The AERC Board of Directors convened at 7:10 a.m. January 22, 1995 at the Reno Hilton with newly elected president, Vonita Bowers, presiding. Also answering to roll call were Dane Frazier, Lynn Golemon, Crockett Dumas, Earle Baxter, Steve Johnson, Amy Whelan, Tery Dye, David Clinton, Susan Kasemeyer, Maggy Price, Mike Tomlinson, Ronald Waltenspiel, Robert Morris, Courtney Hart, Jim Baldwin, Lawrence Kanavy, Dean Jackson, Randy Eiland, Jan Worthington, Jeri Ayers-Scott, Louise Riedel, Barbara McCrary and Miki Morrison, executive director.


Lynn Golemon, chairman of the Protest and Grievance reviewed action taken by the committee in 1994. 1). A protest. against the Camino Real Ride. It was not rule-based and the protest was dropped, but the safety issue addressed in an article in Endurance News.

2). A protest against the Pine Mountain Ride where a rider started at 1:30 p.m. on the second loop of the ride and finished at 1:30 a.m., but his name was included as a completer. It was agreed that the protest would be returned if his completion were withdrawn.

3). Protest against the Fort Valley ride which was dealt with at the Board meeting January 19.

4). Protest against the Sunland Ride. Since the filing was done incorrectly the protest wasn't heard.


Lynn Golemon pointed out the necessity of differentiating between a protest, which is based on rule violations and a grievance which covers other problems. This should be considered by the Rules Committee. Jim Rogan was recommended to replace Lynn Golemon, who has resigned as chairman the Protest and Grievance committee.


Barbara McCrary presented an insurance policy offered at a cost of $42.5 to AERC and $60 per event to the rides. Terry Dye moved, Randy Eiland seconded that the Board authorize the executive committee to make the decision to evaluate and put in place this policy. Motion carried.


Barbara McCrary presented an application for a Special Event ride, the Lost Wagon Train 5-day event. It will be the ride's second year. Dean Jackson moved Lynn Golemon seconded to approve this ride. Motion carried uananimously. A request had been received fom Vision Sports Inc. for approval for the Bozeman Bonanza. It was the consensus that the plans for this ride do not meet AERC conditions. Robert Morris moved, Steve Johnson seconded to reject this ride with a letter of explanation. Motion carried unanimously.


Chuck Gray distributed copies of the International Committee charter. Robert Morris moved, Courtney Hart seconded to refer the charter to Board members for comments to be sent to Robert Morris within 30 days. Motion carried unanimously.

Chuck Gray announced that Endurance News will print AERC International news. This will replace the International Committee newsletter.

Maggy Price will ask the American Horse Shows to confirm by letter their appointments to the AHSA International Committee. This will go to the AERC national office who will disseminate the information to the International Committee and the Board.

Appointments of AERC representatives to other appropriate organizations involved in International endurance riding must be approved by the AERC Board of Directors. Dr. Gillespie will be asked to communicate FEI news to AERC.

Robert Morris moved to accept Courtney Hart's offer to be an AERC representative at the ELDRIC (European Long Distance Rides Conference)convention in February. Susan Kasemeyer seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

The president announced the following committee chairmen appointments:

Hall of Fame - Vice president Stagg Newman

Veterinarian - Robert Beecher, Susan Kasemeyer, lay representative

Competitions - Steve Johnson

Limited Distance - Amy Wallace Whelan

Protest and Grievance - Jim Rogan

Rules & By-laws - Courtney Hart

Education (Safety, Convention) - Robert Morris

Ride Managers' - Randy Eiland

International - Chuck Gray

Awards - Dean Jackson

Legal - Mark Dees

Office - Ronald Waltenspiel

Executive - Officers and Lynn Golemon

Trails - Ruth Waltenspiel

Sanctioning - Jan Worthington; Special Events - Barbara McCrary

Elections- Courtney Hart


Susan Kasemeyer moved, Lynn Golemon seconded to approve the committee appointments. Motion carried unanimously.



Mark Holmes, the computer programmer spoke to the Board, reviewing the history of the computer programs. He presented a contract for future association with AERC. A sub-committee consisting of Robert Morris, Mark Dees, Ron Waltenspiel , Mike Tomlinson and David Clinton was appointed to review the contract and make recommendations to the Board.

In regard to the 1996 convention, the Reno Hilton will only consider having the convention midweek. Miki has contacted the Reno Convention Center for the dates of Feb 29 -March 2. It would be necessary for those attending to arrange for hotel rooms in other facilities. Miki was asked to look into getting out of Reno for 1996. A convention sub-committee to investigate the possibility of another site was appointed as follows: Mark Dees, chairman, Amy Whelan, Geri A. Scott, Susan Kasemeyer, Maggy Price, and Miki Morrison.

A quotation for Directors' and Officers' Liability was distributed to the Board.



Dr. Beecher moved from committee to implement the $1.00 per entry drug testing fee in all states that do not have a drug testing program. To be effective for the 1995 ride season. Motion carried 18 - 2.

Elections for regional veterinarian members on the committee will be held. The committee has requested that some new information be added to the veterinary reporting form. Various options for implementing the drug testing program will be reported at the midyear meeting. Dr. Beecher proposed to expand the continuing education program.





The motion from Maggy that ride managers be allowed to ride for completion and mileage only was defeated 15-3 with 1 abstention.



Maggy Price moved, Dean Jackson seconded to drop the Classic Ride concept. Motion carried 18 - 0 with 1 abstention.

Courtney Hart suggested that the National Championship Final ride should have good control in place. He offered to rewrite the proposed charter for the Classic Ride to apply to the Final ride. Remanded to committee.

The motion from committee to change best condition points on 100 mile rides from 1 point per minute to .5 per minute was remanded to committee. Courtney Hart volunteered to research some ride sheets to determine what effect this change would have.



Steve Johnson reported that the new year-end mileage award will take effect for the 1996 season.



Dean Jackson suggested producing a belt buckle that riders could purchase reflecting mileage levels. Remanded to committee.


Discussion followed on recording and publishing how Board members voted on issues. In the past this had been done on "crucial" issues. At the time a vote is to be taken the decision on whether or not to record votes should be made.


The midyear board meeting was discussed. It was suggested that possibly it should be held earlier in the year. The decision as to whether to have a midyear meeting and the date will be made by the president.


Crockett Dumas moved, Jan Worthington seconded to adjourn at 11:30.


Louise Riedel, Secretary