AERC Board of Directors Meeting

March 12, 1993


The Board of Directors conviened at 3:00 PM at the Hyatt, Atlanta with Maggie Price presiding. Other directors present were Eric Hovde, Earle Baxter, Mike Tomlinson, Jan Worthington, Courtney Hart, Jerri Ayres-Scott, Les Carr, Ronald Waltenspiel, Barbara McCrary, Robert Hayes, Louise Riedel, Vonita Bowers, Crockett Dumas, Randy Eiland, Susan Kasemeyer, Mark Dees, Dean Jackson, Joe Long, Jim Baldwin, Terry Dye, Dane Frazier and LynnWittle- Golemon. Executive Director Gail Paoli was also in attendance.


The reading of the minutes for the Board meeting in Reno and St. Louis was deleted since they had been circulated and approved. The first order of business was the treasurer’s report.  Jeri referred to the printed report, Beginning balance Nov 31, 1991 was $58,910; receipts $252,253; disbursements $274,618, leaving a balance Nov. 31, 1992 of $36,535. The 1993 budget will be considered at the Monday meeting.


Committee reports followed;


AWARDS COMMITTEE: Dean Jackson reported having secured 5 saddles.  Dean moved that an Outstanding Ride Manage Award be instituted, to be decided by committee from nominations from members. Ron Waltenspiel seconded. Motion withdrawn for consideration at the Monday  board meeting. Depending on the outcome of the Trilby Peterson hearing, the first place awards in the West region lightweight, 2nd West region lightweight, 1st place regional awards in West region lightweight, 2nd place West region lightweight, 1st place regional mileage, 1st place national mileage may be eliminated. Pioneer Award to be referred to Competitions committee for consideration at the Monday meeting.


COMPETITIONS COMMITTEE: Vonita Bowers reported that every championship series ride for 1993 except the Northwest Region had been scheduled, plus two rides for 1994. The possibility of dropping the 50-mile segment at the championship series was suggested, to be remanded to committee. It was the consensus that with the present system it would be acceptable to place in the final standing on two different horses.  This will be clarified. The question of weight divisions will be remanded to this committee.


The question of the legality of our raffles in the state of Georgia has been settled by consultation with the county district attorney. We will “give away” raffle to anyone, but ask for a $1.00 donation. It will not be possible to give away the truck , but we can consider proceeding with this plan at some other time and other place. A sign-up list can be compiled of people interested in obtaining tickets.


CLASSIC RIDE COMMITTEE: Lindsay Taliaferro has agreed to be chairman of the committee to manage this ride. He stated that their goal is to establish and organize an endurance ride of the highest standards and caliber for the competition of those riders and horses which epitomize the true spirit of endurance riding.  The scope of the ride would be to have a challenging but reasonable trail of 100 miles or more, to admit rider and horse entries that have demonstrated the highest ability and the desire with characterized our sport, to provide a ride atmosphere which will attract the very best riders, to have sponsors and funding for complete fiscal responsibility, and to organize and manage the ride with professionalism and unconditional positive regard for all concerned. They propose to have the ride in 1994 on the Camino Real trail in New Mexico. The criteria have been changed since the midyear board meeting to be as follows: horse to have completed 5 events, which may be 5 one-day 100-mile events, or 3-day 150 mile events. The rider must have completed at least one 1 one-day 100-mile event, or 3-day 150 mile event on any horse. There is not top-ten requirement. Joe Long moved to establish this ride, to accept the qualifications and to authorize the committee to proceed. Courtney seconded. Motion carried.


