members; no annual fee; $1.00 with every account opened or renewed and $.20 per transaction to AERC. L. Golemon moved that we empower Miki to negotiate a contract with-NBHA, Motion seconded and carried unanimously,

Conventions - will be held in Reno in 1996 and 1997, and will be moved east in 1998. M. Morrison reported having contacted a number of possible sites for that year, and recommended Lexington, Kentucky, in January 1998 as the most attractive. L Golemon moved that Miki be authorized to make appropriate negotiations and to sign a contract for Lexington for 1998. Motion seconded and carried 18 - 1. Conventions in 1999 through 2002 will again be held in Reno, with the 2003 meeting moved to the East.

Trademarks - It has been announced that our logo and the slogan "To Finish Is to Win" will be trademarked. Attorney Rich Maxwell has been working to obtain this protection. The phrase "Endurance ride" is not markable,

Press Releases -The National Office has been sending press releases to all horse publications quarterly. This has generated a great deal of mail.

Computer - The implementation of the new computer system is nearing completion. At present the office is still running on both old and new systems. It was suggested that in order to clear up discrepancies in horse names and numbers, members be notified of the names and numbers presently on record.



Adoption of International Charter - Two documents were presented to the Board:

one , the charter prepared by the International Committee and the other version as revised by R. Morris and C. Hart, who had been appointed by the Board to review the charter. Chuck Gray commented on the original document from the International Committee. R. Morris discussed his proposed changes, some of which are: Board approval; elections committee to handle International zone elections; restrictions on selection personnel, chefs e'equipe, etc. to avoid conflict of interest; financial considerations; etc.

L. Riedel moved to accept the charter as presented by the International committee, with the committee to incorporate the recommended changes, the revised document to be presented to the Board at the annual meeting. Motion seconded. A roll call vote resulted in the following members voting in favor: McCrary, Dye, Baldwin, Waltenspiel, Tomlinson, Baxter, Frazier, Worthington, Newman, Golemon, Johnson, Hart, Eiland, Clinton, Kasemeyer, Kanavy, Riedel, and Price. Morris abstained.

C. Gray reported that the International Committee is considering changing the present four time zones to the eight AERC regions. This proposal will be studied further.


AWARDS - M. Morrison displayed a sample of the awards jackets, which have been ordered. She read a proposal for a new award to be presented to one ride manager per region, to be selected by members from that region. S. Newman moved that this be tabled. Motion seconded and carried unanimously.


TREASURER'S REPORT - R. Waltenspiel announced that he had replaced the accountant with

a new firm. Discussion followed concerning the current deficit ($17,027.09 as of July 31 ). L. Golemon offered to prepare an estimate of funds needed to achieve a positive balance.

M. Morrison agreed to provide an estimate of accounts payable. A computer committee appointed at the last general meeting was asked to report as to the amount needed for the computer program. These steps were to be accomplished over the lunch break. S. Johnson moved to break for lunch. Motion seconded and carried unanimously.


L. Golemon presented the following report

                        Accounts Payable:

                        Computer System - $17,000

                        Printing           10,000

                                                Travel                        1,000
                                                Championship series                        1,000
                                                CPA                        2,000
                                                                        Cash Loss to Date                        17,000
                                                due                        34,000
                                                                                                                              $78,000 - total projected loss

Projected loss for next 4 mos. to change to accrual system whereby 96 dues are not counted as they are received in 95.

L. Golemon moved ~to raise membership dues, making a single or renewal membership $65, and family membership $75 (with additional children remaining at $10) to be effective for the 1996 ride year.  Motion seconded and caried. 18 in favor with 1 abstention.


R. Waltenspiel moved that a letter be sent to Joe Long thanking him for all the work he has done with the computer over the past 13 years. Motion seconded and carried unanimously.


M. Tomlinson moved to increase the subscription rate for the Endurance News to

$40, Motion seconded and carded unanimously.

M. Price moved to increase the non-member rider fee to $10~ Motion seconded. Kasemeyer moved to amend to change the name to an "event-membership” Amnendment carried 15 -4. Motion as amended carried 17 - 2.


M. Tomlinson moved to raise the non-member veterinarian fee to $25. Motion seconded and defeated 14- 5.


J. Worthington inquired whether it would be possible to present the AERC regional awards at the annual meeting of the regional organization (in this case UMECRA). It was suggested that the regional directors be allowed to determine if it is appropriate to do so, and to contact the national office.


COMPETITIONS - S. Johnson reported that the committee had met Friday evening with the following actions taken:

Old Business - Best condition on 100-mile rides. C. Hart had surveyed B.C. reports for  61 rides and found that there would have been only 4 changes if the points were changed to .5 per mile instead of 1 point. The committee voted not to make this change. The committee also recommended not to change points for weight from 1/2 to 1 point.


National Championship - The committee recommended that the old point system for the national championship not be reinstated.


National Championship Series - The committee voted to retain the present system through 1996 with the final ride in the mountain region.


50-mile national championship rides - S. Johnson moved for committee that the 50 mile distances be dropped from the championnship series for the 1996 season. Motion carried uananimously


Veterinarian travel expenses for national series championship series - S. Johnson moved for committee that there be a limit of $200 paid to each ride for veterinarian travel expenses, with the head veterinarian to be chosen by the chairman of the veterinary committee, but not necessarily to be a member of the committee, Carried unanimously.

