Reno, Nevada

Per Article XV, Section 1 of the AERC Bylaws, Robert's Rules of Order (Newly Revised) shall govern the Conference in all cases in which they are applicable, therefore, these AERC Board Minutes will include the following: the date, time, and place of the meeting; the kind of meeting, the name of the assembly; the fact of the presence of the regular chairman and secretary or, in their absence, the names of their substitutes; whether the minutes of the previous meeting were approved; all main motions in their final form and their status; all oral notices of motions; all points of order and appeals, including the reasons given by the chair; all motions to reconsider; all elections; all numbers or tellers' reports announced by the chair; the roll and the votes of members when a vote was taken by roll call; names of movers of important motions; and the time of adjournment. The minutes will not include general discussion and comments


The AERC Board of Directors met at 7:00 p.m. Answering to roll call were Crockett Dumas, Ronald Waltenspiel, ' Dane Frazier, Stagg Newman, Jim Baldwin, Randy Eiland, Joe Long, Mike Tomlinson, Eric Horde, Lynn Golemon, Richard Hayes, Steve Johnson, Heidi Smith Winger, Courtney Hart, Jeri Ayers-Scott, Vonita Bowers, Barbara McCrary, Dean Jackson, Susan Kasemeyer, Louise Riedel, Terry Dye, and Executive director Miki Morrison.


In his opening remarks President Dumas thanked committee members for their work during the year. Louise Riedel reviewed the minutes of the previous board meeting. Ron Waltenspiel presented the treasurer's report and 1994 budget. Lynn Golemon moved, Terry Dye seconded to accept the budget. Motion carried 19 in favor with one abstention. Ron Waltenspiel stated in response to an inquiry that any board member can receive Information from the bookkeeper at the expense of said board member.


The Executive Director - Miki Morrison, reported that the computer systems are being updated, and introduced

the office personnel.


Stagg Newman reported having investigated the Buyline fund raising proposal, and advised that we not pursue it further.






CLASSIC RIDE - Eric Hovde presented the ride budget and moved on behalf of committee, to approve it,

Motion carded 20 - 2.


AWARDS -Dean Jackson recommended a 1994 budget of $15,000, and moved to approve it. Mike Tomlinson seconded. Motion earned 20 - 0.


PROTEST AND GRIEVANCE - Lynn Golemon reported on a protest based on a charge of horse neglect against , Vanessa Waters. The committee denied the protest.


VETERINARY COMMITTEE- Dr. Beecher proposed a drug testing program whereby horses from at least one ride in each region would be tested by a member of the veterinary committee. Funding for this program has been received for 1994. He moved on behalf of committee to implement the program. (Refer to minutes of Feb 6 meeting for details) Motion carried 20 - 0.


RIDE MANAGERS - Randy Eiland suggested that a ride managers' support group be initiated to assist new managers. He reported that the committee opposed the elimination of the regional top 10; it also opposed a mandatory two vets-per-ride, feeling that this should be a guideline instead.

Non-Member fee: He moved on behalf of committee to reconsider the motion made at the mid year meeting to collect $15 from non-AERC members. It was the consensus of the board to table this matter for member input at the general membership meeting Saturday. The president appointed an ad hoc committee consisting of Ron Waltenspiel|, chairman, Randy Eiland, Louise Riedel, Mike Tomlinson, Jim Baldwin and Lynn Golemon to further consider this issue and to make a recommendation at the Sunday board meeting.


COMPETITIONS - Vonita Bowers reported that the committee is in favor of retaining the regional top-ten awards.

Championship Series 50-mile Rides: Vonita moved on behalf of committee to drop the 50 mile rides from the National Championship series. Lynn Golemon moved to table this motion pending presentation of an alternative. Motion carried 20-0. It was suggested that the 100 mile rides be separated from the 50-mile rides, resulting in 16 Championship rides, with a national winner in each division. This will be referred to the membership for input, The issue of refining points for the championship series was remanded to committee.

Best condition for multi-day rides: Vonita Bowers moved on behalf of committee that beginning in 1995 on multi day rides there be a best condition award for horses having finished all days and deemed to be eligible under the usual criteria for best condition. Horses with the lowest cumulative ride time would be considered. The horse with the highest B.C. score, to be determined at one hour post ride the final day, would receive the award. (Points would be accrued at the rate of 1 point per mile of the distance, plus the usual pro­rated number of points for the number of starters, this being the number of riders who entered the entire multi-day event on the first day of the competition. )Cumulative results for the year would determine a National Multi-Day B.C. winner. Motion carried with 19 in favor, one abstention.

A motion was made on behalf of committee that the national best condition award be determined at national championship series rides in the same way the points championship are determined. The vote resulted in a tie. The president did not vote in favor; therefore the motion failed.

Best condition points for 100-mile rides: A motion was made on behalf of committee to award best condition points for 100-mile rides on the same basis as finishing points. (1.5 times the points per mile in a 50 mile ride.)  [The following are corrected minutes obtained from additional notes: Motion Defeated 10-6 with 4 abstentions.  Time Factor for Best Condition Judging: Proposal from committee that on 100-mile rides .5 per minute be given rather than the present 1 point per minute. The Board voted to present this proposal to the membership 15-4 with 2 abstentions. ]

Points for Pioneer Award: A motion was made  on behalf of committee to decrease the number of placings for the Pioneer Award to first place in each weight, division plus the junior division. Motion carried 18 - 1. To be effective for 1994.


RULES - Remanded to Sunday meeting.


EDUCATION - A report sent by Nine Warren proposed publishing two documents to be included in the ride managers' packet: one on conditioning and one on entering one's first ride.


SANCTIONING - Guidelines: Barbara McCrary moved on behalf of committee to add the following to the sanctioning guidelines: "if a ride takes a two-or-more years' sabbatical and asks for reinstatement, it must be treated as a new ride, not as a re-sanctioning." Motion carried 19 - 1,

She proposed the following guidelines for exceptions to the proposed two veterinarians per ride; the sanctioning director needs to consider experience of ride manager, type of terrain, number of riders and location of vet stops.

She moved for committee that in the following sentence in the Sanctioning committee Charter "...also a director at large appointed in the same manner to approve multiple day and special events rides," the phrase "at large" be deleted. Motion carried 15 - 5.

Heidi Smith-Winger asked for approval for a new multi-day ride "Lost Wagon Train, Phase I1" to be held beginning October 28. Motion carried 20 - 0. Barbara McCrary moved on behalf of committee to disallow the Capitol to Capitol multi-day ride on the same weekend as the Fall Pony Express. Motion carded 19 - 1.


Meeting adjourned at 12:10 a.m,

Louise Riedel, Secretary