Board of Directors Meeting

November 6, 1993 Denver, Colorado


The meeting was called to order by President Crockett Dumas. Other directors

present were Mike Tomlinson, Louise Riedel, Margaret (Maggy) Price, Heidi Smith-Winger, Susan Kasemeyer, Dane Frazier, Eric Hovde, Jim Baldwin, Vonita Bowers, Earle Baxter, Barbara McCrary, Ronald Waltenspiel, Steve Johnson, Stagg Newman, Dean Jackson, Courtney  Hart, and Lynn Golemon, and Miki Morrison, Executive Director.


Fiscal Report

Ron Waltenspiel referred to the 1993 convention report, which showed a $17,217.49 loss. Ron stated that two items (awards at $12,769.09 and yearbook at $12,477.52) could be non-attributable to convention expenses. Lynn Golemon questioned whether wages of $6,060.57 should also not be attributable. Lynn recommended that these three items be removed from convention accounting, leaving a profit of $14,089.69. Ron agreed that this will be done.


The financial report showed deficit spending of $26,135.54. In addition a loan of $10,000 had been secured from the International fund, approximately $7,000 is owed to the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta and there is a $5,000 escrow fund for the truck raffle, amounting to a deficit of approximately $48,000. There will be an increase in income over the next two months from 1994 dues, but this should be applied to 1994 spending rather than current spending.


National Office Report

Miki Morrison distributed loose-leaf binders containing AERC rules and explained that revisions could be inserted page by page rather than printing an entire booklet. She also distributed laminated permanent membership cards.


Opportunities and Decision on Increasing AERC Revenue

Extensive discussion followed concerning the possibility of increasing AERC income by charging a non-member fee of $15 with limited distance riders exempt from such a fee. It was suggested that a rebate from this fee be offered to ride managers. A vote taken on the following proposal passed 15 to 2 with 2 abstentions: If a non-member joins AERC at a ride, ride management may retain $5.00 of the membership fee. If a non-member rides and does not join AERC he will be charged $15 which will be remanded to AERC. Passed 10-7. Heidi Smith-Winger will compose a letter to ride managers explaining the plan.


Fund Raising Presentation--Consumers Buyline Inc.

Mr. Paul Townsend presented a plan whereby AERC would realize funds from a club-type purchase plan. Stagg Newman was appointed to research this program and report at convention.


Ride Managers Committee

Randy Eiland's report read by Crockett Dumas. 1. The number of veterinarians should be left up to the discretion of ride management and the regional sanctioning director. 2. There should be no change in ride time limitations per AERC rules. 3. There should be no additional listings on ride results for special interest groups.


Protest Committee

Lynn Golemon reported that one protest, which, had been filed has been resolved. A case where riders were allowed to go the wrong way, entrants were given completion only.


Trilby Peterson had arranged to have a DNA test performed on Rushcreek Lad's urine. There were no cells found.


A case of drug testing was handled by the veterinary committee. Dr. Beecher to report on this. In this situation a rider had given a human sulfa drug, which tested positive in the State of California. The drug had been given 21 days pre-ride. The opinion of the veterinary committee was that this should not lead to a protest. It was recommended that a letter be written to this rider to the effect that a violation has occurred but that no action will be taken.


Margaret (Maggy) Price suggested that an ethics policy should be adopted by AERC. A case of horse abuse in the Northeast region may lead to a protest. Should AERC have a statement of policy to address such a case? This to be added as a "bin item" to be addressed later.


Trails Committee

Sharon Dumas reported that the situation where trail fund donations had been unaccounted for has been resolved. An AERC trust fund alliance has been established. The Pacific-Atlantic Trail Ride Challenge, a proposed cross-continent ride, has contacted AERC for support in handling the money as a non­profit corporation. Benefits to AERC would include developing interest in trails and receipt of equipment that has been donated for this ride, which we could raffle. Contact with this project will continue.


