The AERC Board of Directors convened at 6:15 p.m., January 19, 1995. Crockett Dumas presiding. Also answering to roll call were Louise Riedel, Jeri Ayers-Scott, Jan Worthington, Susan Kasemeyer, Courtney Hart, Jim Baldwin, Ronald Waltenspiel, Steve Johnson, Robert Morris, Randy Eiland, David Clinton, Lynn Golemon, Dean Jackson, Heidi Smith Winger, Terry Dye, Maggy Price, Barbara McCrary, Vonita Bowers, Earl Baxter, and Miki Morrison, Executive Director.

The secretary reported that the minutes of the midyear meeting have been approved as corrected. The treasurer's report shows a profit of $19,407.49 on a cash basis. The executive director reviewed the letters and other enclosures in the directors' packets.


Robert Morris reported on the Procedures Manual. The office procedures are to be added and he hopes to have the complete set by the midyear board meeting. He moved, Susan Kasemeyer seconded, to accept and implement the procedures with two changes in the veterinary committee charter. Motion carried 18 - 0 with one abstention. Robert Morris asked that the Board instruct the executive director to set aside a block of time to be devoted to set up the office procedures. The Board approved with a show of hands.


AWARDS COMMITTEE. Dean Jackson reported that $11,439.03 was spent for awards. Maggy Price moved, Dean Jackson seconded to give AERC buckles to those who completed the national championship finals ride. Motion carried 18 - 0 with one abstention.


LIMITED DISTANCE COMMITTEE. Steve Johnson moved for committee to create a limited distance national mileage championship award to be paid for by the Orange County Distance Rides. Heidi Smith Winger moved to amend to make the award available to horses 60 months and older. Amendment carried 19 - 0. Motion as amended carried 15-4. Another recommendation of committee was to create a Rookie of the Year award. Criteria would include: consecutive completions (if a rider completed 5 rides and was pulled on the 6th, he would start over); rider may not have completed more than 100 miles; it would be open to any distance. This proposal was remanded to committee.


PROTEST AND GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE. The appeal to the Board concerning a denied protest will
be heard later in the meeting. Lynn Golemon suggested that before a person signs an appeal regarding a
denied protest he should confer with the committee chairman. No action taken.


SANCTIONING COMMITTEE - Barbara McCrary reported in regard to the conflict over dates
between the Capitol to Capitol and Pony Express Rides, which had been brought before the Board at the
Midyear meeting: The Capitol to Capitol ride will sanction three of the proposed 4 days (adhering to the
150-mile, 3-day format) and the 4th day will be unsanctioned.


RIDE MANAGERS' COMMFFFEE - Randy Eiland reported that the committee does not support the
motion restricting ride managers to earning only mileage and completion if they ride their own ride.

The committee does not support collecting ‑ 1.00 per rider fee for drug testing. The committee does not support bonus points on multiday rides.

COMPETITIONS COMMITTEE - Vonita Bowers reported that the committee does not support the motion restricting ride managers to earning only mileage and completion if they ride their own ride. The committee does not support bonus points on multi-day rides. She moved for committee that the following be added to the Ride Managers' Handbook: Ride managers shall have the option of using cut off times at vet stops, but only when absolutely necessary with times chosen reflect the difficulty of that leg of the course. Motion passed 11 7 with one abstention.

The chairman moved for committee that Riders will receive double points on the national championship finals ride if they have started the first two rides (i.e. for the first 7 rides regular points will be given; for the final ride the horse-rider teams who have started 2 previous rides will receive double points--other riders


will receive regular points)~ Motion carried 16 - 3.

A proposed charter for the Classic Ride, which had been prepared by Courtney Hart setting forth requirements and guide-lines, was read.

A letter was referred from AHSA stating that in any discipline under AHSA direction, no competition can bear the title "National Championship" without the express approval of the AHSA. Lengthy discussion followed. No action was taken. The matter was tabled until the Sunday meeting.

The committee had discussed a means to solve such grievances as short, improperly marked or overly difficult trails, which do not fall under the province of a protest. The place of the sanctioning directors or a review board in these matters should be ascertained. To be further discussed in committee.

A proposal had been received to add a category for handicapped or disabled riders to give them mileage credit for any number of miles they could do whether they finish the ride or not. To be further discussed.


INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE Chuck Gray reported on the committee meeting held Thursday morning: Three site proposals for the 1997 North American Championship rides were presented--Bend, Oregon, Biltmore Estates in North Carolina, and Wolverine Trails in Wisconsin. Dr. Gillespie reviewed plans for the World Championship Ride to be held in Kansas in 1996. Revision of the International Committee charter was completed and it will be presented to the Board on Sunday. A perpetual renewing budget in the amount of $2000 was established for the purpose of purchasing promotional items for resale. Further subjects were discussed and recommendations will be proposed at the Saturday committee meeting.


Lynn Golemon presented a protest appeal concerning the National Championship Finals Ride at Ft. Valley. questions and discussion followed. The vote was to uphold the committee's decision to deny the protest -- 16 - 0 with 3 abstentions.


Vonita Bowers spoke of the difficulty in ensuring that Championship Series rides be conducted in an appropriate manner. By a show of hands the Board gave direction to turn this matter over to the Competitions Committee.


The meting adjourned at 11:10 p.m.


Louise Riedel, Secretary