LEGAL/INSURANCE COMMITTEE: Mark Dees reported. At present AERC is without insurance. He said that the directors’ policy which we formerly had is almost worthless, not being designed for our purposes. He does not know of any policies which provide protection for “tort claims” which we were threatened with in the past lawsuit. We do need protection for liability incurred by rides. A policy presented by the AHSA Service Company offered a $1,000,000 general liability policy for our association to cover all sanctioned events, and an accident and disability policy for all members with the following limits for accidents at a sanctioned event:  $30,000 death benefit, $30,000 disability, and $7500 medical with $250 deductible. This policy would cost $76000 annually. In order to fund this, an increase in dues of $20 per member would be necessary. It would also be required that all participants be members of AERX. There were various reductions in fees available as benefits were reduced. After much discussions, this proposal was tabled for further consideration.


Mark presented a copy of the AHSA release agreement revised for endurance riding.  He also recommended an agreement on the membership application, and stated that this should be in the By-laws. This was also tabled for the next board meeting.


BY-LAWS COMMITTEE: Joe Long reported on the proposal to limit to five the number of general directors to be voted for. (Eight would still be elected.) Eric moved that this issue be remanded to the By-laws committee, be brought back to the Board at the next meeting to be voted on and submitted to the general membership. Lynn seconded. Motion carrier. It was suggested that persons running for directorships be required to fill out questionnaires describing their qualifications.


The meeting was adjourned.


The Board reconvened Friday evening, March 12. Directors present were Eric Hovde, Earle Baxter, Mike Tomlinson, Jan Worthington, Courtney Hart, Jeri Ayers-Scott, Les Carr, Ronald Waltenspiel, Barbara McCrary, Robert Hayes, Louise Riedel, Maggie Price, Vonita Bowers, Crockett Dumas, Randy Eiland, Susan Kasemeyer, Mark Dees, Dean Jackson, Joe Long, Jim Baldwin, Terry Due, Dane Frazier and Lynn Wittle-Golemon. Executive Director Gail Paoli was also in attendance.


The purpose of this meting was to consider the protest against Trilby Pederson for violation of the AERC rules concerning drug usage. This protest has been upheld by the Protest and Grievance Committee and had subsequently been appealed to the Board of Directors. This meeting was opened for questioning, but would be closed for the deliberation and decision of the Board.


Trilby Pederson had circulated a document from the State of California, to be considered additional evidence in the defense. She then made an opening statement, concluding with a remark that she would file suit. She then left the room, refusing to remain for questioning.


Statements were next made by Lynn Golemon, chairman of the Protest and Grievance committee, Mark Dees, Legal counsel and one of the protestors.  Ruth Waltenspiel, questioning the competency of the drug tester, and Dane Frazier concerning the qualities of the drug isoxsuprene.


A number of other board members and observers also commented. These remarks may be audited from tape #2, Side 1, dated March 12. These tapes are on file at the AERC office.


At this point the room was cleared of spectators and the Board proceeded with deliberations.


Mike Tomlinson referred to a picture of Rushcreek Lad matching the description given by the collector. Ron Waltenspiel proposed that if we find against Trilby, we stipulate that if she wishes to have a DNA sample taken and processed, and if it is negative, we will retract our action.


A roll-call vote was taken as to whether Trilby was guilty of violating the AERC's drug rules. Voting yes were Hove, Baxter, Tomlinson, Worthington, Hart, Scott, Carr, Waltenspiel, Hayes, Riedel, Bowers, Dumas, Eiland, Kasemeyer, Dees, Jackson, Long, Baldwin, Dye, Frazier and Golemon. Abstaining was McCrary.


A roll-call vote was taken to accept the penalties imposed by the Protest and Grievance Committee, namely to remove all 1992 points and mileage from Trilby and Rushcreek Lad, and to put Trilby on probation for the remainder of this ride year, with the provision that her horse is liable to be drug tested at her own expense. Voting yes were Hovde, Baxter, Tomlinson, Worthington, Hart, Scott, Carr, Hayes, Riedel, Bowers, Dumas, Eiland, Kasemeyer, Dees, Jackson, Long, Baldwin, Dye, Frazier and Golemon. Voting no was Waltenspiel. Abstaining was McCrary.


This action will be published in the Endurance News. Lynn will notify Trilby by letter.


The meeting was adjourned.