Hall of Fame Committee

Vonita Bowers moved that the Board approve the Hall of Fame Committee, which would consist of the non-sanctioning directors from each region, plus Crockett as last year's chairman. Eric Hovde seconded. Motion carried.


Limited Distance Committee

Heidi Smith-Winger moved to reactivate the Limited Distance Committee with Steve Johnson as chairman. Dean seconded. Motion carried. Steve suggested that a national best condition award for limited distance be initiated. Steve moved that AERC give a medallion for every 500 miles, effective immediately. Susan seconded. Motion carried.


Competitions Committee

Vonita Bowers presented a motion from committee to create an additional weight division for a total of four as follows: Featherweight - 160 and below; Lightweight - 161 to 185; Middleweight - 186 to 210 pounds; Heavyweight - 211 or more. Motion carried, 16 in favor, 1 abstention. A motion was presented from committee to implement this plan December 1. Margaret (Maggy) Price seconded. Motion carried unanimously. This change will be reported in Endurance News and December rides will be notified by letter.


It was proposed that regional top ten awards be eliminated. This would not prevent rides from presenting top ten awards. (This will be presented in

Endurance News and voted on at convention.)


Stagg Newman will write a set of guidelines for more consistent judging of best condition. This will appear in Endurance News and be included in the ride manager's packet. Stagg will consult with the veterinary committee. (To be presented to the Board at convention.)


Margaret (Maggy) Price moved to accept the recommendation of committee to change the qualifications for the championship series for 1994 to 400 miles to be accomplished between December 1992 and the time of entering the first ride. Susan seconded. Motion carried with 16 in favor, 1 abstention.


Committee moved to drop the 50-mile rides from the national championship series. Margaret (Maggy) Price seconded. Motion carried 14 to 2 with 2 abstentions. (This will be presented in Endurance News and voted on at convention.)


Courtney Hart moved that the championship series be run with the newly approved weight division. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


A question as to how Best Condition points should be awarded in multi-day rides and on 100-mile rides was remanded to committee.


Rules Committee

Reporting for committee, Eric moved that Junior Rule 10 be clarified to read

...must be accompanied by a competent adult sponsor 21 years or older..." Margaret (Maggy) Price seconded.

Motion carried with 16 in favor and 1 abstention.


Classic Ride Committee

Lynn Golemon read a letter from Lindsay Taliaferro, resigning as chairman of this committee. Lynn has agreed to take over the chairmanship, and she reported on the progress in planning the ride. IAHA is interested in combining their championship ride with the classic ride. The main advantage would be that this would lead to some corporate sponsorship. Dr. Beecher reported that two possible sponsorships would be in the neighborhood of $10,000 each. However, this is dependent on our combining with IAHA. A show of hands resulted in I0 in favor of going with IAHA and 4 opposed. This concept will be investigated further.


Veterinary Committee

Dr. Beecher moved for committee to implement a rule that requires each AERC sanctioned ride to have a minimum of two veterinarians. Eric Hovde moved to amend this rule to add with an exception clause that if riders feel they need a variance, they contact their sanctioning director. The amendment carried. The original motion as amended carried 14-1 with 2 abstentions. (This will be printed in Endurance News and voted on at convention.) Guidelines for sanctioning directors will be formulated.


Concerning the drug rule, Dr. Beecher stated that the veterinary Committee has no intention to change the concept of "no performance enhancing drugs or masking agents". However, testing procedures available today put us in a situation where riders can be tested and found to have drugs that do not fall into these categories. The committee recommends establishing a review committee consisting of the veterinary committee and one layperson. In the case of a positive drug test, the first person notified would be the executive director, who would simultaneously notify the protest and veterinary committees. The veterinary committee would review the drug in question, would make a judgment, and pass it on to the protest committee as to whether this was a performance enhancing or masking substance, with a suggestion as to whether this should be pursued or disallowed by the protest committee. A letter would be sent to the rider explaining the situation. The veterinary committee will implement an education program through the Veterinary Forum, and will seek as much information as possible from laboratories, drug companies, etc. This will make veterinarians and riders aware of dosage levels and withdrawal times.