Modifications to National Series Championship - S. Johnson moved for committee that beginning in 1997 a person could ride any number of eight 100-mile regional rides and designate his .or her best three at the end of the season, based on overall placement m a weight division (rather than against only NC riders) The rides shall be designated by both regional directors and recommended to the competitions committee, to be approved by the Executive committee. There will be no extra fee or veterinarian requirements; the 400-mile lifetime quafification will still apply. Motion carried 18 1.

The committee had discussed radio communication to riders from non-entered persons. They felt that this was covered by rule 6 k; an article will be written for Endurance News. The committee had also considered extending ride time in an emergency situation, and had voted not to implement this proposal, but to follow Rule 1.3.1. An article will be written for Endurance News on the handling of emergency situations.


The proposal to initiate a separate 50-mile division for the National Series Championship will be tabled.

There has been no report from the steward at the Race of Champions where an infraction of the rules (Rule 6 k) occurred; the ride manager informed the national office that it was being worked on.


RULES - Courtney Hart announced the following proposed rule changes:

 Rule 7.1 - Ties: In the case of ties, the points to be awarded shall be the sum of the positions divided by the number of people who tied. There would never be more than 10 horses in top 10 unless the last place in top ten would bring the total in excess of 10 horses.

Rule -Add Once a competing horse has passed the post ride examination it may not be removed from completion for veterinary reasons."

Rule 2.1.2.- Insert "Control Veterinarians are all veterinarians employed by ride management to uphold the AERC rules. A veterinarian supplying treatment only does not need to be an AERC member."

Rule 1.4.4 -Add " Best conditions will be published

Rule 8.2- "held between December...Instead of February)

Rule 8.5.4. - delete, "their age, weight, and'

Rule 9.3 - insert “featherweight" following "junior"

Rule 9.3.3 - insert after 'of best condition" after "in the event of a tie"

Rule 9.4.2. - Delete - renumber subsequent rules

Rule 10- Insert "21 years or older" after "competent adult sponsor."

Rule 10.4 -Insert “21 years or older” after "competent adult sponsor."

Rule 12 - Replace “sanction fee" with "current starting rider fee." Delete "2.50 per starting rider."

Rule 12.1 - Replace "sanction fee " with "starting rider fee." Delete "$10.00." Change "$10" in parentheses to "a minimum fee." Add "Fees subject to change. Check with your AERC office for current rider fees."


BY-LAWS - ARTICLE VII - Should read...first day of December and end on the last day of  November.

ARTICLE XII, SECTION 2 -Insert "and committee elections" after "all elections of AERC” Directors

ARTICLE XII, SECTION 3 Replace "appointed by the President with the approval of the  Board of Directors" with "by election of the veterinarian members."

Anyone wishing to submit a rule change must complete the form "Rule Book Change Order" to include date of order of change, rule number it affects, date to go into effect, actual change, financial impact, data system impact, how it affects public perception and riders/members‑

C. Hart moved for committee to accept the above listed items. Motion carried unanimously.


Discussion followed on Rule It was moved to replace "This examination should be conducted at a trot" with "This examination will be conducted at a trot or equivalent gait.") Motion carried 18 in favor, 1 abstention.

SANCTIONING - B. McCrary moved for committee to approve applications for two multi day rides: The Timberon Ride in New Mexico July 1 - 5; and the Applegate Lassen ride June 2 - 6. Motions carried unanimously.

EDUCATION - R. Morris commented on the endurance display at the Kentucky Horse Park. Improvement of the display was remanded to committee. Amy Whelan will be asked to help. Plans will be presented at the annual meeting, and funds will be requested.

The Premier Horse Network is looking for endurance material, with AERC to pick rides to be filmed. The Road to the Championship and Headwaters of the Rogue were suggested. It was the consensus that AERC cooperate with this group.

R‑ Morris suggested forming a sub-committee on electronic media. At present misinformation exists.

LIMITED DISTANCE. There still seems to be a problem with racing. C. Hart moved remove "should" from Rule, to read "finishing time be recorded”. Motion seconded, carried unanimously. No changes recommended for the limited distance program.

C. Hart moved that the subject of expanding limited distance mileage be remanded to committee to be discussed in Reno. Motion seconded and carried.


PROTEST - L. Golemon reported on a protest against the Race of Champions for a trail marking mixup. Protest denied--no action possible.


VETERINARY- Discussion of Holistic Treatment and Mechanical Devices during competition. S. Johnson read an extensive list. of possible alternative treatments. It was the consensus that there is need of a rule to cover the use of such modalities during rides, especially mechanical devices. The problem is one of defining limits. The subject was remanded to the veterinary committee for discussion at Reno,



The suggested ride managers' award was discussed. No action was taken
R. Eiland moved for committee that 2nd and r3d placings be added to the Pioneer

   award. Motion carried, 15 in favor- 4 abstentions.

R. Eiland moved for committee to add 3-day and longer tides into the Pioneer Award competition. Motion defeated 13- 6 with 1 abstention .


M. Morrison asked for suggestions for a master of ceremonies at the awards banquet. Several names were proposed.


L. Golemon requested that directors receive monthly copies of the bookkeeper's report.


MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY It was decided to include orders on the membership applications for directories, which would be sold for $10.


The next Board meeting will be held Thursday, February 29 at 5 p.m. at the Reno Convention    Center.


L. Kanavy moved to adjourn at 7:45 p.m. Motion seconded and carried.


Louise Riedel, Secretary