Mike moved that when the executive director is contacted by a government agency or a licensed testing lab that there has been a positive test that becomes a protest without the need of a protestor or a protest fee. (The tape does not show any action taken on this motion.)


The committee recommends that we instigate a national drug testing program as follows: I) We will explore labs to determine costs, and 2) We will pick at random, one ride per region where the veterinarian will test horses at random. Dr. Beecher will present a review of costs at convention.


Awards Committee

Dean Jackson reported that the committee has been researching costs for jackets and plaques. Saddles will probably not be solicited. It has been suggested to offer coolers.


It was decided to postpone the awarding of the raffle truck until convention, and to sell the rest of the tickets at that time. The truck to be awarded will be a 1994 model.


International Committee

Chuck Gray reported that AERC International approved a loan to AERC in the amount of $15,000 for the period of January I, 1994 through December 31, 1994. The loan will be non-interest bearing and is subject to payment of all outstanding monies owed to International by December 31, 1994.


The USET discipline committee will consist of six people, namely the AERC International Committee chairman, a veterinarian with international experience, and four people from the AERC international membership who will be screened and voted on by the international committee. The representative to FEI will be an automatic member of the committee. The title of "non-voting committee members" has been changed to "Advisors". The criteria for selecting the International Selection Chairman will be as follows: "Nomination of the International Selection chairman will be solicited from the International membership". The committee adopted standardized selection criteria and procedures for on-continent competitions, based on USET procedures for off-continent competitions. This information will be available for those interested in international competition.


The International committee voted to donate $1,000 to AERC from the International fund. A flow chart was presented explaining the organization of entities involved in international riding. The 1995 North American Championship will be held near Flagstaff, Arizona.




I.            Margaret (Maggy) Price reported on the plan to produce a membership directory. It was the consensus that more research is needed. Tabled until convention.


2.         In regard to implementing the non-rider fee, Margaret (Maggy) Price moved, Mike Tomlinson seconded, that it become effective February I, 1994. Carried unanimously.


3.         The issue of record keeping for non-members was discussed. No action was taken.


4.         An increase in ride sanction fees was discussed. No action was taken.


5.            Authority was given to Ron and Miki to charge for the cost of Endurance News being sent to non-members.


6.         Lynn Golemon moved on behalf of the executive committee that there be an increase of $5 in dues paid after January 1 for both individual and family memberships. Seconded by Dean. Motion carried, 15 to 2.


7.            Margaret (Maggy) Price moved to raise the fees for associate veterinarian members from $15 to $20. Stagg seconded. Motion carried 14 -2 with 1 abstention.


8.         The 1994 Annual Convention budget was presented for information. Margaret (Maggy) Price stressed the importance of securing contracts from convention speakers. It was suggested that hiring a disc jockey for Friday night be included in the budget.

9.         Ron Waltenspiel will present the annual budget some time in December. The 1993 audit will be available at convention. Ron requested that a budget for the Classic Ride be made available.


I0.        The question of providing a hospitality suite at convention was discussed. It was the consensus that this is an important service.


ii.          No action was taken on an ethics policy, which had been deferred earlier in the meeting.

12.            Barbara McCrary inquired whether she was to continue being sanctioning director for special events, or whether this job should be left to the regional sanctioning directors. It was the consensus that she should continue in this position and should coordinate with regional directors.


13.            Margaret (Maggy) Price raised the subject of records of horses being pulled being available for the selection process for International rides. A show of hands showed no one objection. Miki Morrison will report at convention as to whether this is possible.


14.       Stagg Newman pointed out our fiscal responsibility to the membership in relation to the Classic Ride. He requested a review of the budget by the executive committee. He also suggested ways of recruiting new members, for example stories in other media.


The meeting was adjourned.


Louise Riedel, Secretary